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Necrontium is a pure substance that is a solid metal at room temperature.


Chemical Symbol



NEK cronn tee um



Melting Point

8200 degrees centigrade

Boiling Point


It is was used by the Necrontyr to make their Necrodermis shells, and in which today their conciousness's inhabit. Once enregised by fusing it with a gas (That has not been identified) makes it "Alive", literally morphing back into its original position after its been damaged, and therefore changes into Necrodermis. It is still being created by some Tombworlds today.



Necrontium can be found anywhere in the galaxy, But some worlds, and even entire sectors harbour no traces of this metal at all. It's creational properties are therefore unknown, and at least, forms at seemingly random places in the galaxy, regardless of conditions.


Like titianium it is a hard, strong, and light, but it appears on a variety of colours, the most common being grey, but can appear in any kind of colour including yellows, reds, blues, greens and sometimes browns. Once energised it can turn metallic, and sometimes glossy.

The Necrus IV Tombworld uses a metallic brown variant.


Physical PropertiesEdit

Before being energised Necrontium is highly toxic and radioactive, even touching it can cause even humanoids to die instantly. These properties are neutralised once it is energised, become Necrodermis.

Necrodemis is reletavley unstable, and can be un-energised by an powerful force or impact, such as a direct hit from an Imperial Lascannon. This explains why necrons cannot come back to life when instantly killed or struck by a power weapon.

Metamorphical propertiesEdit

Being exposed to the extremley rare pure type 2 Necrystal, like that found in Necon Ressurection Orbs, the reconsriction rate of Necrodemis speeds up by almost 3 times the regular rate, this also can re-energise depleted Necrontium. It it therefore theroized that the gas fused with Necrontium to make it necrodermis, could be a gas-state of Necrystal.



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