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Purge of Sigmus VII
Part of the The Fall of Sigmus VII
Military conflict
Date 7258083M41
Planet Sigmus seven, Sub-sector Astari, Ca'Tu sector
  • by year 7365092M41 planet is declared free of chaos taint
  • By year 7652094M41 the planet is declaired free of xeno taint
  • Planet renamed Dorn's Haven and dedicated as a shrine world to the Eccesiarch making it a base of opperations for forces from Esslesia.
  • Cardinal Joseph Cree
  • none
  • Crimson Dragoon fifth company detachment, deployment of 100 sisters of battle and ecclesiarchy confessors, four regiments of imperial guard.
  • the remains of the Ork waaagh! onto Sigmus VII from a year ago.
  • the remains of the planet's corrupted population from the reign of Ticious
Casualties and losses
  • 21 sisters of battle, 3 Astartes, several hundred guardsmen
  • All chaos filth was purged
  • All xeno taint removed.

The Purge of Sigmus VII began nearly a year after the first battles between ork and Chaos refered to in the, gereally accepted as inaccurate, histories written by the survivors as the Fall of Sigmus VII began, though the actual purge was scheduled to take place nearly two years before, and the call for aid received nearly four years before that. It would be Cardinal Joseph Cree with relatively new but highly motivated, and highly dedicated to the Ecclesiarch, Crimson Dragoons chapter of space marines along with the newly founded Shrine maidens of Ecclesia, who would eventually arrive cleansing the planet of the filth that had corrupted it's surface.  Once the planet was purged of corruption the Ecclesiarch would set forth with helping rebuild the world in the emperor's glory.

The call for aid - Dorn's Haven history documentum vid 2Edit

Sigmus VII fell to the forces of chaos in nearly a week. However as the forces that came were not infesting the most holy and secured portions of the world's administration the planet's astropaths were able to send out a distress signal. This distress signal then floated within the immaterium for a period of time which has yet to be fully disclosed though considering the time necessary for a proper response it was indeed a long time before the message was received. Most certainly it was due to foul sorcery used by the planet's conqueror Ticious the enlightener, whom after conquering the world with a COWARDLY SUPRISE ATTACK by his MASSIVE LEGION of chaos warriors, who had descended upon the PURE world like a hoard. After their brutal first attack as the loyal astropaths sent out a call for aid, they began dragging the unwilling and eternally loyal to the emperor children of the world to his corrupt parody of a schola to force the children to undergo his teaching. Where EACH and EVERY one of them REMAINED as LOYAL as they could. If not for the mechanizations of the first child turned traitor... Cecile Crowley... Corrupt and black her heart was acting as a willing spy amongst her peirs for Ticious, never once thinking of any other than herself she secretly corrupted the thoughts of the others who were still FAITHFUL TO THE EMPEROR.

Hero of Dorn's Haven Joseph Cree receives the call!Edit

The Suffering of the Sigmus VII children!Edit

Joseph Cree calls out for justice!Edit

The gathering of the responseEdit

Arrival of the emperor's justice!Edit

beginnings of the purgeEdit


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