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Necrystal is a mysterious substance that, left in a raw form, grows to form crystal deposits, and doubles in size on an annual basis. It us used in the manufactre of gauss weaponry. It is also maintains a solid state at any temperature, and the only other state of matter that it can is gas through transpiration at 4900 degrees centigrade and higher.



Necrystal is created on worlds that have high exposure to radiation, like planets close to their suns, but once formed it can grow on other planets with a lot less dosage to radioactivity, simple by placing a sample on the ground. It cannot, however, grow in non-radioactive environments.


Necrystal is most commonly green, but other coloured variants have been seen, such as red and blue. How to change its colour is unknown.


Physical PropertiesEdit


Being exposed to different elements and , Necrystal can change form. There are three types of Necrystal.

Type 1: The most common "neutral" form.

Type 2: At absolute zero (0 kelvin, or −273.15°C) and charged with electricity and other unknown materials, turns into type 2 necrystal, and when turned back into a solid, has drastic metamorphical effects to Necrontium.= on contact.

Type 3: When charged with electricity at a gas state, and turned back into a solid, it becomes type 3, and is an excelent conductor, rumored to be even better than pure gold. This crystal is used to construct the particle acceleration chambers on necron gauss weaponry.



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