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Svalbard was the former homeworld of the Star Wolves warband when they still served the Imperium of Man. After the Fall of the Star Wolves, the planet was purged of human life, but still holds a large amount of wildlife and dangerous game for those willing to journey to the planet's surface.


Svalbard is a Death World home to spear-peaked mountaintops and vast forests and plains covered in snow. The surface of the planet is below freezing for a good eight months per year, with the other four months reaching no higher than 6°C. The mountaintops are constantly enveloped in avalanches, making it unsafe to colonize near these spear-like pillar of rock and ice, and the planet is often covered in terrible blizzards. All surface water is frozen solid, and there is little to no vegetation outside of the snowy forests.

Titan's SpineEdit

The Titan's Spine is Svalbard's tallest (and therefore most dangerous) mountain, which is even visible from high orbit around the planet. Not even the hardiest of wildlife are able to survive, as the jagged mountaintop is prone to some of the planet's most dangerous avalanches.

Plant and Animal LifeEdit

The planet offers little to no plant life, making fruits and vegetables unheard of to the early human colonizers. What the planet lacks in plant life, it makes up for ten times with the large amounts of game and animals that live within the forests and snowy plains. A few examples of animal life include:


Comparable to ad ancient Terran deer, the Hjorva are hardy, muscular mammals that live within the vast plains of Svalbard. Known for their rich meat and sturdy antlers, Hjorva were often used to feed families and fashion weapons from antlers by the early human colonizers.


The proud, wolf-like creatures that are the only known animal to live in the mountains of the planet. The Luvuls are the predators of the lower creatures upon Svalbard, often hunting in packs of four to take down prey. Notable for their thick pelts and razor sharp teeth, Luvuls pelts were often used by hunters to keep warm during the all to often blizzards that plague the surface, where as their teeth were used by the females to fashion jewelery an necklaces to trade.

Human PopulationEdit

Before the Star Wolves made Svalbard their home, the planet was home to large groups of hunters and barbarians that made shelter in the dense forests, usually keeping to themselves and making few trades with the other hunters and barbarians, they were known for being hardy individuals, though they made use of little language, if any.

The population changed once the Star Wolves came and made it their homeworld, quickly becoming servants and society members of small communities that were formed around the Star Wolves' fortress-monastery, The Wolves'
File:The Wolves Eye.jpg
Eye. While small groups of hunters and barbarians still kept to their roots, the population went through a dramatic change.

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