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Kosmetan Highlanders

Regiment's and numbers

There are ten Highlander Regiment's here is the overall number of men, animals and vehicles.

11 billion men and women

15 million animals

25 million light, medium and heavy vehicles

1 super heavy


1st Regiment: Lord General Mcvilod

2nd Regiment: Lord General Mcjonanes

3rd Regiment: Lord General Mclidge

4th Regiment: General Milo

5th Regiment: General My-McMane

6th Regiment: General St-Sil

7th Regiment: General Mccolonial

8th Regiment: General Geiot

9th Regiment: Colonel Riekling

10th Regiment: General Denorm

Types of Guard

The Highlanders are a light infantry and Calvary force. With only a few heavy infantry and only one Armored regiment, each Calvary regiment will have some vehicle mounts.

1st: Heavy Infantry

2nd: Calvary

3rd: Light

4th: Calvary

5th: Light Infantry

6th: Heavy Infantry

7th: Light Infantry

8th: Armored

9th: Light Infantry

10th: Light Infantry


The Highlanders are from the Kosmetan Sector and specifically the the Alphando sub-sector.

The Highlanders specialize in mountainous environments. Another attribute needed in the 'Every' sector 

The majority of the Kosmetan Highlander Regiment's were destroyed in the Ubique Crusade most killed by the Tau as they tried to assault a heavily defended Tau mountain.


The Kosmetan Highlanders are equipped with light, durable and strong armor with normal combat fatigues their trousers have ten pockets and can have holsters and pouches attached.

Being a Calvary regiment they have beats native to their world these are.

Falbermer: The most common of the beasts it stands eight feet tall very obedient they can have guns mounted the most common a heavy bolter. The rider can use any of his weapons.

Istelri: A very hard beast to control and is often dropped behind enemy lines to just let loose on the enemies.

They also use a unique vehicle called the. Lasmugan light assault vehicle it has four seperate tracks and can have launchers to fire ropes up mountains to climb them it will have a auto cannon or las cannon.



"So they hide up a mountain, they think it protects them, let's prove them wrong" Major Tye 


"Is that a tank climbing a mountain?!"

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