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This is the Dark Eldar view on their defeat on Oresh'uan. While it is a defeat, it was a partial victory for the Dark Eldar, as they learnt how the Tau defenders worked, while Kh'err'akh'an also vowed to return and crush Oresh'uan once and for all.

Early StagesEdit

Kh'err'akh'an, eternally searching upon his quest for immortality, soon found the command core of his fleet inside Tau territory. In his arrogance, he believed that he could take the planet, Oresh'uan, all by himself. He had some caution, however, as he sent the rest of his fleet, scattered though it was, to aid him. His warriors excelled in close quaters Tau cityfighting, where they could easily surround and eliminate Tau units without much difficulty.



The final battle

K'err'akh'an had misjudged the tracking abilities of the Tau Pathfinders, and it was not long before his force was surrounded by the Fire Warriors of Oresh'uan Sept. Unknown to Oresh'uan, their fleet was, in turn, surrounded by Kh'err'akh'an's. In the final engagement of the war for Oresh'uan, the Dark Eldar were completely surrounded by the defenders of Oresh'uan in an unnamed city. While the Tau tried to avoid levelling buildings of their city, the Dark Eldar were under no such restrictions, and afterwards it is believed not a single building was left undamaged, and few were still standing.

Notable Quotes Edit

"The upstart Tau caught us by surprise. I learnt my lesson. Never again will I fall for such a trick, and never again will "Oresh'uan" resist my power."
—Kh'err'akh'an afterwards

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