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Wingless Angels
- An average Wingless Angel -


Wingless Angels, descend!



Successcors of


Successor Chapters



  • 200 Khornite
  • 200 Slaaneshi
  • 200 Tzeentchian
  • 200 Nurglite
  • 400 Undivided



Warband Leader

Lord Sepulchure


Expanding, at war




Generally black, helmet and shoulder colour depends on deity

"We are the black birds that feast upon the corpses of war and conflict. We are the ravens that circle the skies above your head, we are the crows that observe the dead and dying. We are the Wingless Angels, a field that houses a great many blossoming flowers."
—Lord Sepulchure

The Wingless Angels are a large warband of Chaos Space Marines that reside in the Eratani Sub-sector. The Wingless Angels are no ordinary Warband, as it consists of various religions and beliefs that serve under a single purpose; ascension from the Chaos Gods. Together, they work as a single driving, destructive alliance of culture that stomps out all those who do not worship or support the cause of Chaos. The Wingless Angels are the sole enemies of the Manhunters Chapter, who also reside within Eratani, and have fought against their Imperial cause ever since their settling on Oran, a world ruined long ago by a much younger and smaller Wingless Angels warband in the attempt to gain a powerful weapon beneath the surface of the planet, although ultimately failed at the time and the planet was abandoned. The many soldiers of the Wingless Angels are often from integrated smaller Warbands or are gained by finding indoctrinated and Chaos-influenced Space Marines.

The Wingless Angels also have a large Chaos regiment of Traitor Guardsmen, built up by manipulated or Chaos-influenced Imperial Guard. This Chaos regiment, known as the Lost Ones, are often seen during attacks by the Wingless Angels as a frontline force of cannon fodder.

Warband HistoryEdit


The Wingless Angels' past is mostly unknown to Imperial records, however the Wingless Angels are in fact an off-shoot of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion that appeared almost immediately after the Horus Heresy ended, appearing in the Eratani Sub-Sector after fleeing Terra. The Warband found the planet of Oran with a healthy population of people, all fit for corruption. Supposedly amongst these people was the man who would later be known as Lord Sepulchure, although this is lost to even the Wingless Angels' history books.

It is unknown who the former Chaos Lord was and how Sepulchure replaced him, but centuries after the integration of the Oran people into the Warband, the Chaos Lord disappeared and Sepulchure took his place as the next Chaos Lord. With this transition, Sepulchure declared that the Wingless Angels' only way to true Daemonhood was to unite all the cultures of Chaos under one banner, most importantly the big four; Khornite, Slaaneshi, Tzeentchian and Nurglite, while most of the Wingless Angels were Undivided already. Sepulchure would take a risk and state that the Wingless Angels needed to be more tolerant and accepting than their Word Bearers heritage in order to achieve the power of the Dark Gods.

The first Chaos culture, Khornite, was found not far from Eratani; the Emperor's Rose Chapter had fallen into collapse and many members were now either mutated or corrupted by Chaos taint already. The Chapter had collapsed into small Warbands led by different Chaos Champions, though one Warband stood out; a nameless Warband under the command of a Champion formerly known as Malik Vonderheide, a Captain of the Chapter before his corruption. Malik and his Warband were integrated into the Wingless Angels after Malik was told by Sepulchure that he could give him godhood if he joined his cause. Malik was soon indoctrinated by Sepulchure, calling him Thoakil and making him believe he was the son of Sepulchure.

The second was the Nurglite Warband that was formerly the Poison Teeth Chapter. The Chaos Champion formerly known as Belic Dandevio was leading this Warband as he was their former Chapter Master, spreading disease and plagues until encountered by the Wingless Angels. Being promised the opportunity to meet and receive gifts from the Chaos God Nurgle, the Warband agreed to being integrated wuthin the Wingless Angels alongside the Khornite forces. Belic was indoctrinated and made to believe he was Sepulchure's second son, under the name Phathath, who could now live out his eternity free of pain and grief.

The third Warband to be found was a Slaaneshi pleasure cult, with their leader being the Chaos Champion known as Armando Blacke, former Captain of the Dragon's Claw Chapter and a traitor to his people, leading to the deaths of 300 Space Marines and two Captains as well as a strike against his former Chapter Master before admitting heresy and escaping. Armando and his proud cult were integrated into the Wingless Angels upon news that they would meet other pleasure cults and receive gifts from Slaanesh, with Armando becoming indoctrinated to believe he was another child of Sepulchure, under the name Yathurgorh.

