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"Nothing can truly stand before the might of but a small section of Commorragh."
Kh'err'akh'an, current Archon of the Kabal of Shadows
Kabal of Shadows


"Death before failure!"

Date Founded


Successors of

Kabal of Death

Current Leader


Original Leader



Commorragh (Webway city)




Dark Eldar


Navy Blue

The Kabal of Shadows is a recently founded Kabal that has recently grown to a modest power, in capturing large numbers of Genestealers in the Triont Sector massacre, in which so many Tyranids were captured that they could have burned them as fuel back to Commoragh. They had come from an intercepted distress call from a fledgling PDF, and when the Tyranid force was broken, they ambushed the "rescuing" Imperial Navy fleet.

Rise to Glory Edit

"They are all dead, but for their time of death, which has yet to arrive, and their knowledge of how, which shall soon be learnt."
—Archon Kh'err'akh'an.

Kh'err'akh'an was a Dracon in the Kabal of Death, and his rise to power "occured" when his Tormentor Helm "misfired" into the back of the neck of his Archon during a major engagement against the Tau Fire Caste. He narrowly escaped death at the hands of a wrathfull group of Incubi. His loyal warriors engaged in an attack against the warriors loyal to the other Dracons. The other four Dracons were slain one-by-one by the aspiring Archon. Upon returning to Commoragh as the conquering hero, renaming the Kabal of Death the Kabal of Shadows, a well deserved name, as stealth became the most important quality in the Kabal. The standard colour scheme was changed to a deep, almost navy, blue.

The Toloon VII Skirmish Edit

The Toloon VII skirmish was when the Kabal of Shadows first encountered the Imperium. The Imperium force encountered was a PDF, charged with the defence of Toloon VII. They had not yet the numbers to attack the entire planet, so they merely leveled a small city, capturing 200 defence personnel and 1,200 civilians, and killing 1000 defence personnel and 400 civilians. With a modest amount of slaves to take back, they retreated into the Webway.

Return of Kher'dru'dhan Edit

Some years later, Kher'dru'dhan, who had escaped death during the war against the Tau, returned to Commoragh, displeased with what he found.

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