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Star Vultures
An astartes of the Star Vultures after they were infected


Astartes Chapter



Current Chapter Master











unknown, official records state the Chapter has been Purged.


The Star Vultures were a space marine chapter of unknown origin and founding. They had not been sighted for some time, this is because that they along with the Doom Enforcers were charged with tracking down the Solaris Morbus, an infamous Space Hulk that had plagued the galaxy for some time. The Star Vultures and the Doom Enforcers had been tracking it for the good part of eight months, until they finally found it. The encounter might have been the last if the tables hadn't taken a turn for the worst. After boarding the Space Hulk, the astartes
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quickly realized how dangerous it really was. The Doom Enforcers received orders to fallback and escape the Solaris Morbus. This was not given to the Star Vultures, and when the Doom Enforcers began to retreat, the Star Vultures thought they were abandoning them.

Enraged, the Star Vultures began to fire upon the Doom Enforcers. This soon led to their downfall as the Doom Enforcers escaped, they voxed at the Star Vultures "betrayal". As such, the Doom Enforcers' fleet began to fire upon the Solaris Morbus, this caused the Star Vultures to act by firing upon the Doom Enforcers fleet. In the end, the Doom Enforcers outnumbered the Star Vultures 3/1, and their fleet was decimated. Swearing revenge, the remaining Star Vulture boarded the Solaris Morbus just as it began to drift back into the warp. The Star Vultures are known to be infected with the disease known as Rust. This is most likely due to the large amount of time spent on Solaris Morbus.

The Plague VulturesEdit

Somewhere along line the after they had boarded the Solaris Morbus, the remaining astartes of the Star Vultures had been infected with Rust, a disease that caused high amounts of mutation among the ranks of the Star Vultures. Eight years after this, the Solaris Morbus was once again boarded by the Doom Enforcers, they soon made their way to the bridge where the chapter master and his infected resided. The chapter master claimed that the Star Vultures could rebuild the Imperium, lead it to glory with there new found "gifts".

The Doom Enforcers named them heretics and ordered to there fleet to fire upon the Space Hulk. The Star Vultures' chapter master ordered the Doom Enforcers executed as traitors to the Imperium. Soon, only the chapter master of the Doom Enforcers remained, on his knees. Stating that the Enforcers had lost, the lone Doom Enforcer replied: "Maybe so, but you sure didn't win." With that, the Space Hulk was blown apart, and the Star Vultures lost. However, the Doom Enforcers believe that the Star Vultures still exist to this day, wating for their chance to strike at the Imperium. day.

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