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The Kragnoth

Head of State

The Alrak

State Religion

The Way


  • Kylor (Homeworld)
  • Vreddon
  • Sark
  • Jerak
  • Trekni
  • Greth
  • Nethok


The Vanrakian Commune

Current Thralk Members


The Kragnoth are one of the three "Chosen Races" of Alrak hailing from a large desert world known as Kylor. In battle the Kragnoth are a versatile force but are mostly feared for their adept digging ability which they use to mine underneath enemy defences and strike them where they are weakest. They are known for using biological enhancement and specially breeded soldiers aswell as monstrous creatures instead of vehicles, while the Nesstren assault the enemy from the ground and the Melhesti from above the Kragnoth will be digging below the enemy lines to hit them where they are weakest and setting up a drop zone for reinforcements.


The Kragnoth have no set biology or appearance for their race, but are instead split into several breeds of varying physiology and purpose. Unlike most caste based societies, the Kragnoth breeds are not natural but were formed over thousands of years of biological enhancing and splicing the Kragnoth did to themselves. It is largely unknown even to the Kragnoth what their species were in their natural bodies, the Kragnoth show no intentions or eagerness to know as they see natural bodies as weak and that only when enhanced does a body have purpose and strength. Ancient fossils found on their homeworld have lead to many to beleive that the Kragnoth were a reptillian race, which could also explain the reptillian nature of many of their breeds and warbeasts though this has never been proven.

Due to the large differences between the breeds and the mix of genetic material in the members of each breed, most breeds of the Kragnoth have lost the abiity to reproduce on their own and are instead "created" en masse in large breeding labs. These labs are ussually found in on Kragnoth controlled worlds but their also exists ships capable of creating troops and creatures albiet to a much lesser degree, while these labs are able generate large amounts of workers, soldiers and creatures to fuel the Commune they are also the life blood of the Kragnoth who would surely go extinct if they were to be destroyed.



The labourers of the Kragnoth and one of the most common found one in the
Kragnoth domain, Ralks are used' for everything from menial labour, mining, building, constructing weapons and even as expendable troops in battle. While they lack speed, intelligence and reaction timing they have considerable strength and with the aid from specalised organs and enhanced muscle fibres they never tire and are able to conduct hard labour for weeks on end. Ralks are reptillian in apperance, stand slightly lower than an average human and have four arms to increase work capability. In battle Ralks are mainly used to dig the vast underground tunnels that Kragnoth use to traverse through aswell as building foritifcations or if the sitation calls for it; Ralks can be used as dispensable troops or as a last ditch defence.


Filling the role of a basic warrior breed, Krelons are cheap, expendable and
effective in large numbers. One of the most common breeds in the Kragnoth and the most seen one in the Kragnoth army, Krelons are used in the blunt of almost every attack and form the first line of defence against enemy attacks. Krelons are humanoid and reptillian in appearance with several yellow eyes on their head and large razor sharp teeth, these eyes stretch around the entire head giving Krelons excellent perception and the capability to see in extremely dark conditions. In battle Krelons are used for a range of purposes and can be armed to take on almost any enemy, though their general frailty and lack of strength in any one area ussually means they must rely on numbers and support from heavier units during battle.


A breed used to pilot almost all Kragnoth air craft and ships from the Warlord
Class Battleship to the Reaver Class Interceptor, as such the Setrak fill an important non combat role that is vital to the up keeping of the Kragnoth military. Setraks are similar in to Krelons in that they are of reptilian and humanoid appearance but are much less built up and of a more slender nature; their head is also different and has no visible eyes on it. Instead of eyes, Setraks have two large sensors running along the side of their head capable of interpreting heat signatures around the Setrak in order to make sense of the world around them. Setraks are used for piloting Kragnoth attack craft like the Reaver and Inferno and crewing Kragnoth warships like the Impaler and Harbinger, they have the ability to think at faster rates than the other breeds and use their natural thermal sensing to see enemy ground troops, fix overheating parts on a ship or even seeing enemy stealth ships that would be invisible to the naked eye. Setraks are not usually used in frontline combat but will often see fighting during boarding actions both offensively and defensively and can be used to fight on the ground if the battle gets desperate enough; the latter is only used as a last resort as Setrak are needed for piloting the Kragnoth fleet.


