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Spore Beasts are hulking Daemons of Nurgle composed entirely out of fungus. These creatures are large, powerful, dimwitted and possess the same hardiness that all Daemons fo Nurgle have. They consume dead matter, and thus they kill everything in the area so they can feast.


Spore Beasts are natives to Nurgle's Garden. There When a particularly potent strain of fungus comes into being it may consume one of Nurgle's Plague Bearers. That fungus then grows into a Daemon all its own. They also develope a taste for dead flesh.

This large creatures are not sentient, and only possessing the most basic intellect. They spend their existence searching for dead matter to consume. In battle the forces of Nurgle can guide the beasts into battle, Once there the Spore Beast sets about killing all living matter in its viscinity. It does this by releasing toxic spores from its body, and through sheer brute force. Once dead it will disldge a segment of its body that will latch onto, and break down its victim's body. That segment will then return to its origin.


Spore Beasts are massive vaguely humanoid creature made of fungal matter. They do not possess a head or neck. Rather they have two large, glowing eyes that appear in front of their thorax. They possess blunt claws that they use to claw their potential meals. They are covered in moss, and muchrooms that grows upon their bodies. On their backs grow several large spore pods.

In CombatEdit

Spore Beasts are lumbering berzerkers that wade into combat stomping and crushing those they encounter. Their claws introduces a flesh eating fungus to the bodies of their victims. However even more dangerous than their strength and their claws is the spore pods on their backs. these pods often burst in the middle of combat. When this occurs a cloud of countless toxic spores is released. Anyone who ingests or inahles these spores is destined to suffer a slow, agonizing death, as the spore kill the tissue they come in contact with on the cellular level.

Spore Beast are resilient creatures. Their bodies do not feel pain. Furthermore they have no real anatomy, and thus no vital spots to target. It requires considerable damage to banish these Daemons. To make matters worse they become even more powerful as the battle continues. As they absorb the dead their bodies slowly grow in size. Furthermore the fungi that composes them becomes more potent and lethal. Despite how dangerous these Daemons are they are not without weaknesses. Fire has proven highly effective in dispatching these abominations.