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The Ygma Prime (Pronounced "Yig-ma") is an Imperial world which has been recently discovered as being a Necron Tombworld. The humans of it's surface, and it's Imperial Guard Regiments have entered a cataclysm of bloodied chaos as the two factions battle for right to the planet.

The Necrons themselves are an oddity in themselves, for the metallic warriors of this world have seemed to have been touched by the nether, possessing technology which allows them to have full control of their physical mass. This grants them endless abilities, perhaps they wish to drift their atoms apart so that they were to turn invisible, or ignoring the boundaries of the laws of the material universe and walk through walls, or at worst, teleport across the battlefield.

This force of eternal machines pose a gargantuan threat to not just the galaxy, but possibly the entire universe.

History Edit

Discovery Edit

Ygma Prime, like most other Tombworlds, was discovered during the War in Heaven


After the War with the Old ones, Arkhtyr's fleet returned as promised. This planet is beleived to be the first planet to be colinised after that war.

The home planet of the necrons was destroyed, the necron race spread out across their galaxy, quickly colinising worlds before the Enslavers reached them.

With the possibilities of necron technology, the planet's core was neutralised to solidified rock, ceasing tectonic movement, and mass colinisation began. Eventually, virtually the entire surface was covered with towering silver structures; factories, stasis tombs, hangers, spaceports, and other structures suitable for housing an entire planet's population for millions of years, and then launching a great crusade.

The First AwakeningEdit

It was during a large construction project under the planet's surface when the Necron presence was first discovered

The Karalycto System Edit

There are four planets in the Karalycto system, which before the rapture of the necron uprisial, was an overcrowded trading system, three of the four worlds being complete hive cities by the end of M42.

  • Ar'rdni was a hive world that housed many military and inquisitorial structures. The Imperial Guard from this world, specifically the 15th Ar'rdni Regiment were famed for their venerable urban warfare skills. These skills however proved to be nothing against the Necrons of Ygma Prime.
  • Ygma Prime, the largest and most populous hive world in the system, Ygma Prime was also an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitorial headquarters, and due to the witch hunter's lack of skill against aliens, even they were wiped out during the Necron Uprisal.
  • Ygma Secundus was a hive world that boasted the most exotic and rare goods legal in the Imperium, though there was also the reputatation for some dedicated traders to cross this fine line between legal, and Forbidden, such as xenos technology.
  • Gargantesis is an ocean world, which became known as a paradise resort and pleasure world to the Imperium.

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