The elite of the Kragnoth, Aurok are the commanders and leaders of the Kragnoth
File:Psycic race.jpg
and are considered as the backbone of the Kragnoth war machine. The lowest Aurok lead squads of men in battle while others may act as generals with the absolute top rank for an Aurok is the Overlord who acts as the supreme commander of the Kragnoth race, Aurok are the only Kragnoth race who has been seen to directly communicate verbally aswell as sporting potent psychic abilities which they can use to send orders to the soldiers under their command and receive orders from those above them. The status of an Aurok is decided on the level of their psychic ability with the only two ways to be promoted for an Aurok are to gain noterity for potential and be promoted that way or for a Aurok to win a to the death psychic duel with another Aurok who is allready in the position he desires. Aurok are also the only breed that is now vat grown and instead they retain the ability to naturally breed with other Aurok, Aurok generally prefer to keep their bloodlines stronger and thus will ussually mate with cousins or sibling with some bloodlines even plotting or fighting the others in an attempt to take out the oppositon and gain more personal power in the Kragnoth. Their have been several rumours put out that the Aurok are closer to the mysterious and unknown "natural Kragnoth" and that the Aurok altered the Kragnoth race into the sub serviant breeds so that they could rule over them more easily and without opposition from the masses, such rumours are quickly destroyed with perhaps only the Overlord himself knowing the real truth behind everything. Aurok are both the military officers and leaders of the Kragnoth and the political face, all communication with other races is done by through the Aurok who even then prefer not to speak to outsiders on a regular basis.

Society and CultureEdit

The Kragnoth are a brutal society with very little freedom amonst the breeds. Every member of the Kragnoth from lowly Ralks to the elite Aurok has their job to do for the greater good of the Commune and the Kragnoth, and will do nothing much in their life apart from that job.

While the breeds are fully sentient and intelligent enough to think for themselves, there is little in the way of self preservation or invididual goals in the Kragnoth race. There is no such thing as downtime in Kragnoth society, most if not all choice is taken out of ones life with things like shops, money, festivals and holidays are not found in the Kragnoth race and instead replaced with a single purpose indented in everything that the Kragnoth do which is to further the Kragnoth race and the Commune.



The Kragnoth rely heavily on their infantry for a large range of roles, the majority of the basic Kragnoth infantry are made up of the Krelon breed while the roles of more specalised troops are taken up by those of the more advanced breeds. The Kragnoth infantry forces are as follows:


Making up the bulk of the Kragnoth military, Drones are made up of the Krelon breed and are the basic or standard infantry forces of the Kragnoth. Drones are equipped with basic infantry weapons like the Corroder Rifle and will occasionally be given larger heavier weapons if the situation demands it. Drones are poorly armored and are sent into battle wearing only basic protection if not nothing to shield them from enemy fire. Drones do make use of large injectors worn on their back that instill the Drone with drugs that null pain and strengthen their will to fight, these Injectors do have a downside however in that Drones will eventually become dependent on the stimulants and if the Injector on their back is destroyed the Drone will often go into a mad fit of rage or just simply drop dead. These injectors self produce the stimulants they inject mainly from cells taken from its host’s body, the injector can thus last for decades on end without breaking unless it was damaged or destroyed by an outside source.


A heavy support infantry type, Sappers are used to take out enemy vehicles, suppressing large numbers of infantry or holding down specific areas with their firepower. Sappers are armed with powerful weapons such as Fusion Guns and Acid Cannons and are much better armoued than their Drone counterparts, Sappers will ussually operate in conjunction with Drones who are ussually used to protect or even sheild them from enemy attacks while the Sappers take out their targets. Sappers make use of strength enhancing combat drugs to allow them to weild the large weapons they are required to use, these drugs are injected in the same method that they are with Drones giving Sappers the same weakness in that if their injector is destroyed but enemies they will soon die themselves. While not as numerous as Drones, Sappers are quite common and are seen in most if not all battles that the Kragnoth are involved in and are said to fill the backbone of the Kragnoth infantry force.