The last Chaos Champion to be found was a Tzeentchian sorcerer known as Demetrius Vondrak of the now-extinct Dust Knights Chapter, dead by Demetrius' insane hand. Sensing a great power within Demetrius and a mind so complex it avoided indoctrination, Demetrius was given the name Dhogoth and he was able to lead several gathered Warbands of Runic Marines that had been left behind by the Thousand Sons in their travels. Now that the Wingless Angels had integrated the five main cultures, Undivided, Khornite, Slaaneshi, Nurglite and Tzeentchian, they reformed their Warband to suit an appropriate chain of command, as well as discovering a Traitor Regiment known as the Lost Ones near Eratani.

Assault of OranEdit

After the formation and organization of the Wingless Angels, Sepulchure launched a fleet towards the planet Oran, with memories of hearing there may be an ancient super-weapon beneath the planet's surface. Sending a strike force there, he was surprised by the presence of the Manhunters Chapter of Space Marines and that they had built a Fortress there. However, he dismissed the Chapter, which was new at the time, and sent his forces to siege the Fortress by sending them into the countrysides. His plan was to kill any offensive Space Marine support on the planet as well as devastate the Space Marines' fleet with his own and then slaughter every Marine inside their own Fortress as a mark to show his dominance. 

He was met with resistance from the Chapter and was having trouble getting into the Fortress, known as the Cathedral, as the Manhunters' defensive tactics proved themselves more potent and stronger than their offensive strategies. Devastator Squads and Heavy Bolter Turrets defended the Cathedral and decimated any Chaos Space Marine that came into their range. Sepulchure knew that the Manhunters would plan to continue this until no more CSMs were available to aid his forces and the plan was pretty convincing until one of his Psykers suggested the possibility of summoning a powerful Daemon to the battlefield, an idea he welcomed with open arms. However, he would only do this after sending several CSMs into the Cathedral, where they were either shot down mid-drop or quickly dispatched when they landed.

Using Chaos cultists on the surface of the planet, a mighy Bloodthirster was summoned to the surface of Oran, as a means to gain entry into the Cathedral and slaughter the Chapter. The Bloodthirster faced the defenses of the Cathedral, which were several squads of Devastator Marines and many Heavy Bolter Turrets, and simply shattered them. The Daemon smashed its way through the Cathedral's defenses, allowing the Chaos Space Marines entry to the Fortress. Sepulchure could see victory in his grasp, before it was shattered upon the arrival of reinforcements; the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Guard. The invasion of Oran had alerted the local IG outposts and many Guardsmen were on their way to assist the Space Marines.

The combined efforts of the Imperial Navy and the Manhunters' fleet wrecked devastation upon Sepulchure's fleet as he desperately tried to hold them off. On the ground, however, the Chaos Space Marines were being decimated by the Imperial Guard forces outside of the Cathedral's walls and were being slaughtered inside by the Space Marines. The Bloodthirster that had gained entry was soon challenged by the Captain of the Manhunters' 2nd Company, Warren Queese. Warren managed to outmaneuver the Bloodthirster's attacks and banished the foul beast back to the Warp by either smashing its skull or decapitating it, the exact details unknown. Sepulchure's fleet was forced to retreat back to the Warp, suffering heavy losses in terms of ships and soldiers, as the Chaos Space Marines on Oran were quickly dispatched by the combined forces of the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines.

Battle of AgrippaEdit

The Battle of Agrippa took place years after the Assault of Oran. The Wingless Angels, now restored to full number and now more prepared for battle, target the Manhunters' recruitment world of Agrippa in order to deal a devastating blow to the Space Marine Chapter, but are met with the ravenous forces of the Nidhogg Hive Fleet that have already began to settle upon the planet's surface. Not willing to allow the Tyranid forces a chance to upstage his Warband, Sepulchure challenges the Tyranids in space with his Warfleet while CSMs and Cultists are deployed planetside. While at first finding it difficult to make a perimeter, eventually the Chaos forces, through the use of Daemons, manage to set up at least some form of planetside base in order to combat the Tyranids.

