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White Crusaders


23rd 'Sentinel'


1000 battle brother's Thousands of support

Chapter Master

Indious Joanaus

Chapter Livery and Symbol

The chapters armour is white with black trim their symbol is a black crusade cross with a red sword down the centre

Founding chapter

Black Templars

Fortress monastery

The white sheild (destroyed)

Home planet

Vegitrrious (destroyed)

Codex Astartes



Shortly after the Black Templars had eradicated a ork presence on a feral world they realised, there wasn't enough of them to continue their purge across the galaxy the Chapter Master realised this leaving three of his chapter too make a new chapter this was a Veteran Sergeant, A apothecary and a Chaplin. The world they had just purged was too become the chapter's home. The process was hard as the only humans to on the world were feral and feared the space marines. 

After a few years the feral humans came to accept the Astartes. By now the support staff had arrived this was servitor's of all sorts, tech priests and some of their skitarii also a few normal human children as the first space marines.

After their training on the woodland world and their augmentation they became the first scouts and their first mission was too get the feral humans to like them.

Once again this took years and the Chaplin would preach in every village of the emperor until two hundred years after being settled they trusted them enough to give children to them. At last the chapter was getting bigger until they had five companies of fully armoured and armed space marines. Led by the first scouts of the chapter.

By now the chapter had started assisting in matters in the sector from pirates to a chaos incursion on a hive world.

It continued until the Tyranids came like a storm, the White Crusaders held fast against the devourer but their world was destroyed along with chapter records and the chapter master of the time.

They now number in at 1000 with ten companies in the Codex Astartes formation.

​Current​ StatusEdit

The White Crusaders are now fleet based and travel throughout the Imperium and assit in any imperial forces problems often solving it and winning the battle.

"We will continue in our never ending crusade until we die or every stinking xeno dies before us!"
—White Crusader Battle Brother

​Chapter beliefs Edit

Being a fleet based chapter the White Crusaders are limited in what they can do namely the 'Rite of the Crusade' which is a unique rite that fills the brother with hope. It is carried out at the end of every week to the whole chapter by the lead Chaplain. The rite makes them feel each other before any operation.

File:White Crusader 1.jpg

Chapter OrganisationEdit

Two companies of the White Crusaders have special roles.

Chapter Master:

Lien Eribulos

1st Company Honour Guard: 

Captain Tyribulos Qeboc

3 Veteran Tactical squads

2 Terminator squads

1 Veteran Assault squad


2nd Company 'Bold swords' This is the rapid assault company:

Captain Urilus Erabulus

4 Assault Squads

3 Tactical marines

1 pair of Bikes

3rd Company:

Captain Xerlon Reeus

5 Tactical marines

3 Scout Marine squads

4th Company 'Heavy Footed' The company with the most armour

Captain Jouni Peribly 

Predator Deatructors 3

Predator Annihilator 3

And the their custom Predator the 'Predator Crusader' This features a custom heavy weapon called the 'White cannon' which is a auto cannon and las- cannon combined delivering anti everything Fire power as main armnament with bolters or lascannons on sponson.

Predator Crusaders 2 

5th Company

Captain Wuirel Loganus

5 Tactical squads

2 Devastator

2 scout 

The 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th are reserve squads with the same squads as the 5th the 10th is the training.




Brothers of Solitude:

The BoS have met the White Crusaders on their planet as allies to fight the Chaos on the BoS home planet.

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The arch enemies of the White Crusaders they will never give in until they are dead.

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"The Crusade is never ending"

-White Crusader war cry

"Xenos never change, WHEN THEY DIE THEY DIE THE SAME"

- Veteran Sergeant Correlios Portlus before the Crusade


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