War BeastsEdit

Instead of vehicles, Kragnoth use genetically and sometimes cybernetically enhanced creatures for supporting their troops in battle. These war beasts range from attack dog like animals to titan sized monsters capable of destroying whole armies, the Kragnoth War Beast forces are as follows:


A basic four legged canine creature, Laarks are a natural
File:The dark beast prowler by drogoth12-d667anr.jpg
animal native to the Kragnoth controlled world of Sark which have been enhanced biologically to incrase their combat effectivness. Enhanced muscle fibres have given them increased speed and endurance while augmented claws give them the abilty to slice through flesh and bone like a hot knife through butter. In battle Laarks are used as fast attack and as hunter units, while they are useless against enemy vehicles Laarks have proven highly effective against light infantry such as guardsmen who often break and flee at the sight of these canines tearing apart their comrades limb from limb. Laarks are typically used in packs of 10-15 which are often lead by an Alpha Laark who is bigger, faster and stronger than Laarks alleady are. So these creatures don't attack their own men, Laarks along with most Kragnoth war beasts have a cybernetic implantion in the mind that tells the beast what is friend and what is foe.


A large and powerful creature, Breytons are sizable
enough to take on most forms of infantry and even light vehicles. Beytons have a dazzling apperance with two large, powerful legs at the back designed for jumping and two smaller legs at the front near their head, two massive claws protude on arms out the side of their body and and pincer like mouth with several eyes. Breytons are capable of reaching extremely high speeds and jumping large distances to catch their prey, fully capable of tearing apart a man like it was paper and scrapping light vehicles Breytons are a truly dangerous foe. An armoured carpace protects the top and head of their body making leg shots or hitting the underside of the creature the only effective way of taking it down with conventional weaponry. In battle, Breytons are used in an assualt and fast attack role often in conjunction with Laarks. Breytons are fully capable of causing damage on their own but are ussually used in a small pack of 3-5 to maximise their effectiveness, the effect on morale that Breytons have is also noted who will often turn tail and run at the sight of a few of these beasts charging towards them. As with Laarks, Breytons have a device implanted into their mind to that makes sure they don't attack Kragnoth troops and only the enemy.



The Kragnoth fleet is both respected and feared in the Commune, like their ground forces, Kragnoth ships focus on hitting hard with a powerful intial salvo in an attempt to destroy the enemy before they can retaliate. Kragnoth ships are a fusion of biological and mechanical build, while the inner workings of the ship are of a mechnical nature the armour is made of an extremely strong self healing organic fibre known as "Seylon". From the Reaver Class Interceptor to the Warlord Class Battleship, Kragnoth craft rely on hard hitting firepower and good protection to make up for their lack of speed and maneuverability often needing support from Melhesti and Nesstren fleets for taking down faster enemies such as Eldar or Tau ships.

Reaver Class InterceptorEdit

The smallest form of ship in the Kragnoth fleet,
File:Wraith dart squadron by wraithworshipper-d5ky18f.jpg
Reavers are used in an interceptor role and are effective in both strafing ground targets and shooting down enemy craft. Reaver fighters are armed with twin plasma guns capable of firing at extremely high rates for taking out light craft and ground troops and a light fusion cannon for destroying larger targets but at the cost that it can only be fired once about every 30 secounds. Reavers are armoured quite well for a fighter with their Seylon plating capable of self repairing given enough time, the cost of this is that the Reaver lacks the speed and maneuverability of most other fighters. Reavers rely on their firepower, numbers and armour during battle with Reaver casualties numbering in the hundreds after every battle due to the Kragnoths head on style of naval combat, this high loss rate is easily dettered by the Reavers simplicity of construction due to most of it being made of the easy to produe Seylon with the only mechanical parts being the armament and turbine. In dogfighting Reavers have proven more efficiant in taking down larger targets such as bombers and even small cruisers given they have numbers but often rely on support from Melhesti and Nesstren fighters for shooting down faster enemy craft who are much faster, more maneuverable and better suited to the task of dogfighting with enemy interceptors. Reavers are capable of verticle take off and landing due to their anti gravity thrusters and can fly in both space and atmospheric enivorments, Reavers typically operate in squadrons of 16 craft which can be launched by themselves or in conjunction with as many other squadrons as are needed with some large battles having thousands of Reavers being used simultaneously. Reavers are also often deployed to escort Inferno Class Bombers with alot of battles having Reavers used as a distraction or even a bullet sponge to let the bombers make their hit.

