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The Kryschine

Date of Discovery


Date of Extinction


State Religion


Head of State

High Council of Kariva

Type of Life-Form


Average Height and Weight

  • Height -7'2"
  • Weight - 500 Ibs

Home World

Kavlia, Segmentum Tempestus, Golgotha Stars

The Kryschine, pronounced as cry-skin, are silicone based lifeforms who hail from the molten death world, Kavlia located near the Segmentum Tempestus. The Kryschine although highly territorial from their difficulties with communicating with Xenos are not aggressive or passive, instead only caring to defend their own even through the destruction of others. They were uplifted by a now extinct race as Slaves for mining and labor. 


The Kryschine are silicone based lifeforms, a type of life-form instead based around Silicone instead of Carbon, which requires a temperature of 300°F or higher, it's been concluded Kryschine can survive up to 700°F because of the temperature of their home-world, which is a molten death world. Because of their basis, Kryschine use sulfuric acid as solvent instead of water because of how Sulfuric Acid remains a liquid even at extreme temperatures. They also breathe pure fluorine, which has an attraction to Silicone but doesn't form into sand like oxygen does. Because of the pressure on their world, Kryschine have explosive endings when on worlds similar to Terra. The average Kryschine can on average live up to one hundred and ninty years old.

The Kryschine have a hard carapace that looks similar to Terran crystals, which can range from any color. They have six thin legs that make it possible for the Kryschine to move in any direction quickly; the legs are articulated with joints roughly corresponding to the knee and ankle of other humanoid species. Each leg ends in sharp points with thousands of tiny "graspers" that allow them to climb and run on virtually any surface. The legs are attached at the base of the torso and are radially symmetric. They also have four arms; each with joints analogous to the humanoid elbow and wrist, and each hand ending in a multi-fingered claw. 

Organ SystemEdit

Being a silicone-based lifeform the Kryschine have a much different organ system then any known xenos species in the Milky Way. Their crystalline carapaces absorb heat from their surroundings and turn that heat into chemical energy which is then sent straight to their digestive system, which also runs through their entire body and serves as the circulatory system. The chemical energy then moves through out the body moving into the Kryschines' muscular, which is essentially a coiled spring already tensed which allows them massive amounts of power over short periods of time.


The Kryschines' method of reproduction is sexual in nature. When one Kryschine's carapace leaves behind thousands of slivers another Kryschine's carapace will leave behind a dust-like material material that contains the necessary chemicals to cause the slivers to rapidly start growing through heat energy and digesting minerals. These slivers will eventually fully form into a new Kryschine.


The Kryschine do not see the world as other Xenos do, instead the Kryschine see and hear the world through Vibrations. Their crystalline exoskeletons have multiple grooves that deform and shift when vibrations are detected. These vibrations can be detected from the Kryschine touching the ground, or by feeling noises "vibrating" against gases. Because of their use of vibrations for sensory, the Kryschine lack the ability to see, hear, taste, or smell only having the ability to feel. Because of their lack of sight, hearing, taste, and smell the Kryschine must "speak" through seismic communication. Although the vibrations of a Kryschine can make noise, the Kryschine themselves can't hear this noise.  


Psykers are odd things among the Kryschine, as the Kryschine "sit" right on the Neutral spot of the Psychic Assignment. The sheer fact of being a Psyker changes a Kryschine radically. Their carapaces turn into shades of purple, they can feed off warp energy to sustain themselves, and are able to surround themselves with warp energy to survive in areas that have low pressure. Psykers of the Kryschine commonly specialize in the manipulation of energy or the manipulation of their surroundings.


File:Wh40k starmap1.jpg

Home-World, KavliaEdit

The Kryschine homeworld is a molten death world named Kariva which is located in the Segmentum Tempestus in the Golgotha Stars. It is physically impossible for any none Silicone-based Lifeform to live on Kariva, as it's temperature and pressure level will kill anything that isn't Silicone-based lifeforms. The temperature would burn them alive without advanced technology and the pressure would crush any being without advanced technology as well. Kariva has no atmosphere as well which prevents most other organisms from living on Kariva as well. Kavlia is orbited by three moons, designated by Imperials as Marva I-III.

Colony Production Planetoid, Marva IEdit

The very first Colony ever terraformed by the Kryschine, Marva I is a official "forgeworld" of the Kry Empire. Marva I is a immense factory, with industrial complexes soaring into the sky and mine workings burrowing deep into the planetary crust. Marva I has the technology to build great numbers of complex technologies, like tanks or spacecraft parts for the KGF and the Kry Armada. Marva I is most famous for it's large number of Terraformation Chambers, which produce the majority of resources used up by the complexes of Marva I.

Colony Research Planetoid, Marva IIEdit

Marva II is the second planetoid to have been colonized and terraformed by the Kryschine. Marva II is one of multiple colonies whose sole purpose is to research various subjects. Marva II's research facilities focus on the research of scientific studies into military applications and vice versa. Marva II was the research facility in which the Kryschine developed their Plasma Weaponry. It's on Marva II where the majority of Kryschine Researchers and Scientists have been trained.

Colony Military Training Planetoid, Marva IIIEdit

Marva III was the third planetoid to have been colonized and terraformed by the Kryschine. Marva III is one of many Planetoids used as a training facility for the Kryschine Military. Marva III surface is filled to the brim with countless training facilities, for both the KGF and the Kry Armada. Here on Marva III KGF are taught how to operate their wargear, operate vehicles, and to properly fight in combat. KGF go through countless training exercises including vertical combat, basic ground war, night time operations, and ETC. Kry Armada Personal go through similar experiences as the KGF, learning how to operate their voidships and to properly use them. KAP will also experience both real-life and virtual experiences with operating starcraft. 

Colony Hive-Planet, Rurgk IEdit

Rurgk is the first offical planet to be colonized and terraformed by the Kryschine. It was scouted out by the Kry Armada before the KGF arrived and forced the planet's less advanced species into near-extinction. Rurgk was partially-terraformed right away to allow Kryschine Civilians access to the planet, with it's surface being dotted with billions of Shardlikin Structures. The Kryschine's shardlikin structures stretch deep within the core of Rurgk and high into it's skies nearly touching the void of space. These structures can be anything from housing complexes, terraformation chambers, military outposts, or research facilities.

Colony Production Planetoid, Rurgk IIEdit

Rurgk II is a immense factory, with industrial complexes soaring into the sky and mine workings burrowing deep into the planetary crust. Rurgk has the technology to build large numbers of complex technologies, like tanks or spacecraft parts for the KGF and the Kry Armada. About twenty percent of Rurgk II is Terraformation Chambers. Rurgk II's facilities specialize in the production of everyday materials.

Colony Hive-Planet, Jarva Edit

Jarva is a Hive-City just like Rugk I. Jarva's surface and core is dotted with thousands of shardlikin structures. The Kryschine's shardlikin structures stretch deep within the core of Jarva and high into it's skies nearly touching the void of space. These structures can be anything from housing complexes, terraformation chambers, military outposts, or research facilities.

Colony Research Planetoid, JargisEdit

Jargis is one of multiple colonies whose sole purpose is to research various subjects. Jargis' research facilities are meant for the studying of Xenos and their culture, biology, and technology. It is here where P.O.W.s arrive to be dissected. Jargis' research facilities are known for their advanced mind probing shardlikin crystals, which allow their scientists and researchers to probe the mind of still living subjects or recently killed creatures.

Colony Production Planetoid, Jargis IIEdit

Jargis II is a immense factory, with industrial complexes soaring into the sky and mine workings burrowing deep into the planetary crust. Jargis II has the technology to build great numbers of complex technologies, like tanks or spacecraft parts for the KGF and the Kry Armada. About twentyfive percent of Jargis II is Terraformation Chambers. Jargis II's complexes specialize in the production of weaponry.

