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"Burn.. BURN... BURN!"
—Smiley Joe.

Stefan Gunther Krause, better known as "Smiley Joe" or "Old Smiley" was the demolitions expert in the Cadian 412th, untill a rather nasty accident involving the Officer's Washroom, a great deal of Officers, and a Demolition Charge. No-one felt safe around Smiley Joe, as he only smiled when he was about to blow something up or burn something down or when he was doing either. Him smiling quite a lot was a concern for many people, especially those who slept in the same base as him. A good distance was always kept around him as his improvised promethium tanks were highly unstable and "an accident waiting to happen". He was unnaturally accurate with a thrown object, which in part was caused by him being a Kappa-level psyker.

Early Life Edit

"My family thinks I am a problem child. Just because of a few minor incidents, like burning the house down..."
—Smiley Joe

First Blood Edit

War against Chaos Edit

In a war against marauding forces of Chaos, things took a turn for the worse when a mass-reactive round penetrated one of his promethium casings, badly wounding the entire Heavy Weapons Platoon he was attached to, and giving him severe burns to his body and limbs. Amazingly, he made a full recovery, and was back to the front lines in no time. However, he was left with severe scarring, one of which was to both cheeks, resembling a smile. Stefan was not amused. However, he did decide that if everyone calls him Smiley Joe, everyone should know him as Smiley Joe. So he changed his name.

Alistair and Old Smiley Edit

On a desert world named Terros which Alistair was attempting to take, Smiley Joe unintentionally ruined his plans by blowing up the Megalith of Archan, the item Alistair was trying to take, during his pre-battle speech. Alistair, upon learning of this, buried Smiley Joe up to his neck and left him for dead. Smiley Joe had prepared for such an eventually, and used his trusty spork to dig his way out. Ever since that day, neither Smiley Joe or Alistair elaborated upon that matter. Not that it stopped them hating each other, though.




"Don't ask. Just. Don't. Ask."
Alistair never talks about the incident with Smiley Joe
"HAHAHA! So he left him to rot and he dug himself out? Alistair should really stop doing that to people, twice the victim has escaped, look at me after all "
Savark Von Andranas

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