Reaper Class InterceptorEdit

File:Turik ship by JoeSlucher.jpg
An air superiorty fighter only recently designed by the Kragnoth, Reapers are faster, stronger and overall more deadly than there Reaver cousins albiet much harder and much more expensive to produce. Reapers make use of a superior form of Seylon armour similar to the type used by the Thrall of Suffering, while this armour is much more expensive to make it is known to be stronger, lighter and regenerates much more effectively. Reapers are armed with four rapid rifle plasma cannons and a long range fusion cannon designed to cripple or even destroy larger ships at long distances. Piloted by the most skilled and most extensively modifed Setrak pilots and are not commonly found in battle due to their relative recent deployment and the difficutly in making these craft. Large Kragnoth ships capable of carrying hundreds or even thousands of ships may only have a squadron or two of these craft with the only known vessel to have a full fleet of them being the current Kragnoth flagship; The Thrall of Suffering. Reapers are not commonly deployed in ground attack missions unless their firepower and speed is absolutely needed and all AA threats have been destroyed, though when they have been used they have proven to be deadly against enemy ground forces capable of mowing down hordes of infantry and destroying convoys of enemy vehicles. When used in fleet actions, Reapers are used in conjunction with large amounts of more expendable Reavers who are often used as a decoy or meatsheilds to allow the Reavers to bring their firepower to bear on the enemy ships. Reavers are often used as escorts for high ranking Kragnoth officials or as tools of intimidation during "political discussions" with other races where arguments can often get heated.

Inferno Class BomberEdit

The larger cousin of the Reaver, Inferno class bombers as their
File:Wraith bomber final by 000JoNzA000.jpg
name suggests are craft designed in striking enemy ships and heavy ground attack. Inferno bombers can be equipped with a range of armaments for taking out different types of enemies, the "standard" bomber is equipped two fire and forget plasma rocket batteries and fusion cannon turret located on the underside of the craft, other armaments include thermo nuclear anti ship missiles, a heavy plasma turret instead of the fusion cannon one and an assortment of different warheads for the standard rockets such as armour peircing, high explosive, chemical, incindieary and so on. Inferno's are equipped with a heavier Seylon armour plating than that of the Inferno and are known to be quite resistant to damage being full able to survive anti air batteries that would normally one hit kill a ship of this role, the downside is that the Inferno Bomber is quite slow and relies on its heavy armour and armament to protect during bombing runs in which its low speed makes it an easier target to hit. With the main Fusion turret being under neith the ship, Infernos are easily destroyed by interceptors attacking from above it making escort fighters a nessescity during missions. While this lack of speed can be a hinderence for fast attack bombing missions, the Infernos armament is notorious for being able to cripple and even destroy much larger vessels such as destroyers or cruisers. Like Reavers, Inferno's are used in large numbers to accomadate for their high casulty rate and are typically organised into squadrons of 4 craft. An Inferno squadron will often have a full Reaver squadron covering it with the specalised pilots having no regard for their own life and will gladly die to see the more important bombers get through to their mission.

