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XV28 Battlesuit
The Battesuit model's ID tag




13 feet (excluding spines)


8 feet

Operational purpose:

Kauyon - stealth, infiltration, high-risk operations

Operational Capacity

14 hours at minimal output without recharge. 7 hours at maximum output (including use of stealth fields, solar spines and Sheild generators)

Seating Capacity


Units in operation


The XV28 Rapture Battlesuit is a new battlesuit variant that has emerged onto the tau arsenal. Although only one suit is currently operating in-field, all current tests seem to have a huge success, and it is hoped that soon this battlesuit will become more available to fire caste warriors.


The battlesuit was designed by the Earth Caste designer Fio'o Kar'das Bor'an Un'kor. He was making a large wealth on his home planet of Kar'das with a revolutionary take on the classic grav-plate from T'au, which became known as "Solar Spines", and decided to apply them for a more military-based use. He eventually came up with the first sketch. He decided the Fire Caste was missing a suit that could carry out dangerous and near-impossible actions on the battlefield.

He combined the durability and strength of the XV9 Hazard battlesuit, including the high-powered central ion generators, and the stealth generators of the XV25. He also took some of the design aspects of the famed XV22 battlesuit, and finally attaching his genius Solar Spikes to the back of the final suit.

The finished design was a suit that could infiltrate behind enemy lines, moving extremley quickly with the aid of its Solar Spines, and still having the capability to deal a very large amount of damage, bolstered with the ability to soak up a similar amount of return payload.


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