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The Space Hunters were a chapter that has joined the Tau Empire, for speculative reasons.

Space Hunters
A Space Hunter as they appear today. Note: The jet pack is entirely of Tau design.


Unknown, the chapter has seemed to have completely abolished the use of a warcry.


9th Founding

Successor Chapters:


Successors of:

Iron Hands




Black, Yellow-Green, Silver (Present colors are uniform with Oresh'uan camouflage)

Chapter Master:

KIA. Tau records state that the Ethreals, and Shas'O Aures have control over most of the Chapter's actions.


167 marines

Allied Chapters:


Rival Chapters:

All chapters in the Imperium

Betrayal of the imperiumEdit

The Chapter was last known to bear the banner of the Emperor during an incursion of the Oresh'uan Sept in an attempt to halt the Third Sphere expansion. The campaign was unsucessful, resulting in a Tau victory, and heavy Space Marine casualties. The surviving 167 marines were held captive by the tau, and after being asked by water caste officials, they betrayed the imperium, and joined the Tau Empire.

The story of their quick transferrence is buried deep within contreversy, and there are currently several recorded versions of the reasoning for this betrayal, and only the Space Hunters themselves are sure of their true position.

The Imperium's point of viewEdit

To the Imperium of Man, the Space Hunters are heretics, and have gained te reputation by some space marine chapters and imperial guard regiments as "Xeno lovers" or "Alien blooded". This information, like most heresys, has been classed as above top secret, and is completley unknown by the bulk of the imperium's population, in order to prevent superstition. The Chapter is currently under heavy investigation by the Ordo Xenos, who are monitoring the chapter in case of any of the imperiums technology merging with Tau.

The Tau Empire's point of viewEdit

The Tau were pleased with the Chapter's decision, to them, the flowing words of the water caste were obviously enough to persuade the iron minds of the space marines. They now serve under Tau rule, and go to war with the tau as heavy shock troops, their invulnerability to the perils of war is second-to none.

The Space Hunter's planEdit

Even after all this contreversy, the Space Hunters are still loyal to the Emperor. They belived that direct assaults alone were seldom enough to break the Tau Empire. Their honor being wiped aside after their defeat was already enough for the Imperium to disrespect the chapter, but the Space Hunters had far from given up. They planned to ally with the Tau, finding out the workings of their society, and unlitmatley leading the Tau Empire to crumble from within. The Imperium, of course, didn't allow the Hunters to follow their methods, declaring the chapter as mad. Eventually, after a discussion between the masters of the Space Hunters, they agreed to turn a blind eye, and temporarily betrayed the Imperium, certain that they will prove the Imperium wrong, and defeat the Tau.


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