Raider Class DropshipEdit

The largest Kragnoth craft capable of both space and
File:Sacred return updated version by hellblaze-d42c1oz.jpg
atmospheric travel, Raider Class dropships are used for deploying sizable amounts of Kragnoth infantry or even some of the more smaller warbeasts. Armed with multiple Fusion Cannons and plasma turrets aswell as extremely thick Seylon plating, Raiders are a fortress of the sky themselves and capable of wreaking havok in enemy forces provided they don't have weaponry capable of shooting it down. While heavily armed and armoured, Raiders are the slowest of Kragnoth craft and is quite suspectable to AA fire and enemy interceptors, as Raiders are often a prime target for enemy fire due to the troops they are carrying most Raiders will have a full squadron of Reavers pattrolling them who are known to even fly themselves into missiles so that they don't hit the Raider instead. Raiders are ussually used in the latter stages of battle to reinforce ground forces with warbeasts and heavy equipment that is unable to be deployed with Tremor Pods. Raiders are outfitted to transport up to 150 Krelon infantrymen but this number may be lessened inorder to accomdate for other equipment or cargo such as warbeasts or supply boxes. Due to the size of the craft, Raiders are often unable to land on the ground itself so instead the men within it hit the ground via a grav drop situated on the bottom of the craft, this grav drop will insert its cargo fast enough that it does not slow down the deployment of the rest of the troops but slow enough so that it does not damage the soldiers, beasts or gear that it is dropping. Raiders have also been known to operate high above the ground and deploy troopers from above the enemy lines who jump out with thruster packs or grav chutes depending on the sitation. Raiders do not operate in squadrons like Infernos and Reavers, but are instead sent out when and where they are needed to which they return to their ship or base to be refueled, repaired, or refilled with more cargo to be sent out again. Raiders are not as easy to produce like Reavers and Infernos and thus are not considered as expendable, the Kragnoth will try and make sure that their Raiders survive their mission so that they can continue dropping down more men and will often use up hundreds of Reavers and Infernos to take out enemy defences so that Raiders can drop down whatever needs to be dropped safely.

Seeker Class Scout ShipEdit

File:Alien ship firing.jpg
The smallest spaceship capable of FTL travel in the Kragnoth fleet, Seekers as their name suggests are used for reconasaince purposes whether it be gathering data on enemy fleets or making contact with new worlds for possible slave races. Sporting extremely light Seylon armour and only a couple of turrets, Seekers are designed not for the battle but rather for discreation. A powerful fusion reactor gives the Seeker exceptional speeds being one of the only relatively fast ships in the Kragnoth fleet, Seekers carry a single Raider Class Dropship and half a dozen tremor pods which they use to make contact with alien worlds.  Seekers are often identified by the six distinctive pylons project out the front of the ship which are used to project a small stealth field around the craft for short periods of time, this stealth field makes the ship completely invisible to visual and thermal sensing devices but can only be used when the ships thrusters are off and only lasts a few hours or so before the stealth generator needs to charge up again. Seekers are rarely used in direct combat due to armour and weaponry though they are often used to scout out enemy fleets before the fighting, luring enemy ships into traps and other tasks suited to the speed and stealth of the Seeker. There have been rare cases of Seekers being used in a kamikaze role, either using their speed to ram themselves into enemy ships or even lying in wait with the stealth field on waiting for an enemy ship to pass by in which the Seekers crew detonates the crafts main Fusion drive.

Impaler Class DestroyerEdit

The Impaler Class Destroyer is a quick and versatile
attack ship that makes up a significant part of the Kragnoth fleet. While quite small and classed as an escort vessel, Impalers are quite deadly to larger ships with their Plasma Torpedos and Fusion Cannons allowing to destroy or cripple ships many times its size. Impalers are the fastest of Kragnoth space ships though their heavy Seylon armour and large armament still makes them slower than most ships of its equilavency, Impalers are about 1.5 km long making it similar in size to the Cobra Class Destroyer; its Imperial equilavent. Outfitted with light PDT sheilding, two torpedo bays on the portside and starboard parts of the ship, a single large Fusion Cannon that runs the whole length of the ship fires out the bow that is capable of one hit killing enemy escorts while multiple plasma turrets protect the ship from enemy bombers and interceptors. The main weakness of Impalers is that because of the large amounts of weaponry placed onto it and the relative small size of it, Impalers do not have space for hangars and thus cannot launch out craft such as Reavers, Infernos and Raiders to attack enemy craft or support ground troops. Known for their effectivness in scouting, escorting and taking down ships larger than it, Impaler Class Destroyers are a well respected and equally feared ship of the Kragnoth fleet.