After the CSMs manage to set up a base, elite forces are deployed; The Frenzy is unleashed upon Agrippa's surface, with the dreaded Thoakil also deployed alongside. As Frenzy forces are deployed, smaller and less-specialized Tyranid forces are ripped to shreds by rapid Chainaxes, while Cultists were also torn to pieces by the claws and jaws of Tyranid forces. The Ruinous Powers soon begin to take control over Agrippa until the arrival of an expected faction; the Manhunters. Bringing a fleet of their own, 4th Company is deployed to deal with the heretic and Xenos threat. Amongst 4th Company are Dante Lazal, the future Chapter Master of the Manhunters, and Captain Aleister Morvant, as well as Chaplain Viktor Roth. Obliterators and Chaos Terminators were also summoned upon the battlefield by Chaos Cultists to fight the heavier Tyranid forces, like Lictors and Trygons. While the future was looking bright for Chaos forces, this changed upon the appearance of Hive Guards and Broodlords who began to wreck massive damage into the Wingless Angels' infantry. The Manhunters had also managed to set up a perimeter to warn off the aliens and the heretics.

Chaos Space Marine squads were being chopped down by Dante Lazal and 4th Company as they also fought against Tyranid forces, which Aleister Morvant was proving himself effective against, allowing no Tyranid to harm him or his Company. However, soon they encountered an angry Thoakil, who had just been witnessed tearing apart a Venomthrope. When confronted by Aleister, Thoakil stated he was the son of Lord Sepulchure before engaging the Captain in battle. As they fought, Dante Lazal was left to fend off both Tyranid and Chaos forces to clear the area. While Aleister was a skilled fighter, Thoakil would lose all sense of injury or pain in battle and would show no regard for any injuries sustained, instead focussed entirely on slaughtering the Captain. Thoakil would eventually manage to strike down Morvant with the Chaos-possessed Chainaxe, Kilacho, and slaughter him mercilessly. As soon as the strike was delivered Morvant was defeated, as the powers of the axe quickly corrupted the Captain's flesh and spirit as soon as the first wound was dealt. Thoakil took the oppportunity to deal more wounds against the Captain before kicking him down, believing Morvant dead or dying.

Defense of CalvariumEdit

First War of HariettEdit

Battle of MondraEdit


Calvarium is the headquarters and main world of the Wingless Angels. Calvarium is a world long dead, with its former natives being converted to the will of Chaos long ago. Calvarium is the site of many castles and fortresses, all great and powerful in size, although none are bigger than Aihacthanign, an ancient fortress that has since been the victim of severe Chaos taint and corruption, its mere presence corrupting those once loyal to their former empires. Storms are commonplace on Calvarium, indeed very powerful but none powerful enough to ruin the fortresses of the planet, proving just how strong they are. The natives of the planet that aren't CSMs or Traitor Guardsmen are now Warp beasts that inhabit the many hiding places upon the world's surface. Fortresses and castles, as well as temples and shrines, have also been built in honour of all the Chaos Gods.

Warband OrganizationEdit

The Wingless Angels makes use of its and cultures for advantages in battle. The Wingless Angels are known for their variety of attacks and strategies in battle, as well as their high amount of firepower. Strategic planning is left up to the Warband's leader and his advisor, while the leader's four strongest henchmen, who each act as heads of the culture taht revolves around the deity they worship, conduct strategic planning at the battle independently as they are the leader's most trusted soldiers. The main attack force of the Wingless Angels is seperated into six forces, with four culturally-specialized forces, one general frontline force and one force used to lead the charge as cannon fodder.

The variance of the Wingless Angels works to their advantage, as enemies often find themselves needing to switch tactics and strategies often in order to simply stop one part of an attack or invasion. The Wingless Angels are also known to use Chaos-inflicted aliens from time to time, although they do not count or act as an attack force within the Wingless Angels and are often manipulated into helping the Warband before being slaughtered after the battle or when they have outlived their usefulness.