Colony Production World, UziziaEdit

Uzizia' surface and core is dotted with thousands of shardlikin structures. The Kryschine's shardlikin structures stretch deep within the core of Uzizia and high into it's skies nearly touching the void of space. These facilities soar into the sky and while mine workings burrow deep into the planetary crust. About forty percent of Uzizia is terraformation chambers. Uzizia's complexes specialize in the production of military equipment.

Colony Military Defense Planetoid, UziaEdit

Uzia is a Military Defense Planetoid, whose only occupants are military personal. Uzia is the checkpoint from which Kryschine go from Uzizia to Talalie for further shipping. Uzia's surface is dotted with Ground to Air weaponry, such as humongous plasma cannons. These structures are mostly housing complexes for the Kryschine Soldiers and numerous other military related buildings. 

Colony Military Defense World, TalalieEdit

Talalie is a Military Defense World, charged with the overseeing of the Asteroid Colonies and their protection. Talalie is the second line of defense after the Asteroid Colonies and is it's surface is dotted with Ground to Air weaponry, with humongous titan sized plasma cannons and plasma turrets. Talalie is the last checkpoint for Kryschine or P.O.W.s until they are allowed to leave Kryschine Space.

Colony Military Training Planetoid, TalaEdit

Tala is one of many Planetoids used as a training facility for the Kryschine Military. Tala's surface is filled to the brim with countless training facilities, for both the KGF and the Kry Armada. Here on Marva III KGF are taught how to operate their wargear, operate vehicles, and to properly fight in combat. KGF go through countless training exercises including vertical combat, basic ground war, night time operations, and ETC. Kry Armada Personal go through similar experiences as the KGF, learning how to operate their voidships and to properly use them. KAP will also experience both real-life and virtual experiences with operating starcraft.  

Asteroid ColoniesEdit

The Kryschine have numerous Asteroid Colonies, unknown exact number but somewhere in the thousands, that can be classed as almost anything. They can be Military Training Colonies, Production Worlds, Military Defense Colonies, and Research facilities. Most Asteroid Colonies are Military Defense, with numerous KGF and KAP located on them in case of an invasion force entering Kryschine Space. Numerous Asteroid Colonies of the Kryschine can be found within the other three Segmentiums.


The Kryschine majority lives within the Kryschineni Empire, which operates on a semi-democratic socialist government. The Kryschineni Empire is lead by the High Council of Karva which is composed of thousands of Kryschine who have been elected by the people of the Empire. Due to the size of the Empire, each colony is run by a Council of Kryschine who are usually elected either by the High Council or the Colonies people. Although any Kryschine can run for the Council, only well known Kryschine who have helped the greater whole of the Empire get elected, making it a "requirement" to be within the Military or Government already.

The majority of decisions made by the High Council are "run through" the people of the Empire, who usually have the final say in whether something happens or not but because of the massive amount of propaganda that the High Council feeds to the Population, their decisions are generally not vetoed.

The Kryschineni Empire functions on the "needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few", which essentially means that the whole of the Empire is treated as equals instead of a few select Kryschine who are given rank and priority over others. With that, the Empire has total control over every single means of production, transportation, research, and etc. With total control over the means of production, the High Council can determine which colonies get what and how many rations each Kryschine gets.

Society and CultureEdit

The Kryschine are highly xenophobic, mainly from their lack of an ability to communicate with others. The Kryschine have a society based around equality, having no classless or social groups. The Kryschine Society is meant solely for efficiency, being based around the needs of the whole instead of the needs of the one. The Government owns every single factory, shop, and research facility allowing them to determine who gets what and when. As the Kryschine have no genders, all Kryschine are equal in standing. Those who work in production are equal to those who work in the military, those who work on the various sciences are equal to those who work on building machines and ETC. The Kryschine have two holidays, one day for remembering the moment when the Kryschine United and one day to remember the foul mistake they made electing the Arch Rebel to Directorship.  

The Kryschine as a whole are a society and culture that is totally geared towards the helping of others, and the community of the people. Those who help their fellow Kryschine are prestigious but those who harm their kin or the community are usually seen as terrorists and quickly executed, and while prestige among the community is good it doesn't place one above others as the Kryschine are a classless society.  

Lineage is meaningless to the Kryschine, and even if the Kryschine could trace their history back to Charous The Traitor, it wouldn't mean a single thing. The Kryschine consider themselves one big "family" and to prioritize your blood line is considered idiotic. Because of the apathy the Kryschine have for blood lines, younglings of famous individuals do not have any exceptions placed upon them and vice versa with children of lesser standings.  

Political FactionsEdit

Kryschineni EmpireEdit

The Kryschineni Empire is the largest known Kryschine Empire, and consists of the majority of the Kryschine Species. They are the most technology advanced faction within the Kryschine Species, and have over a thousand colonies within their home system. The Kryschineni are ruled by a Council of Kryschine Military and Non-Military Personal.


The Expansionists are members of the Kryschine Government that wants to begin to militarize their expansion fleets, to expand the Empire. Expansionists generally are members of the military, such as Generals and Battle Directors. Expansionists commonly work hidden from the prying eyes of the Government and illegally expand the borders of the Kryschine Empire. The Expansionists have almost direct control over the Kryschine Military, but are held in place by the Summarists control of the production of resources.


The Summarists are the direct "political enemies" of the Expansionists. They are members of Kryschine Society who wish to remain solely within their borders and not expand into the "Outsider Territory". Summarists commonly consist of non-military personal such as engineers, scientists, and ETC. The Summarists are generally in direct control of the production of resources for the Kryschine.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Emperor's SentinelsEdit

The Emperor's Sentinels despise xenos in all things, so it came at no surprise that as soon as they discovered the Kyschine's existence, they immediately set out to destroy them. The Sentinels hope to wipe out this xenos race so that they won't become a threat to the Imperium, and have attacked several of the Kryschine's colonies. Though having attacked the Kryschine's colonies, no attempt as been successful from removing them from Kryschine Influence.

Da TekkboyzEdit

After finding out about the Kyrschine's "krystal dakka", the technology obsessed orkz known as Da Tekkboyz began to raid the Kryschine's territory in hopes of adding yet another type of technology to their already vast arsenal. This has resulted in mixed results, as the Tekkboyz cannot compete with the Kyrschine's advanced weaponry, but their sheer numbers are what make the orkz a considerable threat.  

The Brotherhood of the DajakkEdit

Discovering a race of unusual xenos the Brotherhood of the Dajakk planned to initiate a trade with the xenos. However due to difficulty with communication the Dajakk eventually "gifted" the Kryschine with a specialized translation device. This device allowed the xenos and the Dajakk to communicate "properly". Afterwards the Dajakk organized a cultural exchange with the Kryschine, having a number of their members living amongst the Kryschine while a number of the Kryschine would also go to join the Dajakk. After the period for the exchange had ended however the Kryschine volunteers "refused" to return to their species, their current whereabouts and status is unknown and because of this chain events, the Kryschine kept the "Dajakk" that had been exchanged for their Volunteers.

Indomitable GolemsEdit

Forces of the 6th Stone assaulted the Kryschine's colonial holdings due to the fact that the Chapter considers the crystalline xenos an abomination of the Stone. The 6th Stone thus has been on a three year long Crusade to eliminate these xenos, but so far they have been mired by the hostile environments of the Kryschine worlds and the deadly nature of the xenos themselves.

The ThyraxEdit

Long and hated enemies of the Kryschine, the Thyrax and the Kryschine have been fighting long and bloody wars since M31 when the two races discovered eachover. The Kryschines unique biology makes it impossible for the Thyrax to Indocrinate and thus the Thyrax, particually the Drakos Coven have put much of their military power into eradicating the Kryschine from the face of the galaxy.


