"For great justice!"

This article, Ordo Ewokz, is a non-canonical humor article for entertainment purposes. It is not to be taken seriously, and does not need to follow any storyline in particular.

So far the Ordo Ewokz, has 3 members Brother Protius,Solomus-BlackWing and the ex-sister of battle Jackal_Hyena . They specialize in killing and eradicating ewoks and their chaotic cousins the Daewoks. The Ordo Ewokz are pretty laid back, like to party and have fun! What more fun can you have than killing ewoks?

If YOU would like to sign up to our noble cause,please put your name in the Members section bellow-


Brother Protius - Founder of the Ordo Ewokz, Protius' specializes in using his power stick to brutally murder ewoks and ponies...unless he losses it in a pony's ass, or losses his cod piece.

Solomus Blackwing - Acting Grandmaster, Solomus usually murders ewoks and ponies with his shotgun and power axe. He has quite the shot, and not in a good way, considering how he misses 80% of the time. But when he does land his mark, you're dead. DEAD.(Well, most of the time.")

Jackal_Hyena - ex-sister of battle, severe problem with authority, nows hunts ewoks with the ferocity of Angron. Jackal wields a stolen force axe along with a shoulder-mounted rail-gun. The last time She was in battle she lost her force axe and destroyed an entire ewok settlement to find it.

Favourite QuotesEdit

Protius- Edit

"Aaaah, a pony ate my codpeice!"


"Hey, anybody have you seen my power stick?The last time I saw it was in a ponies ass."


"Headshot, Bitch"


"Protius! Behind YOU!"


"Ewww, Ewww, here you go Protius"(found Protius' power stick and pulling it out of ponies ass and then gives it to him.


"Where the FUCK is my force axe!!!! I think i last saw it with an ewok's head sizzling on it."


"Killing ewoks, Killing ewoks

So much fun, So much fun

Die you little assholes, Die you little assholes

Boom,Boom, Boom"


Brother Protius is a slight nutcase who sometimes supports the Emprah! or he follows Chaos depending on his mood. Solomus-Blackwing is a dedicated follwer of Malic a Chaos God.


When by fighting as a pair they don't really have a doctrine, they just watch others backs and KILL! ...and find Protius' power stick.

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