The FallenEdit

The Fallen are the main and most well-known military force of the Wingless Angels. The Fallen consist of 400 Undivided Chaos Space Marines, although they have no cultural advantages. They make up for this with their numbers, and despite no exclusive cultural traits, the Fallen are still effective warriors that fight for Chaos. The Fallen are recognized by their white helmets and shoulder pads, the most commonly seen variation of Wingless Angels. They will often fight alongside Traitor Guardsmen and the other military forces of their Warband, and are usually equiped with Chaos-inflicted Bolters, Boltguns and other standard Space Marine weaponry. The Fallen have no recognizable Champion to lead them aside from Lord Sepulchure himself.

The FrenzyEdit

File:Wingless Angel Khornite.jpg

The Frenzy are the Khornite forces of the Wingless Angels and are by the far the strongest and most adept in melee combat. The Frenzy represent all Khornite cultures within the Wingless Angels and consist of 200 Chaos Space Marines, most of them being Khornite Berzerkers. The Frenzy are by far the most feared out of all of the Wingless Angels' military forces, with red shoulder pads and helmet. The Chaos Champion and leader of The Frenzy is a Berzerker known as Thoakil, previously a Captain known as Malik Vonderheide of a small Chapter of Space Marines known as the Emperor's Rose. The Frenzy's soldiers are equipped with Bolt Pistols, Chainaxes and Chainswords.

The SicknessEdit

File:Wingless Angel Nurglite.jpg

The Sickness are the Nurglite forces of the Wingless Angels. The Sickness represent all the Nurglite cultures within the Wingless Angels, wishing to spread disease and decay across the territories of their enemies, as well as preach about Nurgle and how he gives his followers the gifts of immortality and resistance to pain. The Sickness are joined with the Wingless Angels because they believe they are yet to receive the greatest of Nurgle's gifts; ascension beyond humanity and the limits of mortality, as well as a chance to be with their "Papa". The Sickness consists of 200 Nurglite Chaos Space Marines, mostly Plague Marines, and their helmets and shoulder pads are green to represent decay. They are led by the Chaos Champion Phathath, formerly Belic Dandevio, Chapter Master of the Poison Teeth. The Sickness are equipped with Nurglite-inflicted Bolt weapons, Plague Knives and Plague Swords.

The PassionEdit

File:Wingless Angel Slaaneshi.jpg
The Passion are the Slaaneshi forces of the Wingless Angels. Said to be the most agile and fastest out of the Wingless Angels' military forces, The Passion represent all Slaaneshi cultures and beliefs in pleasure within the Wingless Angels. The Passioned integrated themselves into the Wingless Angels on the belief that should they succeed in their goals and Lord Sepulchure speaks with the Chaos Gods, they shall ascend to another plane of pleasure and pain that gives them a feeling of overwhelming joy and feeling. The Chaos Champion of The Passion is Yathurgorh, originally known as Armando Blacke of the Dragon's Claw Chapter. The Passion consists of 200 Chaos Space Marines, including Noise Marines, and their helmets and shoulder pads are coloured purple. They are usually equipped with Sonic Blasters and Doom Sirens.

The EnchantedEdit

File:Wingless Angel Tzeentchian.jpg
The Enchanted are the Tzeentchian soldiers of the Wingless Angels. They consist of all the Tzeentchian cultures within the Wingless Angels, and are by far the most powerful Psykers within the Warband. They support Sepulchure's cause as they believe that through him, they will become beings capable of changing the past and future of all living beings under the command of their Chaos deity, Tzeentch. Their helmets and shoulder armour are blue. The Chaos Champion of the Enchanted is Dhogoth, who was also known as Demetrius Vondrak during his time as a Captain of the Veteran Company of the Dust Knights Chapter. The Enchanted consists mainly of Rubric Marines, gained from small Warbands that have been seperated from the main Thousand Sons Chapter. They are usually equipped with Inferno Bolters and other such Chaos-infected weaponry.

Lost OnesEdit

The Lost Ones are allies of the Wingless Angels, though not official members. The Lost Ones' numbers range into the millions, being constructed of many Imperial Guardsmen who had abandoned their faith in the Emperor and turned themsleves over to the Ruinous Powers, serving their cause loyally. Armed with Chaos-infected weaponry and their armour corrupted by the taint of Chaos itself, the Traitor Guardsmen of the Wingless Angels prove for more than a match for most loyalist Imperials, though are mere cannon fodder when against Space Marines, in fact this is their main purpose for the Warband but are happily dying for their deities and for Chaos, their belief that ascension into the Daemon ranks is unshattering and allows them to remain eternally loyal to the forces of Chaos.

