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Planet classification:

Civilized world, declared as penal world

primary exports:

Penal legions, Illegal Contraband


12 Billion

Major Powers:

  • The Church
  • The Mechanicus
  • The Arbites
  • The Daemon Fangs
  • The Three Crime-Houses
  • The Legion
  • The Xeno-Keepers

Makir, the rogue's port, is a world completely overcome by crime, mercenary warbands, and corruption. The planet had been so overwhelmed by it's own nature that instead of risking the planet becoming a source for future wars the Adeptus Arbites pressed for the planet to be declared as a penal world and their request was allowed. However Makir proved too difficult to turn into a standard Penal world and instead a Blockade was placed over the world in hopes of preventing any ships from leaving, though as time has passed more and more ships have come and gone from the crime ruled world.

History of MakirEdit

Imperial Rule and the balance of MakirEdit

Factions of MakirEdit

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