Executioner Class CruiserEdit

The backbone of the Kragnoth fleet, Executioner Class
cruisers are a great allround ship capable of fighting against most if not all enemies. Armed with heavy Plasma cannons, multiple Fusion cannons, torpedo bays and bristled with light plasma turrets, aswell as being well protected with heavy Seylon plating and PDT sheilding, Executioners are one of the most useful ships in the Kragnoth navy. Like most Kragnoth ships the Executioner has a higher than average armour and is able to cause alot of damage with its offensive weaponry but is still slower and less manueverable than other ships of its type. Aswell as its weaponry, Executioners also hold large hanger bays capable of launching out squadrons of Reavers, Infernos and Raider craft for supporting troops on the ground, harrasing enemy warships or for dogfighting with enemy attack craft. Its heavy plasma batteries have proven useful for surface bonbardment while its Fusion cannons are capable of striking enemy ships at considerable distances at the cost of a long cooldown time. Executioners are the main assualt force in any fleet to fleet action and are capable of taking down much larger craft given the right support, Executioners are also able to launch down dozens of Quake and Tremor Pods down onto the ground and capable of holding thousands of troops and warbeasts.

Harbinger Class CarrierEdit

A ship of unique role that does not have an equilavent
from the majority of the factions in the Milky Way, Harbingers are a dedicated support vessel. The harbinger is a large vessel measuring about 4km wide making it secound only to the Reaper Class in terms of size. The Harbinger is the slowest of all Kragnoth vessels but is well protected with heavy Seylon plating, PDT sheilding and is bristled with all manner of turrets from light plasma turrets to heavy fusion cannons. The Harbinger however is not meant for direct combat and takes on a specalised support role, its massive interior taking the role of a huge hangar bay capable of storing and launching thousands of Reaver interceptors, Inferno bombers and Raider dropships. Well feared for its ability to launch overwhelmingly high amounts of attack craft on enemy ships, the Harbingers only weakness is that its lack of weaponry means it must be protected by other ships. In any battle with a Harbinger involved, it will un doubtley be the biggest target but also the most protected one often having higher priority than Reaper Battleship. There also exists two Harbinger sub classes for much more specalised but equally useful roles for the Kragnoth warmachine, the sub classes are as follows:
Crusader ClassEdit

An unusual but effective class, the Crusader has been specalised to be a literal "troop factory" for the Kragnoth. Kragnoth soldiers and warbeasts are created in massive Gene Labs ussually sitatued on planets and moons, however the large size of the interior of the Harbinger made it possible to fit out the craft to be its own gene lab fully capable of producing soldiers and warbeasts given it has the genetic material and constant powering to do so. The Crusader still retains all the external weaponry and has the same sheilding and armour, but due to the massive power outputs needed for the ship to focus on creating soldiers it has to divert all power from the sheilding, weapon and drive systems making the Crusader immobile and vulnerable while creating its armies. As such the Crusader will only begin this when all enemies are cleared and will allways have a sizable guard force incase of attackers, Crusader are highly useful in beseiging enemy planets where they can "park" above the world and continually send down troops and warbeasts onto the surface.

