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Order of the Black Solstice
A Sister of the Order

Organization Type

Adepta Sororitas

Date of Founding


Patron Saint

The Black Lioness


Oresphus II


Imperium of Man


Dark Blue, Grey, Gold


Imperial Fists, Praeterfactors, Ordo Hereticus


Tyranids, Chaos, Orks

"Sisters! Rise and fight! The enemy is at our doorstep, and we are all that stand in the way of these heretics and their victory! In the name of The God-Emperor, in the name of The Black Lioness, we must deny them their victory! I say again, rise and fight! So is our duty! Fight, for The Emperor, and His Imperium!"
—Canoness Roxanne, rallying her remaining sisters upon the world of Jhaliks VI

The Order of the Black Solstice is one of the Orders Militant of the Adeptus Sororitas, founded in honour of The Black Lioness. The Order is based upon the Hive World of Oresphus II.

Order HistoryEdit

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • The Defense of Jhaliks VI (982.M39) - The Order was sent to protect Jhaliks VI from a impending Chaos Invasion. After suffering severe losses, battle-sister Roxanne rallied the remaining Imperial forces and held the line long enough for reinforcements to arrive and neutralize the remaining chaos forces.
  • The Siege of Halimis V (Unknown Date.M40) - Some time during the 40th millenium, the Order aided the 5th company of the Praeterfactors in their quest for vengeance against the traitor warband known as the Star Wolves. This lead the Imperial Forces to encounter the heretics in the middle of an engagement with a large Ork Waaagh! upon the Feudal World. Catching them off guard, the Imperial forces were able to deal notable damage to the traitors before they fled into the warp.

Notable Sisters of the Black SolsticeEdit

  • The Black Lioness - While the saint's actual name has been deleted from Imperial archives for unknown reasons. The Black Lioness is the patron of the Black Solstice, having the order founded after her heroic actions before her untimely death. Her body is still kept in the chapel of The Order's headquarters upon Oresphus II as a matyr.
  • Canoness Roxanne Velikan - Roxanne Velikan is the current Canoness of The Order of the Black Solstice. She has lead the order since the ending days of the Jhaliks VI defense. She is known to be a hardworking, brash, yet faithful battle-sister, who's faith in The Emperor and Black Lioness is unbreakable.

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