The Kryschine are known for their advanced technology, but the strangeness of their technology is what gives them their notoriety. The Kryschines are masters of terraformation and the manipulation of natural minerals. Their terraformation devices work quickly and efficiently to do their job, and can change the state of an entire planet in a matter of years. Their terraformation devices also give them the ability to contentiously produce their much needed resources, allowing them to be self-efficient. The Kryschines military grade technology is primarily based of natural minerals and silicone-based weaponry. A majority of the Kryschine technology is crystalline in nature, or atleast have a crystalline shell. All "Kryschine Designations" are Imperial Designations as the Kryschine have no vocal language.

Non-Military TechnologyEdit


The most advanced piece of technology yet developed by the Kryschine. World-Engines are massive devices that stand at four hundred feet tall. These large devices are capable of terraforming any type of planetoid, including moons and dead worlds. These devices on average take around five hundred years to fully terraform their location. World Engines are described by Imperial Guardsmen as humongous crystalline structures designed for planetary destruction. Although technically Non-Military Technology, World-Engines can be used as WOMDs. Because of the technology and resources needed to create such powerful devices World-Engines have become a rare sight. World-Engines are especially known for causing Electromagnetic Storms across the surface of planets they are on.

Magnetic ShieldingEdit

The Kryschine make use of Magnetic Shielding for their colonies, voidcraft, vehicles, and sometimes Infantry. These shields are able to despire energy projectiles by deflecting their charged particles and is able to deflect certain kinetic projectiles by using the same magnetisim to deflect them away from the user. On a massive scale, such as ships or colonies, Magnetic Shields can deflect even Starcraft Fire and while on a smaller scale they can disperse vehicle or hand-held weaponry.


Shardlikin is a highly advanced "technology" developed by the Kryschine. Shardlikin is the crystalline material used for all structures, objects, wargear, and voidships build by the Kryschine. It's a unique material that has the capability of being highly durable, multi-layer, producing massive amounts of heat or energy and possesses the ability of minor regenerative capabilities as well as being dangerous to non-silicone based lifeforms. Shardlikin can be mass produced by World Engines, Terraformation Chambers, or naturally grown. 

Production ChambersEdit

Production Chambers are pieces of technology that came before the World Engines. These chambers have the same capabilities as the World Engines but on smaller scales. Production Chambers can vary from mostly any size, but at faster rates because of how compressed the areas are. Production Chambers are also commonly used for Reproduction Chambers, where Kryschine Slivers are put within the chambers to grow rapidly allowing the Kryschine to make mass amounts of soldiers in short periods of times.

Heat DispensersEdit

Heat Dispensers are mobile devices that produce vast amounts of heat within a certain radius. Heat Dispensers can produce temperatures gradually up to 700°F, enough to feed entire platoons of Kryschine. Because of the vast amount of heat these objects release, they are ninety nine percent of the time always fatal to lifeforms that can die from intense heat. These devices stand at six feet with a widith of five feet, with numerous vents across their surfaces to allow the heat to escape. 

Stasis FieldsEdit

Because the Kryschine lack the ability to enter Cryostasis, as the temperature would kill a Kryschine, they've developed a new method of sustaining their personal during long journeys. Essentially a time-warp generator, stasis fields create breaks in the normal flow of space-time within their area of effect, slowing the aging process of whatever is trapped within. These devices allow Kryschine, or P.O.Ws, to be transported all the way across the galaxy without aging a single second.

Slipgate TechnologyEdit

The Kryschine make use of "Slipgates" to transport their ships, cargo, and even Kryschine across the void. Ships make use of large devices that can open a slipgate that allows them to instantly move to a section in the Galaxy that they designated to have the receiving slipgate. For slipgates that transport Cargo and People, they are circular devices that have to be planted on both sides, and should one side deactivate so will the other. Slipgates seem impossible for non-kryschine to use, as Imperial studies have shown these devices produce mass amounts of heat directly within the gate, which would turn even an Astrate to ash.


Shardlikin WeaponryEdit

Shardlikin Weaponry are projectile weapon that fire long, sharp crystalline shards that impale a target. After several seconds the crystalline shards shelling will crack, allowing Terran-like atmospheres to effect them, and will explode causing severe and most likely fatal wounds. Shardlikin weaponry usually have multiple holes on the top of the gun that when the trigger is activated, the shards are fed from the top into the barrel of the weapon, and fired at high speed. When the trigger is held down, the rate at which the shards are fired increases. A single shard can cause internal bleeding or strike a vital organ and depending on the impact area a single shard can cause amputation of limbs, and impacts to the chest are in most cases always fatal; the explosive properties can easily crack ribs, damage the lungs or heart, and cause severe tissue damage. Shardlikin Weaponry can also be developed into melee wargear, but they lose their ability to fire shard and gain the ability to induce silicone-based reactions within prey. 

Shardlikin Rifle-681Edit

The Shardlikin Rifle, known as the Spiker to Imperial Forces, is the standard issue rifle for the Kry Forces. It's design is meant for distance, accuracy, and small amounts of recoil. Unlike it's smaller cousins, the Shardlikin Rifle is capable of long distances and is meant for medium to large distance fighting. The Shardlikin's top plating has been modified to have a scope while the shards are feed into the rifle via multiple canister.  The SR-681 has a total of five hundred shards and is capable if firing ten shards per second. The SS-681 can be further retrofitted to be a Sniper Rifle, giving it increased power. When retrofitted to be a Sniper Rifle, the SR-681 can only fire one "shard" per minute, with that shard being a collective of ten shards.

Shardlikin Scatter-2177 Edit

The Shardlikin Scatter-2177, known as the Scatter Shredder to Imperial Forces, is the secondary standard issue rifle for Kry Forces. It's design is meant for solely for close quarters combat and fire rate. The SS-2177 is capable of CQC and is commonly used by Combat Engineers and Scout Warriors. The SS-2177 contains three hundred shards and has a fire rate of twenty shards per second. SR-2177s are much sleeker then SR-681s and are actually able to be wielded in CQC. 

Shardlikin Sidearm-28 Edit

The Shardlikin Sidearm, called the Shredder Junior among Imperials, is the standard issue sidearm for Kry Force. It's design is meant for close distances and fire rate. Like it's cousins, the SS-28 is only capable of short distances and is meant for close quarters combat. The SS-28's top plating has been fitted with multiple canisters to feed in over one hundred shards into it's chambers. The SS-28 is capable of firing five shards per second.

Shardlikin Sidearm-6819 Edit

The Shardlikin Sidearm-6819, also called the Shredder Junioris among Imperials, is the larger cousin of the SS-28. Given to operatives who focus on CQC, the SS-6819 is designed for close distances and maximum fire rate. Like the SS-28 it's only capable of short distances but is larger and is capable of carrying a total of three hundred shards. Like it's larger cousin, the SS-6819 is capable of firing firing ten shards per second.

Shardlikin Light Machine Gun-71Edit

The Shardlikin Light Machine Gun-71, known as the Heavy Shredder, is the standard issue squad automatic weapon issued to certain Kry Warriors. The SLMG-71 is primarily meant for medium to long range firing, as it's length makes it unwieldy in CQC.  Because of it's massive size, and the amounts of ammunition it requires, the SLMG-71 is only wield able with four hands. SLMG-71s are commonly belt fed their ammunition or use large canisters with a thousand shards.

Shardlikin Coilgun-31Edit

The Shardlikin Coilgun-31 makes use of coils used as electromagnets in the configuration of a linear motor that accelerate a conducting shard projectile to high velocity. These Shards have been made to be able to shatter power armour in a single hit and are capable of easily ripped into any infantry armor. SC-31s sadly lose their ability to fire fast, and must be reloaded after every shot.

Shardlikin Explosive Device-51 Edit

The Shardlikin Explosive Device-51 is the standard "grenade" for Kry Forces. The SED-51 appears similar to a crystalline ball, the size of a human's fist, that when thrown cracks and shatters before exploding violently. The SED-51 functions similar to the shards that Shardlikin Weapons fire, but in a larger quantity giving it an even greater explosive value. SED-51s can be loaded into a Shardlikin Expensive Device Launchers to allow greater range.

