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New Ultramar
New Ultramar, as seen from Orbit.


Between Segmentums Pacificus and Ultima


Calth System


Over Seven Billion


The Sons of Ultramar Space Marine Chapter


Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Civilised World)

Tithe Grade:

Adeptus Non

Planetary Defences

Small Imperial Fleet, Orbital stations, Plantary Defence Lasers


Basic Information Edit

New Ultramar is a Cold, wild world, with many cities dotted around the globe. The local wilds are infested with Orks, who were never fully swept from the world, and now serve a purpose of helping train the planetary defence force, whether the Orks like it or not.

The planet is located in an isolated area of space, between the Pacificus and Ultima Segmentums and has a population of around seven Billion. The planet has a number of manufactoriums scattered across the planer that provides the people with a number of necessary devices for living.


New Ultramar has no actual planetary Govenor, but the local region of space is run by the Master of The Sons of Ultramar Chapter, being taught the necessary administrative


Each of the major regions of New Ultramar recruits its own citizenry for defence of the planet, and crusade beside The Sons of Ultramar, founding regiments such as the Terox Home Guard and the Tinassian Ork Hunters.

From time to time, Regiments of the New Ultramar Dragoons will return to their home-region of New Ultramar and have their companies reinforced by squads of soldiers from these Planetary Defence Forces, often doubling the size of their companies before returning to the main battlezone.

Native speciesEdit

New Ultramar is a colder world than most, and to survive the native species have had to adapt, growing thicker, heavier fur alongside to a hardy disposition.

Points of Interest / Strategic Locations Edit

Phoenix Space Port Edit

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