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Unique Crusade

Imperial Forces

To be announced

Chaos forces

To be announced

Xeno Forces

The Holy Sons Of Chaos: 3 millions renegade

Imperial casualties

Hive Fleet Saerhirmnir, Dem Hellzberdz, Dynasty Vaustykys.

Chaos casualties

To be announced

Xeno casualties

To be announced


The Ubique  Crusade was a long Imperial crusade on the eastern fringe to reclaim a long lost Imperial sector.

The crusade was situated in the 'Every' Sector though the true imperial classification of the sector has been long lost.

"Every" was a nickname given by the commanding officers of the Imperial forces as Every meant every race of enemy was situated in the sector at one point or another.

The 'Every' sectorEdit

The 'Every' sector is composed of four sub-sectors, since their classification was also lost the sectors were given nicknames by the Guards who participated in the crusade. 

The 'Plasma pointy eared' sub-Sector: 

This area was filled with Tau, Eldar and Orks this known to be a killing zone as their weapons ripped in the Guards rank.

The 'Tainted, Dark': 

Two of the five planets in this sub-Sector are under Chaos control  another two are under Dark Eldar control the last is a dead world.

The 'Entrance zone':

This sub-Sector was the closest to Imperial space it had only two planets but were of high tactical importance.

And Finally the 'Blood space':

The largest and bloodiest it had Tyranids, Necrons and the largest Orks concentration. It took the longest to get under control.



The kosmetans Highlander 4th regiment clashes with a warband of CSM, they won at high cost but this fight raises suspicion on the "Every" sector. Inquisitors are send to invistigate.

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