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Lux Aeterna is the Homeworld of the Incinerators Space Marine Chapter and is known for its bountiful amounts of raw resources that are traded across the sector and used by the chapter's fleet in their never-ending crusade.


First Battle of Aeterna (203.M36 - 504.M36)Edit

Second Battle of Aeterna (507.M36 - 509.M37)Edit

Third Battle of Aeterna (776.M41 - 875.M41)Edit

The Third Battle of Aeterna was one of the bloodiest wars the Incinerators had ever gone through in their long history, and one of the most shameful. The entire war started after Company Champion Ustulio Nibus of the 2nd Company encountered a large sect of Tyranid Raveners lurking in the darkest corridors and tunnel systems of the planet's vast mines. It is unclear as to where these tyranids came from, if it was in recent times when the whole chapter had been called for crusade, or before Lux Aeterna even came to be part of the Imperium. The latter is extremely unlikely as the first sighting for tyranids wasn't until the 41st Millenium., however the former is also unlikely as one company is always guarding the planet from excursions and other threats.

Regardless, these tyranids would later become known as Splinter Fleet Titanus, as much as a threat as all other tyranid Splinter Fleets. After his encounter with Titan's Raveners, Nibus made his way to the surface to the warn the rest of his company, and in turn warn the rest of the chapter.


The northern hemisphere of Lux Aeterna is full of mountains and deserts, while the southern hemisphere is a barren plane of snow and mining stations. Underneath the surface, mine shafts riddle through the earth and underground smelters are set as waypoints throughout these catacombs, straggling from underground up to the surface. Because of this, smoke rises into the air and drench large parts of the northern hemisphere in smog.

Brazen CitadelEdit

A large, brass coloured citadel that acts as the fortress monastery of the Incinerators, which is higher than any mountain, and spreads down into the mine shafts below the surface, large furnaces connected to the planet's core connect to the citadel and act as the final stage to the chapter neophytes' trials. While the citadel is capable of housing the entire chapter, only one company at a time makes the fortress their home, as the rest of the chapter in on crusade and the company that remains upon Lux Aeterna has low numbers and is there to recruits new astartes into their ranks.


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