Autolysis WeaponryEdit

Autolysis weapons though differing in form all invoke the same distinct effects. Rapid Autolysis forces the cellular structure of living tissues in a victim's body to begin to rapidly and suddenly digest themselves. In the initial few seconds of the Autolysis effect victims may feel intense pain as their nervous system cells begin degenerate, however this is cut short as soon they will lose all feeling from the now destroyed nerves. Even as this takes place portions of the body, or the entire body itself, will undergo a series of noticeable chemical reactions. The flesh will swell and generate heat, certain portions of the body will quickly rot while others, most noticeably muscle tissues, will degenerate and foam. Typically few victims live long enough to witness the final stages, however, those that due will watch as their skin simply detaches from their body and the ligaments holding their bones in place fail causing their limbs, if they haven't already, to fail and simply break away from their core. The final result of a Autolysis weapon which has taken full effect will be a pile of foaming bones with whatever war-gear and clothing the target had on hand laying atop of them or nearby. Because of the Kryschine's biology, they have no need to fear the effects of Autolysis and can freely use these weapons without care. Kryschine Shardlikin Weapons can be upgraded so that their shards are Autolysis Projectiles, increasing their potency greatly. Autolysis Radiation Generators can be strapped onto Kryschine Soldiers, to increase their lethalty.

Autolysis Rifle-11 Edit

The AR-11, known commonly as the Death Shredder to the Imperial Guard, is a radiation projection beam weapon. The Death Shredder has a incredibly weak stasis field, which causes the Death Shredder's radiation source to constantly leak. The Death Shredder was designed to be used for medium-ranged engagements, fast firing, and accuracy. The AR-11 can fire over twenty shots of radiation over a course of five seconds.

Autolysis Rifle-661Edit

The AR-661, known as the Death Spiker to the Imperial Guard, is a projectile autolysis weapon. It works by shooting out vast amounts of unshielded radiated rods, which can cause entire squads of enemies to undergo rapid autolysis. Because of the unshielded nature of the rods, even before they are fired these weapons are still capable of causing autolysis. Because of the power of these weapons, they can be used for any range engagement and can fire around ten rods every five seconds while holding a max of fifty rods.

Heavy Autolysis Cannon-51Edit

The Heavy Autolysis Cannon-51, known as the Death Cannon by Guardsman, is a radiation projection beam weapon. It's design is similar to the Death Shredder's design, but instead makes use of even faster firing with no need for accuracy as the sheer amount of radiation can effect a large area. The HAC-51 requires the use of all four hands, and can fire over a thousand blasts of radiation.

Autolysis Weapon BatteriesEdit

The Autolysis Weaponry of the Kryschine have slowly been moved into the armory of the Starcraft of the Kryschine. The AWBs have begun to slowly appear on updated versions of the Kryschine Armory. Autolysis Weapon Batteries are capable of leaving entire voidships dead in space, with zero damage to the ship but the entire crew dead.

Autolysis Starcraft Cannon-12Edit

One of the largest Autolysis Weapons the Kryschine are capable of making, the ASC-12 is extremely heavy hitting weapon. A single blast can cause autolysis within a entire hive city, and is even capable of killing the crew of enemy space crafts. Because of the energy required to use such a device, ASC-12s are commonly only used on the largest of Kryschine ships.

Plasma WeaponryEdit

UThe Kry make heavy use of plasma as a weapon form to great effect, containing and guiding it in the form of a single bolt, beam, or continuous stream. Plasma-based weapons are the most common armament of their vehicles and warships. The largest are mounted onto capital ships and are used for orbital bombardment and ship-to-ship combat, and can reduce a ship's hull to a pile of molten metal floating in space. When a plasma weapon is charging, a high quantity of radiation is also emitted. Kry Plasma is unique in that it is both stable and destructive, but never at the same time. Kry Plasma Weapons are usually highly stabled when fired in short bursts, but as they fire more and more they become more unstable but more powerful. Kry plasma weaponry emit blasts of orange and red plasma.

Plasma Rifle-91 Edit

Unlike Shardlikin Rifles, Plasma Rifles make use of plasma instead of projectile ammunition. The PR-91, called the Plasma Shredder, can fire 360 to 540 rounds per minute and unlike other Plasma Weaponry in the Kry Armory, the PR-91 is capable of both Semi-Auto and full Auto fire thanks to it's dual plasma collimator. As the PR-91 fires more and more, it's stability lessens and it's destructive capabilities begin to increase as it's collimators go into overcharge. 

Plasma Rifle-991 Edit

The Plasma Rifle-991, also known as the Plasma Shredder, is an upgraded design to the PR-91. It trades off it's firing rate for greater overall performance and range. It's upgraded design consists of an extended barrel and a modular coil set. Sadly it's upgrading has removed it's ability to fire at fast rates, as it overheats in under four seconds when using constant fire. Also unlike the PR-91, the PR-991 is a two-handed weapon

Plasma Carbine-88 Edit

The Plasma Carbine-88, just called the Plasma Carbine, is the official long-ranged Plasma Weapon used by Kry Infantry Forces. The weapon's cylindrical magazine holds rounds, and can fire one pulse per every pull of the "trigger" while also providing indication of number of rounds left in the magazine, using vibration. The Plasma Carbine holds a lot of power due to it's upgraded design, and can easily rip through power armor.

Plasma Cannon-521 Edit

The Plasma Cannon-521, Plasma Cannon to Imperial Forces, is the standard Anti-Armor weapon for Kry Forces. It's large nature requires a Kry Soldier to use all four of his hands to wield the device. The PC-521 trades off destructive capability for range and fire rate, being able to fire over large distances and with five burst per every six seconds with a one second charge period between each burst. Because of the number of bursts the PC-521 emits per barrage, it's easily capable of taking out both light and heavily armored vehicles.

Plasma Turret-S51Edit

The Plasma Turret-S51 is a Kry Starship Weapon placed on a majority of their ships. The PT-S51 fires magnetically contained bolts of plasma, referred to as PT-S51s, and can strike at almost any range. Usually before the PT-S51 can fire it must charge. and after charging a ball of superheated plasma forms in front of the turret, then after about three seconds, it fires outward at its target. Inside the turret, gas is superheated by the ship's reactor to produce the charge of plasma. 

Pulse BatteriesEdit

Pulse Batteries are the most common weapons for Kry Starships, being placed on all of them. PBs are laser-based weapons. PBs must first charge before firing and during the charge a sphere of light energy forms around the charging weapon. After finishing charging, the weapon expels an orange beam of energy which strike the designated target and vaporizes it.

Super Heavy Plasma ProjectorEdit

The SHPP is the largest Starship Weapon for the Kry, and can only be placed on a few of their ships. The SHPP is capable of mass destruction. The SHPP fires a thin beam of energized matter which has a very long range and is extremely accurate and destructive, capable of destroying ships effortlessly and "glassing" entire cities. SHPP require massive amounts of energy to fire, and can only be so many times before the ships reactor overheats. 


Because of the Kryschine's silicone nature, they must at all times wear vacuum sealed suits when on planets with Terran Environments. All Kry armor is capable of vacuum activity, crystalline in nature, and either multi-layer or heavily armored. All Kry Armor has the potential for reconstruction, allowing it to repair minor damage. Kry Soldiers are told to upon hitting the stage of "potential breach" to retreat into cover and allow their battlesuits to reconstruct. Because of their lack of sight, smell, and hearing the Kry have adapted their armor to gather information via various methods, and then translate the data to the Kry via Vibration.

