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"For great justice!"

This article, Solomus the Vile, is a non-canonical humor article for entertainment purposes. It is not to be taken seriously, and does not need to follow any storyline in particular.

Solomus the Vile
Lord Solomus of the Night Lords in combat

Date of Birth


Date of Death



Human, Astartes, Dreadnought


More than anyone cares to count


Chaos; Chaos Undivided, Night Lords


Really upset

Solomus the Vile, Solomus the Dominant, Solomus the Extraordinary, these are just some out of the several thousand titles which as been bestowed upon Solomus the Nightbringer. Ha, there's another one.

The Chaos Dreadnought Solomus the Sandvich was once a powerful Chaos Lord of the Night Lords Traitor Legion, who somehow lived long enough to see The Compliance of Darrowmar to the Night Lords' Primarch was assassination. He was positioned to become the Night Lords' First Captain and Leader of the Atramentar several times, but always stepped down because he didn't want to have so much responsibility. In the end, he stuck with being of the Night Haunter's Kyroptera and Captain of the 11th Company, all the way until the fateful day that would change the rest of his life forever, and not for the better.





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