Berserker ClassEdit

The secounds sub class of the Harbinger, the Berserker class is a more directed combat version of the Harbinger and is well feared by its enemies. Instead of a large hangar bay in the middle of the ship, almost the entire interior is taken up by a massive 4.5km long "Doom Bringer" Fusion Cannon. This cannon is quite possibley the greatest and most powerful weapon used by the Kragnoth fleet and is capable of destroying the largest of enemy vessels in a single shot, while extremely powerful the massive power output and heat given out by the gun requires it to have a 10 minute charge up time with a full 24 hours needed for the gun to vent off its heat afterwards. During this charge up time the ship is unable to move or use its external weaponry with even basic systems such as life support and artifical gravity being put on the lowest survivable levels possible just to have enough power for the weapon to fire. If the Berserker succesfully charges up and the enemy fleet is still there then the resulting shot can be catastrophic for the other side, the beam projected from it goes through the thickest armour like it was cardboard and boasts incredible range. The weapon has also proven useful as a form of surface bonbardment as a bunker killer or to destroy enemy fortresses from above with the enemy troops below being utterely helpless against the weapon. In battle the sight of a charging Berserker will ussually either get the enemy to retreat, or they will charge forward in hopes of destroying the craft before it becomes ready to fire. Berserkers are one of the most feared vessels in the Kragnoth fleet but also one the most expensive and rarest, Berserkers are ussually only deployed against the toughest of foes with the craft even sporting a nuclear self destruct sytem to destroy itself incase the vessel is about to be captured.

Warlord Class BattleshipEdit

The pinnacle of the Kragnoth fleet, Warlord Class
File:Hive ship v2 sgacolors by Wen JR.jpg
Battleships are the equilavent to an Imperial Battleship and are equally as dangerous. Kitted out with multiple heavy Fusion Cannons, entire batteries of Plasma Cannons and capable of launching swarms of torpedos and attack craft, the Warlord is a force to be reckoned with. Having the thickest Seylon armour of any Kragnoth ship aswell as a PDT sheild the Warlord excells in both offence and defence, but in the nature of Kragnoth ships it is only its slow speed and manuevarbility that is its weakness. Warlord are capable of sending out hundreds of Reavers, Infernos and Raiders aswell as launch Tremor and Quake pods down to the surface of nearby planets. Being able to hold thousands of troops and warbeasts, Warlords are fully able to launch planetary invasions on lesser protected worlds by themselves and are ussually the hammer that brings victory during a battle with an enemy fleet. Warlords also have a highly powerful plasma lance at the bow of the vessel capable of slicing through enemy ships at close range like a hot knife through butter, the starboard and portside plasma batteries are extremely effective at surface bonbardment with the Fusion Cannons for hitting enemy vessels at range. Hundreds of smaller turrets are found all across the exterior for shooting down enemy interceptors and bombers while launching out its own Reavers and Infernos to deal with threats such as that.


Often commanded by the Overlord himself, Flagships are all unique in design with many famous and infamous vessels being used throughout the ages by the Kragnoth. Flagships have access to the best weapons, the best armour, the best sheilding and commanded by the greatest and often the most powerful Kragnoth invididuals. Many different flagships have been used in the ages gone by, with the current one "The Thrall of Suffering" having many battles under its belt and is lead by the Overlord himself when he is not attending the Thralk. Renknown Kragnoth flagships are as listed:

The Thrall of SufferingEdit
A truly mightly vessel and the peak of Kragnoth ship
File:The Thrall of Suffering.jpg
technology, the Thrall of Suffering combines a powerful defence with an equally effective offence. Its different colour and general design from most Kragnoth ships is caused both by the Overlords personal preference for a "unique" ship to stand out to enemies and the ships usage of a new, experimental form of Seylon that is stronger and and self repairs itself more effectively. Its weapons include Plasma Lance batteries, Heavy Fusion Cannons, Plasma cannons and multiple torpedo bays. A large hanger bay holding a full force of powerful Reaper Class interceptors while large numbers of Tremor Pods, Quake Pods and Raider dropships are avaliable for launching ground assualts. Filled with the Overlords personal force numbering in 10,000 of the Kragnoths best equipped and highly enhanced soldiers the Thrall of Suffering carries with it one of the greatest soldiers ever to come out of a Kragnoth Gene Lab. The Thrall of Suffering has many battles under its belt and has not once lost to an enemy ship or been forces to retreat, and at 6km long it is also the biggest vessel to be deployed by the Kragnoth.







Notable CharactersEdit




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