Military Grade 1 EVA BattlesuitEdit

The MG1EVAB is the standard issue for Kry Soldiers. Unlike it's more advanced cousins the MG1EVAB has multiple regenerative layers to prevent exposure to Terran-Atmospheres. Because of it's crystalline nature, the MG1EVAB is highly resistant to heat-based weaponry and is capable of withstanding molten death worlds. The MG1EVAB has communication equipment, information collection devices and access to the command communications network for the wearer's unit. 

Military Grade 1 EVA StealthsuitEdit

The MG1EVAS is a highly specialized version of the MG1EVAB. The MG1EVAS has integral stealth field generators that project from the nodes situated about the body armour. The stealth field surrounds the user with a distortion effect that plays havoc with a full spectrum of light and confounds other detection devices, allowing warriors wearing such armour to move untracked, blending in with their surrounding environments. These suits suffer from the lack of ability to sustain hits, and will lose their ability to cloak their wearer if the first layer is breached.

Military Grade 2 EVA BattlesuitEdit

The MG2EVAB is the advanced version of the standard issue EVAB. Unlike it's smaller cousin, the MG2EVAB has only one durable layer. Because of it's single layer, a single breach will kill it's wearer but this issue is fixed by it being heavily durable and withstanding even the bolter fire of the Superhuman Astrates. The MG2EVAB has even greater information collection devices which can pick up information quicker and at larger distances..

Military Grade 3 EVA BattlesuitEdit

The MG3EVAB is one of most advanced armor the Kry are capable of making. It's durability is to the point where it can withstand the same amount of damage as Imperial Power Armor, allowing it's Kry Wearer to go beyond the Imperium's power armor. Because of the weight of such armor, the MG3EVAB is very heavy and removes much of the Kry's natural agility. Like it's smaller cousins the MG3EVAB is capable of fixing damage done to the suit but to a greater degree. The MG3EVAB has the added ability to induce autolysis within nearby organic foes, as the suit has been attached with a Radioactive Generator. 

Military Grade 4 EVA BattlesuitEdit

The MG4EVAB is one of the latest additions to the Kryschine Armory. It's durability is beyond that of any previous Battlesuit, with it's multiple layers of dura-shardlikin. The MG4EVAB comes with a variety of wargear already attached such as a Autolysis generator, Shardlikin, and Plasma weaponry. The MG4EVAB also comes with a Steatlh Field Generator powered by a high power generator.


Just like other Kryschine Technology, Kry Vehicles are crystalline in nature with multiple hulls or high durability hulls to prevent breaches. Just like Kry Armors, Kry are vacuum sealed making non-Kryschine unable to pilot them as they have no oxygen within. Kry Vehicles commonly appear in the form of crab-like walkers equipped with Plasma Weaponry.

Light Tank Model-21Edit

The Light Tank Model-21 is the most commonly seen Kry Vehicle. These large tanks are based off the Kryschine's biology, having arachnid like legs instead of treads or wheels and a sphere like chasis. These sharp legs allow the LTM-21 to withstand extremely rough terrain as if it was nothing. It has numerous plasma turrets peppered on the top of it's chasis, and has a single plasma cannon located on the underside. The LTM-21 unlike it's larger and more heavily armored cousins, makes use of multiple layers of Kry crystalline armor. The LTM-21 stands far above a Kry's head, standing at a gigantic twelve feet. 

Heavy Assault Tank Model-96 Edit

The Heavy Assault Tank Model-96 is a fairly common vehicle seen in the KGF. These large tanks, like their cousins, are based of Kryschine Biology having multiple spider like limbs allowing them to withstand virtually any terrain. It's numerous plasma turrets have been upgraded to plasma cannons while it's main weapon has been upgraded to a cluster of pulse batteries. The HASTM-96 stands at a impressive twenty five feet.

Light Transport Model-12Edit

The LTM-12 is a retrofitted LTM-21 and is the most commonly seen ground transport for the Kry Military. Instead of the standing "crab" like LTM-21, the LTM-21 is called the "Spider Dog" by Imperial Guardsmen. The LTM-21 is low to the ground, with it's spider like legs shifted out in all directions allowing it to move in any direction very quickly. Instead of the common sphere like cockpit of other Kry Vehicles, the LTM-21 uses a nineteen foot horizontel holding area for the pilot and troopers. 

Artillery Tank Model-81Edit

The Artillery Tank Model-81 is the Kry Military's siege engine. The ATM-81 is almost identical to the LTM-21, but is triple it's size. Like the LTM-21 and the LTM-12, the ATM-81 is fully capable of withstanding rough terrain. The ATM-81 has been equipped with a Plasma Mortar, allowing it to engage targets from miles away. ATM-81s are commonly fielded when Enemy Forces are digging in.

Light Scouting Drone-516Edit

The Light Scouting Drone-516 is the Kry Ground Force's light scouting vehicle. It's a small spider-like drone that stands at four feet, and is meant soley for stealth operations. It's crystalline carapace has been finely upgraded to allow light to pass through it, making it invisible to the naked eye. It's wargear consists of a small Shardlikin Turret that can be used for self-defense when cornered.

All Environmental Dropship Model-0 Edit

The AEDM0 is the Kry Military's standard transport. The AEDM0 sports heavier armor and a deadlier arsenal compared to its lightly armed cousins consisting of up to five defensive weapons that offer 360-degree defensive and offensive capabilities, and is capable of maneuvering effectively in all atmospheric conditions, including space. The crew consists of a pilot, two co-pilot, five navigators, and an operations officer in charge of the defensive plasma cannons. The AEDM0 are capable of carrying a single platoon of Kry Soldiers, who are deployed from both the gravity lift installed in the bottom rear of the ship, and the ventral doors on either side of the troop bay.


Just like most other Kryschine Technology, Kry Voidcrafts are crystalline in nature with either multiple hulls or high durability hulls to prevent breaches. All Kry Voidcrafts are super-heated to allow Kryschine Personal to walk around without their EVA suits. All Kry Voidcrafts are equipped with some type of Plasma Weapon. The Method of Faster Than Light Travel for Kry Voidcrafts is the use of Slipgates. The Slipgate Drive allows a Kry Voidcrafts to go from one point in space to another point, which may be several light years away, in a single instant

Shredder ClassEdit

The smallest form of ship in the Kry fleet, Shredders are effective in both strafing ground targets and shooting down enemy craft. Shredders are armed with twin plasma guns capable of firing at extremely high rates for taking out light craft and ground troops and a light plasma cannon for destroying larger targets but at the cost that it can only be fired once about every thirty seconds. Shredders are armored quite well for interceptors with their crystalline plating capable of self repairing given enough time, at the cost of lacking the speed and maneuverability of most other fighters. Shredders rely on their firepower, numbers and armor. 

Destroyer ClassEdit

The larger cousin of the Shredders Class, Destroyers are craft designed in striking enemy ships and heavy ground attack. Destroyers can be equipped with a range of armaments for taking out different types of enemies, the standard issue armament is multiple pulse batteries and plasma cannon turret located on the underside of the craft, Destroyers are equipped with a heavier crystalline armor plating, though the cost is the Destroyers being slow and relying on their heavy armor and armament to protect during bombing runs in which its low speed makes it an easier target to hit.

Harbinger ClassEdit

The largest Kry craft capable of both space and atmospheric travel, Harbingers are used for deploying sizable amounts of Kry forces. Armed with multiple heavy plasma cannons and pulse batteries aswell as extremely thick crystalline plating, Harbingers are mobile fortresses capable of massive destruction, if the enemy doesn't have weaponry capable of shooting it down. While heavily armed and armored, Harbingers are the slowest of Kry craft and are suspect able to AA fire and enemy interceptors, as dropships are often a prime target for enemy fire due to the troops they are carrying most Harbingers will have a full squadron of Shredders guarding them. Harbingers commonly carry a ten platoons of Kry Soldiers, and numerous smaller dropships to carry squads.