Combat DoctrineEdit

Amongst the cultures and belief systems within the Wingless Angels, the Chaos Space Marines of all religious factions are to support the cause of their Chaos Lord under the belief that every single one of the Chaos Space Marines will become ascended beyond mortality and life to become the strongest army Chaos has ever created. This hope is what ties the Wingless Angels together as a single fighting force, the hope that one day they will become the most prized warriors or worshippers of their respective deities or Chaos in general, the sole reason they fight alongside each other. The Wingless Angels are more focussed on corruption rather than death, although Khornite forces will ignore this and kill any in their way, with survivors falling to Chaos anyway.


There are five main belief systems within the Wingless Angels, with four of them being major religions within the galaxy. The first and most common is Undivided beliefs, Chaos Space Marines that worship no particular god or all the gods equally. Undivided CSMs are part of the Fallen, the frontline force of the Wingless Angels that usually fight alongside Traitor Guardsmen that have been gathered by the Warband. Chaos Undivided is the most common belief throughout the Wingless Angels, supported even by the leader of the Warband, Lord Sepulchure, who believes he can speak with the Ruinous Powers.

Khornite religions within the Wingless Angels usually don't last long as most of the worshippers tend to die in battle or become lost on a battlefield, unable to be returned safely back to the Wingless Angels. However, the Wingless Angels bring a majority of the Khornite religions together, which often results in a huge eruption of bloodshed and violence on the battlefield, which works to the Warband's advantage. The Khornite religions within the Warband usually follow the same path, that violence and bloodletting is a way to become one of Khorne's Champions. There have been cases where religious arguements have taken place and many squads of Khornite CSMs have been lost due to the factions killing each other.

Slaaneshi religions vary within the Warband. A majority of the religions revolve around procreation and fetish pleasures, though there are other religions that revolve mainly around self-harm and inflicting pain upon others, though not in the same manner as the Khornite religions. The rituals within these religions are often disturbing, but the CSMs of these religions usually tend to be faster and more agile than the usual Space Marine, and take great pride in corrupting others to Chaos. Neo-Slaaneshi religions have come to appear due to the meetings between the different Slaaneshi cultures, such as mixes between pain and pleasure cults, with self-harming and blood-drinking rituals.

Nurglite religions tend to be the most welcoming of each other when it comes to variance when worshipping Nurgle. A majority of the followers are ageless CSMs who have seen much battle and death, infected with many diseases and illnesses that have transformed their bodies into pain-resistant bullet sponges, soaking up bullets and other attacks like they were nothing, unable to feel pain. Cults devoted to Nurgle tend to interact kindly with one another, believing Nurgle loves all his followers like they were his children, and conflicts between the cults are very uncommon. They are the most faithful to Lord Sepulchure and his cause, as a majority of the Nurglite followers would love to have the chance to become worthy enough to see their "father".

Tzeentchian religions are untrusted and disliked, but still accepted by the rest of the Wingless Angels. The reason for this dislike is the ever-changing concept of Tzeentch himself, whose thoughts are said to be just as random and spontaneous as his physical form, and this reflects in his followers, who can decide whether the Wingless Angels win or lose a conflict. The reason most are accepted is for their Psyker potential, as they are the most powerful part of the Wingless Angels in terms of Psykers and psychic powers. The cults don't tend to interact or even acknowledge their existence, often either ignoring others or simply forgetting.

Warband Gene-SeedEdit

The Wingless Angels have no single Gene-Seed, as they are constructed of various integrated Warbands. However, the original Wingless Angels, who have since become The Fallen, were descendants of the Word Bearers traitor Legion. Like their Word Bearers ancestors, they are stubborn but they are not ignorant, otherwise the Wingless Angels would not have reached the level of strength is has now. Like the Word Bearers, the Wingless Angels believe in the majesty of the Chaos Gods, which is why in the first place they were bringing religions and cultures together so they could fight for them as an unstoppable force.

