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Marcus Storn was a Imperial Remembrancer of some renown in the Ultima Segmentum. Born in the later decades of M.30, he was attached to the Ultramarines serving in the 206th Imperial Expedition Fleet of the time. His talent lay in wordplay, and as such was often near the front of the Imperial advance, to gather material for his next works.

Marcus Storn



Birth date


Date of Death



Storm's Watch





Last assignment

The Storn Academy of Remembrancers-Headmaster


"I never had much interest in anything when I was a kid... Then again, I'd like to meet one person who did."
—Marcus Storn, commenting on his childhood.
"Whenever I look out the window during a warp jump... It always feels like there's something out there looking back at me. You ever get that?""
—Marcus to an unknown soldier.

Marcus came to be liked among the Ultramarines which he served under, who, unlike most other legions, had a fascination with recording information, and aesthetics both

Noteable worksEdit

Before his death in 726.M41, Marcus completed many works as a remembrancer, showing, in detail, the might of humanity under the Emperor's gaze before finally turning to New Ultramar, to select, and teach, the younger generations his trade.




"What're you doing there, making poems?"
—Vel Walker, one of Marcus' childhood friends.
"It sounds like a poem of war.."
—Vel Walker, after being told one of Marcus' first works.

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