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Siloth the Honorable
"Only in death does duty end."










Imperium of Man, Blood Talons


Previous Chapter Master



Chapter Master Siloth was once a mighty warrior within the Blood Talons chapter. He met his end upon the planet of Saitel V when he marooned himself in order to save his squad, and protege: Lin Terglim, from an onslaught of orks. After which the chapter returned to honor their dead master.


Before his passing, Siloth was one of the Blood Talons' strongest and steadfast soldiers on the battlefield. Before his rise to position as chapter master, Siloth was the captain of the first company, and lead the company for two hundred years. After his rise to chapter master, Siloth put the safety of his brothers above all else, even going as far as risking his own life to save them, which ultimately what lead him to his death.

Saitel VEdit

While the details of the campaign of Saitel V are shrouded in mystery, as the Blood Talons refuse to speak of what happened. What is known is that the Hive World of Saitel V fell under a massive Ork Waagh! The Blood Talons had exchanged resources with the gouverners of Saitel V before, and believed they had a duty to protect the planet from harm. Siloth was known to personally lead his brothers on the battlefield, cutting down orks as they charged the Emperor's Astartes. Unfortunately, the tide turned for the worse and the Blood Talons were cornered. Siloth ordered Thunderhawks to retrieve any remaining Blood Talons and safely bring them back to the fleet.


After this however, his squad was quickly surrounded by a massive horde of orks as they were boarding their thunderhawk. Siloth ordered his squad to leave without him, and quickly promoted Lin Terglim: his succesor and protege, to the position of chapter master. Knowing full well he was to die on the surface of Saitel V, Siloth decided to die with a sword in one hand, and a bolter in the other. Fighting valliantly, Siloth killed sixty orks before finally being struck down by the horde.


Siloth's death was not in vain, as he was able to make sure his brothers returned safely from the battlefield. Shortly after his death, the Blood Talons recieved reinforcements and were able to drive back the Ork Waagh! With this, Saitel V was once again under Imperial Rule. The Blood Talons declared Siloth a hero, and constructed a small monument in his honor.

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