Phantom ClassEdit

The smallest spaceship capable of FTL travel in the Kry Armada, Phantoms are designed for reconnaissance purposes whether it be gathering data on enemy fleets or scouting ahead for suitable colonial planets. Sporting extremely light crystalline armor and only a couple of plasma turrets, Phantoms are designed not for the battle but rather for discretion. A powerful plasma reactor gives the SS-SCs notable high speeds and powers their stealth field generators.

Supercarrier ClassEdit

The Supercarrier is an extremely large and well-equipped carrier ship, easily dwarfing most of the other Kryschine Voidcraft. Equipped with ten SHPPs, thousands of pulse batteries and point defense turrets, super heavy plasma turrets and hundreds of squadrons of smaller voidcraft. Supercarriers can carry thousands of ships, and can hold countless soldiers and vehicles allowing a single Supercarrier to attack and possibly take over a world on it's own. 

Ravager ClassEdit

The Ravager is a quick and versatile attack ship that makes up a significant part of the Kry fleet. While quite small and classed as an escort vessel, Ravangers are deadly enough to larger ships with their Plasma Turrets and Pulse batteries allowing Ravangers to destroy or cripple ships many times its size. Although one of the fastest of Kry starships their heavy crystalline armor and large armament still makes them slower than most ships of its equivalence, Outfitted with multiple pulse batteries on the portside and a single large Plasma Cannon that runs the whole length of the ship fires out the bow while multiple plasma turrets protect the ship from enemy bombers and interceptors. 

Cruiser ClassEdit

The backbone of the Kry Armada, Cruisers are armed with heavy plasma cannons, multiple pulse batteries, and bristled with light plasma turrets. Like most Kry starships the Cruiser has a higher than average armour and is able to cause alot of damage with its offensive weaponry but is still slower and less maneuverable than other ships of its type. Aswell as its weaponry, Cruisers also hold large hanger bays capable of launching out squadrons of smaller voidcraft for supporting troops on the ground, harassing enemy warships or for dogfighting with enemy attack craft. Its heavy plasma batteries have proven useful for surface bombardment while its pulse batteries are capable of striking enemy ships at considerable distances.

Dreadnought ClassEdit

The centerpiece of any average Kry Armada, Dreadnoughts closest equivalent is the Imperial Battleship and is equally as dangerous. Kitted out with multiple heavy plasma, entire batteries of Plasma Cannons and countless pulse batteries. Having the thickest crystalline armor of any average Kry Voidcraft the Dreadnought is the most suited for both offence and defense, but in the nature of Kry ships it is only its slow speed and maneuverability that is its weakness.Dreadnoughts are capable of sending out hundreds of smaller craft. Being able to hold thousands of troops and vehicles, Dreadnoughts are fully able to launch planetary invasions on lesser protected worlds by themselves. Dreadnoughts also have a powerful plasma lance at the bow of the vessel capable of slicing through enemy ships at close range. While the plasma batteries are extremely effective at surface bombardment with the Plasma Cannons for hitting enemy vessels at range. Hundreds of smaller turrets are found all across the exterior for shooting down enemy starcraft while launching out its own craft to deal with threats such as that.

Eradicator ClassEdit

The masterpiece of Kryschine Starcrafts, the Eradicator has no equivalent in the Imperium, and is the largest ship to ever be seen in the Kry Armada. Kitted out with multiple heavy plasma cannons, entire batteries of plasma cannons and countless autolysis batteries. The Eradicator has the thickest armor of any Kryschine Ship, and is nearly indestructible. Eradicators are capable of full on planetary invasions alone, having thousands of smaller craft on board and carrying hundreds of thousands of troops and vehicles. Eradicators have numerous SHPPs and ASC-12s. The Eradicator has a huge slipgate attached to it's hull that allows vehicles to slip to and from the Eradicator. Only one Eradicator has ever been seen by Imperial Forces, which leads many to the assumption that these ships are extremely vaulable and hard to reproduce.

Kryschine Army ListEdit


Prime DirectorEdit

The Prime Director is the highest ranked commanders of the Kry Military. They have full access to the Kry Armoury, and are commonly seen with the best equipment for both themselves and their retinue. The Prime Director is rarely, if ever, seen on the battlefield unless direct communication is required and is commonly seen as a sign of the Kry impending victory. Prime Directors are the official leaders of Kry Expansion Armadas, Kry Ground Forces, and the Kry Armada. 

Battle DirectorEdit

Battle Directors are the leaders of groups of Platoons for the Kryschine's militaries. They are considered offical leaders of the Military and they accept orders only from the Prime Director. Like Field Foremans they have access to a vast amount of the technology the Kryschine has within their armouries.

Field ForemanEdit

The Field Foreman are the leader of each individual Platoon for the Kry Military. They are commonly seen with the plasma weaponry and MG2EVAB. Though the Field Foreman are more then capable of entering the field of battle with their fellow soldiers, most Field Foreman prefer to work in joint with other Field Foreman at HQ, be that a mobile base or starship. 


Kry Warrior CommanderEdit

The Kry Warrior Commander is the strongest, quickest, and smartest of a Kry Warrior Squad. These veteran Soldiers lead the members of their squads into victory, using their examples as guidelines. Though their commanding officer, a KryWarrior Commander is also the mentor of a Kry Warrior Squad teaching it's members to work together efficiently, and working with each squad member individually to assist them in their skills. 

Kry Elite Warrior SquadronEdit

The Kry Elite Warrior Squadrons are veterans of countless battles and have been hardened to the point of being entirely without mercy. KEWS are outfitted with the best weaponry that the Kry can offer it's infantry. They commonly make use of single Plasma Carbines along with two PR-91s. Kry Elite Warrior Squadrons are outfitted with MG3EVAB for armor.

Kry Infiltration SquadEdit

Kry Infiltration Squads, commonly called just a KIS, are the covert operatives of the Kry Military. On the battlefield they utilize Kry stealth devices, and a number of specialized weapons to perform scouting, ambush and assassination roles. Kry Infiltration Squads are commonly sent well before the rest of the Kry Military to perform assassinations of commanding personal, scouting of enemy position and ambushing enemy forces.

Kry Psychic Support SquadEdit

The Kry Psychic Support Squad consists of five Kry Warriors, each of them a psychic of various levels. They are meant solely for support, and are rarely seen on the battlefield. Their wargear consists of zero weapons, but the highly advanced Military Grade EVA Psychic-Assistance Suit. Kry Psykers commonly specialize in the manipulation of energy or their surroundings. Once on the battlefield it's not uncommon for Kry Psykers to be split up and put within Kry Warrior Squadrons.


Skratta SquadronEdit

The Skratta Squadron is the rank and file of the Kry Ground Force and are the most commonly seen Military Unit. Skratta are quadrupedal shardlikin constructs that have large shards of shardlikin growing out of their bodies. Skratta arrive on the battlefield in huge numbers and attack their foes by flinging shardlikin at them. Skratta usually come in squads of fifty that are lead by larger and more deadly Skratta. Skratta can be upgraded to be faster, have a cloaking system, shields, or to be better armored.

Kry Warrior SquadronEdit

The Kry Warrior Squadron are the basic and standard infantry for the Kry Ground Forces and are the most commonly seen Kryschine. Equipped with a magnitude of wargear. Their armor consists of MGA1EVABs, while their wargear consists of two SS-28s, a single SR-681, and a multitude of SED-51s. The standard squad comes in the size of twenty one Kry Troopers. Out of those twenty one soldiers, one of those soldiers is a Kry Warrior Commander. Usually atleast five Kry Warriors will forfeit their regular equipment for the use of a SLMG-71. Commonly four members of the squad will forfeit their standard issue weapons, for autolysis weapons.

Kry Shock SquadronEdit

Kry Shock Squadrons are organized for mobility with the intention that they will penetrate through enemy defenses and attack into the enemy's vulnerable rear areas. They lead the KGF straight into enemy forces with the full intent to crush them brutally. Kry Shock Troopers are equipped with MG1EVABs, two SS-28s, and a PR-991. 

