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The Red Shards are a mercenary group of around 200 members all are ex-military with even a few Space Marines in their numbers. 


The Red Shards founding members were:

Veteran Sergeant Felix Tylus of the White Scars chapter. It is unknown how he was not in his chapter but he was.

It was written that any one who joins the Shards has no vendetta against the other races and abides the rules:

1. Do NOT kill a fellow Shard 

2. Do NOT kill the contractor and their followers

3. Do NOT argue 

4. If the price is not what was agreed KILL them 

5. Don't mess up

The Red Shards are a no nonsense group and have been hired by Governers, Noble men and women, The Inquisition and the most prestigious contract was a high up official of the Adeptus Nechanicus.

​Notable MembersEdit

The Red Shards maintain a Military structure with ranks, squads, etc.

Colonel "Napalm" AdherentEdit

Ex-Guardsmen in the Catachan notorious for his special fuel he used in his hell hound and flamer it's also how he got his nick name. He is now one of the 3 leaders of the Red Shards after a honourable discharge.

​Veteran Sergeant BlakusEdit

Ex- Space Marine of the Brothers of Solitude after he was disgraced in combat he was banished from the chapter and not to return for three hundred years. He is another one of the leaders

Magos FaldorEdit

A Tech priest who left the order of the Mechanicus after thinking there was a seed of corruption. The final leader and prepares vehicles.

Sergeant GregoriusEdit

Imperial Guard  of the 8th Cadian shock troopers given a honourable discharge he is often used for body guard contracts.


There are non combat members of the Red Shards who number in thousands they travel in pairs or thirds to every planet in the Imperium, finding ex-Guardsmen and sometimes Space Marines.

Sometimes the possible members find the Red Shards themselves and wish to join.


Mercenaries have a large web of allies, contacts and enemies but being a group they often get more then bargained.


The Zerex Brothers: The two brothers have sometimes meet Red Shard teams.

Merilian sector governers and officials: The Merilian sector is full of dangers from simple thieves to assassins and even Ork, Eldar raiding parties. The governers and officials don't trust their assigned guard very often and weirdly trust non sector mercenaries.

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"Very nice, load of money, load of weapons and we get to kill more enemies" 

~Anonymous Red Shard


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