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The Kosmetan Sector is the Imperial neighbouring Sector of the 'Every' sector. Before the Imperial invasion all forces met here as a beach head.

Before the Ubique Crusade this Sector was attacked constantly. The PDF were considered brave by civilian standards and the Guard forces here took part in every assault in the neighbouring Sector.

​Sub sectorsEdit

The Kosmetan Sector is divided into three sub-sectors which each have either four or five planets.

The, Alphando sub-sector: Four planet's all mountainous with only three hive cities in the sub sector. It was filled with dangerous beasts and the Guard regiment's here were mountaineers and beast mounted Calvary.

The Brovanda sub-Sector: a very hot humid sector of five planets three are green in lush jungle with oceans, one of the final planet's had dessert, jungle and urban environments the final was a small dessert planet. The Guard here are merciless and are good in combat in environments like that of their planet.

The Charlielinca sub-sector: A very normal sub sector compared to the last two except one of four planets is a snowy wasteland where as the other three are hive world's with billions the snowy wasteland has a few million. The Guard here vary from stuck up rich boys from the hive world's with fast and patient minds, to men born in the snow and fight. All planet's in the sub-sector are cold but liveable.

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