Kry Designated Marksmen SquadronEdit

The Kry Designated Marksmen Squadron is a squad of Kry Warriors who specialize in marksmanship. Their wargear consists of MG1EVABs and a retrofitted SR-681 for marksmanship. KDMS are commonly lead by Kry Infiltrators who are equipped with PC-88s. KDMS come in with five or less Kryschine Soldiers, with one of those being the Infiltrator.

Fast AttackEdit

Kry Assault SquadronEdit

Kryschine Assault Squads work in joint with Devastators and Skirmishers, using their superior agility and wargear to devastate enemy lines. Kry Assault squads make use of MG2EVABs, twin PR-71s, and PR-991. Along with that Kry Assault Squads make use of jetpacks to increase their danger level. KASs come in squads of five. 

Kry Devastator SquadronEdit

The Kry Devastator Squad is one of the few Squadrons that charges headlong at the enemy forces. Equipped with MG1EVABS for armor and two SS-28s, one SEDl with large amounts of SED-51s for wargear. Devastator Squads are meant to work hand in hand with Shock Squads to destroy enemy fortifications to allow Kry Warrior Squadrons to move in. KDS come in squads of ten. 

Kry Suicide Ravagers SquadronEdit

The Kry Suicide Ravagers Squad is an honorable punishment given by the Kry Councilmen. When a Kry Soldier commits a crime of severe class, they are given the choice to suffer honorable punishment or dishonorable punishment. Those who chose to honorable punishment are sent to Kry Suicide Squads. Equipped with only a civilian EVA suit, Kry Ravagers will charge head first into Enemy Forces to kill them with their death throes. Commonly strapped to their EVA Suits are multiple SED-51s and autolysis grenades.

Kry Skirmisher SquadronEdit

Kry Skirmisher Squads are the Kry Armadas standard close quarters combat infantry. Kry Skirmishers have been equipped with wargear meant for CQC. Their armor consists of MG1EVABs, while their weaponry consists of a single SR-2177, one SS-6819, a small SPW(B), and multiple SED-51s. They commonly arrive in squads of ten, with a single member of that squad being a Kry Infiltration Trooper.


(Please see vehicle section)

Heavy SupportEdit

Kry Heavy Warrior SquadronEdit

Kry Heavy Warrior Squadrons are Advanced Squadrons of Kry Warriors. Their wargear and armour has been upgraded to allow them to perform their role as Heavy Support. Their armor has been replaced with MG2EVABs, while their wargear now consists of a single PR-991 and two PR-91s. KHWSs commonly arrive on the field of battle with ten Kry Warriors, with one of those Soldiers being a Warrior Squad Commander. Three out of the ten Kry Warriors, will forgo their standard equipment and be given a PC-52 or the HAC-51

Kry Geist SquadronEdit

Kry Geist Squadrons are large shardlikin constructions controlled by a Kryschine's nervous system but powered by a small radioactive generator. Their armor is comparable to a tank's armor instead of Infantry armor, while their weaponry packs just as much of a punch. Their wargear consists of a variety of heavy hitting weapons. 


(Please see vehicle section)


Kry Ground ForcesEdit

The Kry Ground Forces, commonly designated as the KGF, is the largest military force of the Kry Empire and serves as the Kryschine's primary combat force and second line of defense. The KGF is filled with thousands upon thousands of Kryschine who have offered their lifetimes to the protection of the Kry Empire. 

Kry Lorem AcademyEdit

The Kry Lorem Academy, designated as the KLA, is the military organization in charge of training the elites of the other Kryschine Military Organizations. The KLA take in both psychic and non-psychic individuals for various training programs.

Kry ArmadaEdit

The Kry Armada is one of the armed forces of the Kryschine. While the KGF represents the Kryschine's ground forces, the Kry Armada represents the fleets of starships that maintain order between the stars and planets in the Kryschine Empire, that provide all space and air support provided to warzones and for transporting KGF across the stars.

Kry Planetary Defense ForcesEdit

The Kry Planetary Defense Force, commonly designated as the KPDF, are the Kryschine who have been given the military position of defending the Colonies of the Kryschine. Armed only with the most basic of equipment, the KPDF is the first line of defense against any invaders. KPDF can be found on any colony of the Kryschine Empire.


The BeginningEdit

In the start the Kryschine were simple and tiny creatures born on the world of Kariva. They were numerous in numbers, and were essentially wild animals running around getting slaughtered by even the weakest of predators. The Kryschines' Ancestors designated by Imperials as Prium Fotea, adapted to survive by hiding underground, in areas where the pressure was so high that any other creatures would be crushed in an instant.

For millenniums the Prium Fotea would survive underground bypassing the most dire of wars in the Void of space. The Prium Foteas' uncivilized life would come to an end. Only after a few thousand years of evolving to live underground, the mysterious and forgotten Jaakeria would discover Kariva in their search for further planets and species to add to their growing empire. Having discovered the Prium Fotea and realizing that their generally unbalanced genetic material could be easily manipulated. The Jaakeria would remove the Prium Fotea from the universe and replace them with The Kryschine, or in the forgotten Jakkeria Language Hidden Potential. The new Kryschine people would serve millenniums to the Jaakeria Empire before their Creators and Masters vanished.

Age of the New Race Edit

Without their Creators the Kryschine developed as a people, with three distnct tribes known as the Vandos, the Rurnods, and the Laüvo.

The Vandos were Light-colored Kryschine whose time was spent dedicated to study, thought, and philosophical debate. And to war. Of the many species of animal on Kariva that sought to find food and shelter during the blistering times, the Dar snakes and the horde spiders were the worst. The snakes fed on simple organisms that lived in the soft clay like ground, curving slowly through the damp fields under the bright sun as they sifted the clay through their great maws and strained out whatever was edible. The Horde Spiders however were a pack creature, swarming the Vandos in massive numbers devouring everything they could.

The tribe formed from the Rurnods were of a very different nature then the Vandos. The search for resources was a year-round effort, for even in Clay Fields the resources needed were unlikely to be found. Dark-colored sky-gazers, and philosophers after their own fashion, they spent the hottest nights in the deep caves of their ancestors telling stories of the constellations and the things that moved just beyond their sight in the darkness. Hunting remained a primary activity even without a need to consume biological matter and was an important indicator of adulthood, making the Rurnods resourceful, resilient, and tough.

Alien and far removed from their upper neighbors, the Laüvo evolved in the deeps as stewards of the deep caves and explorers. Colored in pale white to give light in the deep caves, as their brains grew and bodies developed so did the Laüvo society, though sedentary and communal, which were ever at risk from the large numbers of predators that stalked the caves.

These were the three main peoples, then, from whom sub-tribes and offshoots spread and developed over the centuries. While stress and struggle was inevitable, the great, world-changing events only began when these three civilizations began to meet and join each other in unity.

Amalgamation WarEdit

It was Kali of the Vandos who first dreamed of a united Kryschine Empire, but it was Jaaki of the Rurnods who attempted turned the dream into reality. A path of fury and violence followed this dream and swept across the planet with Jaaki and his superior Warriors at it's head. The Vandos realizing what Jaaki was doing was wrong begun to fight back with their superior technology. It would be hundreds of years of conflict between the Jaaki and the Vandos before the mysterious and forgotten Laüvo emerged from their forgotten caves and begun to destroy both the weakened tribes, taking total control of everything.

The Laüvo were not as arrogant as the Vandos, or as haughty as the Rurnods and freely allowed both the tribes to rule along with them. The three great Tribes joined together to from a Council composed of all the leaders of all the tribes, and began improving the areas of scientific research and technological improvement, and with introduction of their new system of government the Kryschine were able to launch themselves many years on the technological scale.