Notable Wingless AngelsEdit

  • Lord Sepulchure - His former name unknown, Sepulchure is an ancient and somewhat powerful Chaos Lord, originating within the Eratani Sub-sector. He is the leader of all Wingless Angels forces and the self-proclaimed "ultimate authority" within the Sub-sector. Wearing powerful blessed by the Chaos Gods, Sepulchure has become something of an inspiring figure within his Warband, claiming that he shall grant all of his supporters and followers with the gifts of the Chaos Gods. After the Defense of Calvarium, Sepulchure was blessed with the gift of becoming a fierce Daemon Prince, a powerful fusion of daemon and man. His age is thought to be within the thousands, perhaps even existing as a mere mortal before the events of the Horus Heresy, although everything about his mortal life has been kept secret from Imperial records. He has been theorized to be a member of the ancient humans that existed on Oran before the Manhunters colonized it. He is in possession of a Tzeentchian sword known as Ichugu, which has the power to taint all that it cuts.
  • A'shuae - A Bloodletter of Khorne, he acts as one of Sepulchure's bodyguards after Sepulchure's ascension to Daemonhood. A'shuae has been known to eat the organs and bones of his enemies while in the heat of battle, striking fear into Imperial forces as they are scared that they will become nothing but mere food for the Bloodletter, which is often true.
  • Sotephoa - A Tech-Priest of the old Dark Mechanicus, Sotephoa is Sepulchure's personal advisor. Sepulchure requires Sotephoa in order to study and manufacture more advanced weaponry and technologies, in retrun Sotephoa is granted knowledge of the technologies of old by the Ruinous Powers which allow him inspiration to design and create new devices and weapons of war. However, Sotephoa and Sepulchure share a dislike for one another despite their positions, not trusting each other and just waiting for somebody to betray the other.
  • Cthatharac - The most powerful Bloodthirster within the Wingless Angels, Cthatharac was a highly feared creature by those who do not worship Khornite religions. Summoned during the Defense of Calvarium, this massive Bloodthirster fought against Usonte Stark, Captain of the Manhunters' 8th Company, Knights of His Word. The Bloodthirster managed to survive the encounter, although Usonte came out alive in the end, and was under the service of Alighiero Plutos, the corrupted Manhunters Chapter Master, for some time until the First War of Hariett, where Usonte and Francesco Thirevus, Captain of the Chapter's 1st Company, killed the Bloodthirster and Dante Lazal slew Alighiero.
  • Thoakil - Formerly known as Malik Vonderheide, Thoakil is one of the four Chaos Champions that govern the Wingless Angels' military forces, most notably The Frenzy, the Warband's Khorn-devoted followers. Malik was a Captain of the Emperor's Rose Chapter before his corruption, in fact he was the Captain of the Chapter's 1st Company. He was corrupted when the Chapter fell into ruin after multiple Chaos assaults and eventually discovered by Sepulchure, where he was indoctrinated to believe he was one of Sepulchure's sons. He wields the Chaos-infected Chainaxe known as Kilacho.
  • Yathurgorh - Known originally as Armando Blacke of the Dragon's Claw Chapter, Yathurgorh is one of the four Chaos Champions that lead the Wingless Angels' forces into battle, with him having complete dominance over The Passion, the military force that consists of Slaanesh's worshippers. Unlike his 'brothers' who were corrupted, Yathurgorh was originally a traitor before turning to Chaos, having intentionally left three Companies, one he was Captain of, and two Captains at the claws of the Tyranids during a defense mission before attempting to strike down his former Chapter Master. Yathurgorh soon discovered a Slaaneshi pleasure-pain cult and advanced through the ranks to become its leader, before being discovered by Sepulchure and indoctrinated to believe the Chaos Lord was his own father. He is in possession of large, sharp claws on his hands, which he refers to as Nails of Slaanesh.
  • Phathath - In the past he was known as Belic Dandevio, Chapter Master of the Poison Teeth, though now he is the Chaos Champion that leads The Sickness into war and battle. He was once a brave yet angry man, upset and grieving over the loss of his homeworld, reducing his Chapter to a simple fleet. What's more, his Gene-Seed was unstable, causing severe headaches and migrains within himself which ached forevermore as he grieved and mourned. However, him and his men were discovered by a Plague Fleet of Nurgle, and although they put up a valiant fight, him and his Space Marines were too upset to resist the taint of Chaos. Belic was granted mercy from Nurgle, however, as the pain finally ceased and Belic was now theoretically immortal, as were his men. Feeling happier now that the pain has gone and he was surrounded by his new brothers, Belic was discovered by Sepulchure and indoctrinated into making him believe he was his spawn, and cared much for Sepulchure like he really was his father, as well as Nurgle. He wields the Chaos scythe known as Killeigghoi.
  • Dhogoth - A man once known as Demetrius Vondrak, he was a Chaplain of the Dust Knights Chapter and a studyer of the powers of Chaos, supposedly attempting to find good uses for the Warp but unintentionally exposing himself to pure Warp power. Due to this, his mind was corrupted, driving him insane to the point where he killed his Chapter Master and several Captains by summoning Tzeentchian Daemons from the Warp. Demetrius caused the extinction of his Chapter after some time, and a few years later was discovered by Sepulchure. However, indoctrination was impossible due to the complex and random mind of Demetrius, although he was given the name Dhogoth and was treated like a son. He wields a Chaos staff known as Skiqud.
  • Boakego - Boakego was a Chaos Psyker that appeared during the Defense of Calvarium, against the Manhunters Chapter. He was the Psyker that summoned the mighty Cthatharac to the battlefield to defend the Wingless Angels, though he was killed during the First War of Hariett when Usonte Stark of the Manhunters stomped on his head.
  • Kigolaraboth - Formely Isaac Cornia, an Honour Guard of Alighiero before his death, Kigolaraboth is now serving as one of Sepulchure's bodyguards, in fact he is regarded as the Chaos Champion of The Fallen, although this is untrue as he has no military authority outside of Sepulchure's protection and well-being.
  • Kigogoski - The strongest member of The Fallen military force, Kigogoski is also falsely stated as the Chaos Champion of the Undivided faction of the Wingless Angels. While he is the strongest and a member of the Undivided, he is not The Fallen's Chaos Champion, which they lack.
  • The Nameless - The Nameless is a mysterious Chaos Space Marine who is currently under the service of Sotephoa. The Nameless is a technologically and genetically enhanced being, fused with heretical technologies stolen from both humans and aliens, as well as added Chaos influence. The Nameless has only been displayed in battle several times against small squads, although it has been recorded that the Nameless possesses increased regenerative ability in its armour and body, as well as strength and senses. The Nameless is said to have the body of a Chaos Space Marine, the heart of a powerful Daemon and the fused soul of both.

