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Splinter Fleet Titanus
A warrior of the fleet captured by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos

First encountered

Around 776.M41

First sighted:

Lux Aeterna


Unknown, believed to be very large. (Before Third Battle of Aeterna), Moderate (Afterwards)


Ultima Segmentum

Identification Marks

Blue carapace with orange skin. Pale yellow orange eyes

"We may delay the inevitable, but time may not heed our pleas."
—Death-Speaker Alastor Rhett, shortly after his encounter with Splinter Fleet Titanus.

Splinter Fleet Titanus was a rather large Tyranid Fleet prior to the Third Battle of Aeterna. They were known to possess an extremely large amount of Raveners that were used to prowl through the underground, slaying various miners and disrupting the planet's blast furnaces below surface.

It is unclear as to which Hive Fleet they originated from, some even believe them to be an entirely different Hive Fleet altogether.


Titanus hasn't had nearly as many encounters as their cousin fleets, but have been sighted at these times in the history of the Imperium:

774.M41 IncineratorsEdit

The Fleet's first encounter was nearly their last as Titanus had evolved and grown under the very surface of the Incinerators Chapter Homeworld. They were eventually discovered and uprooted from underground by the Incinerator's 2nd Company, before they went to war with the entire chapter. Once routed from underground, Titanus proceeded to attempt and suck the surface clean of life. Fortunately for the Incinerators 2nd Company, the rest of the chapter arrived shortly after they had received word of the Tyranid threat. The battle that ensued was catastrophic, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of astartes, tens of thousands of humans, and the near purging Titanus. It was only after the remaining tyranids boarded their Narvhal that they survived.

988.M41 DeathwatchEdit

Titanus would not be seen until 988.M41, as they began to ransack the Feudal World Otium V. It was only until a Deathwatch Kill-Team lead by the Executioners' Death-Speaker Alastor Rhett. The battle that followed resulted in Titanus' victory, having wiped Otium V of all life. Somehow however, Rhett had survived the planet's reckoning and was eventually brought back to Watch Fortress Erioch to recount the tales of his fallen brothers.



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