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"Peace and equality has no place in the galaxy. And now, I have proven it once again to the naive Xenos that they are!"
—Emudus Alexander's final words on the event
The Fall of Oresh'uan




Planet Oresh'uan

Combatant #1

Imperium of Man: Space Hunters Chapter, Several thousand uprising Gue'vesa.

Combatant #2

Tau Empire: Oresh'uan Sept, Kar'das Sept

Imperial Forces

  • 2,300 Gue'vesa
  • 167 Space Hunter Marines
  • 200 Deathwatch marines

Tau Forces

All forces of Oresh'uan, Fire and air caste detachments of Kar'das


  • Huge Tau loss
  • Eventual Tau victory with the reinforcement of the Kar'das Sept.
  • Death of the Space Hunters Chapter as the Fleeting Victory Was destroyed whilst retreating
  • Death of 1500 Gue'vesa, capture and imprisonment of the remaining 800
  • Escape of the Deathwatch
  • Incapacitation of the Oresh'uan Sept as a functional military force.
  • Annex of Oresh'uan under Kar'das' direct administration.

Background Edit

The fall of Oresh'uan was a large internal uprising and devastating seige at the hands of the previously allied Space Hunters Chapter. Unknown to even Aures himself, the space marines had been planning such a strike from the very beginning, in cooperation with the Blazing Claws chapter. The marines had rallied up a force of Gue'vesa within the Sept to follow them, and timing their invasion in accordance with the Claw's planet strike, they attacked from deeply within, and the Tau were left helpless.

Deception Edit

It was the turn of 197.M42. The Tyranid invasion of Oresh'uan had concluded. The sept had been left quite weak after the invasion of Hive Fleet Erebus, and the space hunters had proven their fighting ability by leaps and bounds, gaining the Tau's utmost trust and earning such a rank that their chapter master and brilliant tactician Emudus Alexander could lead Tau forces; the empire's first true human Gue'el. His promotion earned huge support from the human citizens of the Sept, and as such he was put in command of the Gue'vesa regiments, including the venerable 13th Oresh'uan Contingent in the place of Shas'el Kyan'al.

With the order of their chapter master, the marines silently acted out their year-long regime of planned manoeuvres, abusing their rank and status to achieve their long waited vengeance. They disabled all off-world communications, and once the issue was raised worldwide, the marines publicly reported that the psychic shadow left by Hive Fleet Erebus was the cause, and that based on their considerable knowledge of the warp (something the Tau were incapable of fully understanding) the the shadow would dissipate within several months.

With the world Isolated from the empire indefinitely, Gue'el Emudus rallied the human soldiers under his command. Some refused, whilst others valiantly supporting his claim.

"This is your final chance to rest at the Emperor's side after your passing, or simply have your soul float in the emptiness of the sea of souls for eternity, blessed by none! For the Tau here will see every single one of us as traitors! The choice is yours. This is your sole warning, resist, and my bolter shall see fourth your extermination!"

Manipulation Edit

And the

Strike! Edit

Emudus mustered up a force of approximately 12,300 humans under his authority. At once, he ordered them to attack. The Tau were left helpless, with the human oppressors striking at every weak point in their defences. Within h

Ideas Edit

  • "Build up, inserrection, manipulation, secret raising of arms"
  • (Hitler style)
  • The assassinate Autares
  • Rig a ship to crash into a ship or orbital station
  • Shas'O Aures Dies a very tragic death. Like seriously, I wanna make this shit depressing as EoE. His battlesuit gets thrown off a cliff by a dreadnought. The suit enters automated self-destruct mode, and Aures attempts to escape. However, Aures's ejection system malfunctions, and he goes down with his suit in cold blood.
  • The Space Hunters time their rebellion in time of a Deathwatch incursion on the planet, which of course they called for. Ordo Xenos ships orbit the planet in a frenzy
  • The Deathwatch will be senior members of the Blazing Claws. Shits going down!!
  • Air Caste aircraft commit suicide by serving as shields to prevent an orbital exterminatus on the world.



"Much has happened in the passing years since the Y'he invasion. Most of my beloved companions have since passed away at the cruel hands of conflict, and I have tutored many more taking their place, bonding many La'rua together by fire. I never mention it, but in truth is saddens me. Such bright, fiery Shas'saal, eager to make their parents and ethereals proud. So naive, so innocent... and yet so sure of themselves. What terrifies me is that they too will be facing such horrors like I did; the pain of which often gives me nightmares even to this day. Our proud Sept has grown tremendously. A plethora of new technology gushing in from the rest of the empire, and being taken advantage of. Even I'm starting to get confused as to how to use some of the newest devices, all of which seem to be second nature to the young fire warriors. We have also forged alliances with several new alien races in this time. Gue'vesa, and the enigmatic Alxon, with our ties to our other allies only getting stronger. However. That's the past now. Growing up as a young Tau my father used to tell me stories of the greatness of the Tau empire. I of course, at the naive age I was believed him. They were stories of conquest, of technology, of greatness, and most of all, of forged alliances. Such shallow-hearted stories. But I was too young to realise that bond can be broken. The Space Hunters. Damned, narrow-minded, arrogant slaves to their dying corpse. I was stupid to believe they could be anything else..."
— Shas'o Ko'vash on the event, in his personal record.


"Good bloody riddance."
Kh'err'akh'an's reaction to the news.

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