Warband FleetEdit

The fleet of the Wingless Angels is known as the Armada of the Fallen. The Armada is one of the Warband's greatest strengths, as Lord Sepulchure has shown himself capable to open the Warp to bring in reinforcements, which he seems to hide within the Warp. However, this is really due to some ancient technology from long ago beinge merged with Sepulchure's main flagship. The Armada tends to strike repeatedly at Charlotte, Hariett and Agrippa, although usually in small forces to provoke the Manhunters to Calvarium, where a much larger and stronger fleet resides.

Known Wingless Angels vessels include:

  • The Sandman (Despoiler)
  • The Thorn of Chaos (Battle Barge)
  • Embodiment of Unity (Strike Cruiser)
  • Bloodseeker (Strike Cruiser)
  • Passion of the Beast (Strike Cruiser)
  • Crusade of Horror (Carnage)
  • Forest of Lies (Murder)
  • Thornsword (Acheron Heavy Cruiser)

Warband AppearanceEdit

Warband ColoursEdit

The corrupted and tainted Power Armour is by default black with golden trims, however the colour of the shoulder armour and helmet depend on which Chaos belief the wearer supports. Undivided followers usually wear pale helmets and shoulder armour, Khornite followers wear red, Slaaneshi followers wear purple or pink, Nurglite followers wear green and Tzeentchian followers wear blue. The colour of their weapons also depend on their belief.

Warband BadgeEdit

The badge of the Warband is a spiked halo with a sharp feather in the centre.


  • Lord Sepulchure's name comes from sepulcher, a type of burial vault.
  • The name "Wingless Angels" is inspired by the term Fallen Angels, which is a title given to the angels in religioun that opposed God. This goes along with the theme of the Manhunters which is inspired by the old Catholic Vatican military.

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