Discovery of Space FlightEdit

Due to a series of laws regulating the speed of industrialization called the Voyn, the discovery of space travel technologies was followed very slowly by the exploitation of space itself. As resources were tight and investment limited, an effort as vast as creating life-supporting spacecraft that could travel interstellar voids was necessarily slow to develop. By the fifth century of the Kryschine Empire, however, local space mining of nearby objects and asteroid belts had supplied enough precious materials for the various Kryschine to finally build crafts that were on the scale of their ambitions.

While one would typically expect this technology to allow the Kryschine to expand in manned space flight and intergalactic development, the truth of the matter is that building and manning a craft to cover those distances is an enormous undertaking even at a highly advanced level of technology. Also duo to the complexity of their natural biology and the relative difficulty in building space-going vessels that could support a silicone-based lifeform. For these reasons, it took decades and even centuries for the Vaikvaol to begin to explore their arm of the galaxy. With the Kryschine hoping to spread out across numerous planets and planetoids, with multiple generations being born away from the planet where the race was birthed.

Charous RebellionEdit

With the Kryschine advancing towards the many planets and plantoids within their system, most of which held multiple sentient races from the long forgotten Creators, they need a Kryschine of strong will and genius intelligence to lead their armies to crush and enfold the Races. The High Council deemed Charous of Karva as lead Battle Director, for his great intellect and even greater tactical genius was well praised throughout the Kryschine's armies.

And so Charous The Director began to lead his great armies onward towards the stars and to conquer the endless void. So The Director of Karva's Fleets began to move towards the Kryschine's first conquest, Rurgk. Rurgk was terran world filled with a multitude of sentient races who although in early history were unified, united under one banner to fight back against the Kryschine's Armies.

Because of their numerical advantage, Charous had decided against full frontal assaults on their thousands of fortresses and instead begun the long war style of hit and fade tactics. The Warriors of Karva began with assaulting multiple fortresses at once within a short time span before leaving even quicker then they arrived, only to attack and destroy the reinforcements sent to help the fortresses and when the races of Rurgk decided to no longer send reinforcements, Charous changed his style of warfare and decimated the fortresses with orbital bombing.

Although the various races had united to fight back against the Crystalline Warriors of Karva, they were quickly subjugated and shattered by the Kryschine's superior tactics and technology. Used as fodder to create the Kryschine World Engines, the slaves' races quickly went extinct not from the horrid treatment they received or the soul shattering work they did, but the terraformation of Rurgk into a world similar to Karva allowing the new occupants of the planet to go without their suits.

After the subjugation and terraformation of Rurgk, Charous originally decided to move right to the next planet and do the same he did on Rurgk but suddenly changed his mind and stayed on Rurgk for three years, building up a massive army.

With an Armada consisting of hundreds of ships, and thousands of soldiers, Charous moved on to the next planet of Jarva. Jarva had been dominated by one race who controlled the entirety of the planet's land and races. Charous hailed the Jarvian Empire and used his psychic abilities to speak with them about coming down to their Capital City, the largest and most heavily fortified location of Jarva. Not wishing to cause such a sudden war with such a large armada, the Jarvian Leaders agreed and released the shields of their city as multiple Kryschine Officers went down to the city.

With a sudden motion Charous ordered his armada to open fire on the entire city, shocking his Officers as that would kill even the Kryschines within the city, Charous exterminated the entire city within seconds. Ordering the rest of the Armada to circle the planet and begin orbital bombing on the Jarvian Empire, Charous and the Elite of the Armada descended down to the planet to wipe out any resistance that wished to stop the Kryschine from their given right. Wiping out the headless Jarvian Empire took only a matter of months, and within a few years the Kryschine converted Jarva and it's moons to a colony of the Kryschine Empire.

Staying on Jarva for fifty years, Charous built up the largest army that the Kryschine had yet commanded. Electing two of his greatest Battle Foreman as Directors he ordered them to conquer Uziza and Talalie as he went out beyond their solar system to conquer the void.

It is unknown what exactly Charous and his fleet experienced in the Void, but when they returned to Kryschine Space bearing the symbols of Chaos the Kryschine Empire knew that this was not a good sign. Charous, now known as the Arch Rebel, had amassed a humongous fleet composed not only of Kryschine but of numerous chaotic races and mutants who wished to spread their filthy taint across the stars.

Bearing a psychic might unseen until now, Charous was able to decimate the young empire until he arrived back at Karva where both Charous' and the Kryschine's forces were decimated. Knowing defeat was close by, Charous denied the Kryschine their right to kill him and opened up a gigantic warp rift that teleported the survivors of the Kryschine and Chaotic Forces. It was after Charous' defeat that the Kryschine began to repair their shattered empire, and moved into the Age of Discovery.

Current TimesEdit

Izquia CampaignEdit

The Izquia Campaign was a Kryschine War Effort to remove Imperial Forces from the planet Izquia, which they were using as a staging ground to launch fleets into Kryschine Space. As the Kryschine's most reliable way into Imperial Space was past Izquia, this was clearly a problem as several Expansive Fleets had been destroyed or severally damaged by Imperial Defenses.

The Kryschine Council could no longer withstand the Imperial Forces preventing them from expanding out of their space. The Council demanded that the nearest Armada be sent straight to Izquia to prepare for war. The Kry Armada, which came to be known as the Izquia Armada, was well equipped for an invasion force and was one of the largest Kryschine Fleets spotted. Izquia's Imperial Forces launched numerous fleets to stop the Izquia Armada, but all fleets were met with unstoppable resistance. Only having enough time to call for reinforcements, the Imperial Forces would send their all to ensure that reinforcements would arrive in time before the Armada came down upon them.

Hearing word of the disaster that the Kryschine could perform with Izquia out of the way a very small portion of the Void Fangs, an Astrate Chapter, was quickly sent to reinforce the imperials at Izquia before the Izquia Armada arrived. The Void Fangs arrived just in time to see the Izquia Armada bearing down upon the planet, thousands of Warriors led by zealotic Commanders to destroy the population of Izquia. The Void Fangs were able to use their ferocity and speed to quickly decimate the Kryschine Forces with only minimal astrate loss before the Kryschine struck again. Realizing that they were facing against the Warrior Priests of the Imperium, the Zealotic Elite of the Armada departed from their ships to go planetside.

With a ferocity that was currently unseen in the Kryschine, the Zealotic elites struck against the Astrates of the Void Fangs pushing them back into the Hive Cities of Izquia. The Elites although smaller in number to the Imperials, were far better armed and trained allowing them to push the Imperial Forces into the Hive Cities before glassing them with their Voidcrafts' weaponry. After pushing the remaining forces of the Imperials into the Governors' palace, the Kryschine glassed the palace destroying the remaining imperial forces and with all the Imperials dead, the Kryschine could move beyond Izquia to move out of their own system.

Notable MembersEdit


Charous is the Sorcerer Lord of the Talthia Empire, and is the absolute ruler of Kaarilin. Charous' forces were first discovered by Imperials when Kryschine Forces bearing black armor and wearing symbols of chaos attacked and destroyed a Kryschine Expansion Force that was exterminating a Imperial Hive World. It was Charous that firsted turned to Chaos in the Kryschine, and it was Charous who first betrayed the Kryschine's sole empire at the time.


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"Scary things. Saw a guardsmans head pop like a baloon once when he looked up a second. Was quite interresting, actually. Then I had to dodge. Shame"

~Billi Bragger of the Thunder Krakens

"These guys get minerals and I get exotic weapons. Dark Eldar get exotic crystal-man slaves, presumably to torture by refracting magical frequencies of light through their buttholes or something, and I get exotic weapons. Emperor bless these freaky things, I'm even richer now!"
Douchard Bagge
"All things will either serve Chaos or be consumed by it. Charous is merely an example of this fact."
—Desolus the Unholy, Lord of the Archfiends

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