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The Kabal of Merciless Torture Is a mysterious and rarely-seen Kabal of Dark Eldar. Although their history remains shrouded with myth, it is believed this Kabal was formed during the end of M29.

Kabal of Merciless Torture


"Break their minds and harvest their sanity with endless torture!"

Date Founded

Unrecorded, believed to be around M29.

Successors of

Kabal of thr All Seeing Eye

Current Leader

Bor'dush ven Aulocus

Original Leader



Commorragh (Webway city)




Dark Eldar


Black, Purple, Pink, Silver

Although the Kabal is few in number, their power and mastery of deception cannot be ignored, for the fanatical eldar of this warband are constantly consumed in an endless lust to inflict agonizing pain, even against their own. However this great strength, is also their greatest weakness. Their endless lust to torture and to maim is so great that they cannot stop bickering amongst each other, and as a result their domain rife with constant betrayal and civil war.

This tendency has finally calmed due to the uprisal of the visionary Archon Bor'dush ven Aulocus, and it seems as if the Kabal is destined to rise to power among other legendary Kabals such as the Kabal of Shadows

The great visionEdit




"What the hell was I saying about the Kabal of the Broken Mind? Yeah never mind those guys. Here, here it is: the laziest kabal name in the galaxy ."
Douchard Bagge

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