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Shaakalaku "Mr. Jackal"

Date of Creation


Date of Destruction



  • Mr. Jackal
  • Whisperer In The Dark
  • He Who Waits In The Shadows


Warp Entity


Unknown, Appears all over the Galaxy.



Shaakalaku, known as Mr. Jackal to it's Hosts, is an enigmatic and parasitic warp entity. Despite being from the warp, Shaakalaku is not a Daemon and supposedly doesn't serve any of the Chaos Gods who rule the Warp. Shaakalaku has been assumed to be in the Material Realm for atleast a thousand years or more, as it's parasitic nature allows it to continue to sustain itself.


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Although Shaakalaku may have no phyiscal gender, It's most common form is a shadowy humanoid in a dark grey stormcoat with a dark grey fedora. Shaakalaku's humanoid form has no features except for two burning red eyes that glow with a hidden malevolence and a mouth full of razor sharp fangs. In the moments where it possesses a host the Shaakalaku merges with the shadow of it's host and remains there until the Host's death or it's forced out. 


The Shaakalaku is in the best terms, a sadistic and enigmatic creature. The Shaakalaku holds itself above the Material Realm believing itself superior to all mortals but is extremely fearful when things go the wrong way for it. Although the Shaakalaku believes itself superior to mortals, its inability to exist for long periods of time without a Host has made the creature realize that Mortals have their own uses. Although violent and twisted and very willing to shed blood for the smalleset of reasons, the Shaakalaku is also not above using trickery and manipulation to get its way. 

Shaakalaku when "infesting" a host commonly refers to itself as Mr Jackal and attempts to potray itself as a comedic man who loves adventure and excitement. "Mr. Jackal" will commonly attempt to influnce his host to perform a number of events in order to ensure that he'll have another host ready in the likely event of it's hosts death. In the uncommon moments when the Host of Mr Jackal realizes what its doing and how much control it has over them and attempts to remove Mr Jackal from their soul, Shaakalaku will become increasingly violent attempting to take direct control of its host with it's shadowy tendrils. 


Feel free to add your own!


Feel Free to add your own!

"...I know you're here Mr. Jackal, so what will it be this time? Tempt me to steal from Terra itself? Encourage me to kill the first Incubus I see? I'll let you hitch a short ride...but this time you don't get violent when I say you have got to go."
Berheven Jirlis
"Tread carefully, you trespass the Sovereign Mind of the Twisted Tree; and lo you shall see who is the greater Trespass still. Each furtive step shall be hounded by tomorrow's atrocities and abominations."
Ashur-El Artashumara
"Should I be worried that there's a new voice in my head, or that it's entirely consistent with my ongoing internal monologue?"
Douchard Bagge
""Once he got inside of my head, he started begging to be let out.""
Maalik Tenin

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