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Hive Fleet Kronus is a small but very powerful fleet which is often sending scouts and has often sent alot of their fleet towards the Merilian sector but also alot to the surrounding sectors, Hive Fleet Kronus does centre the majority of attacks on the Merilian sector.


The first time this fleet appeared was shortly after the Vakerian were founded the only regiment that was there fought until there was only one company left but luckily the Merilian Guard sent five regiments the fleet then retreated much to the Imperiums interest.

"These 'nids their smart very smart..... wait their retreating. This... this is new" Vakerian Questor 

The Inquisition after months of studying the many dead tyranid and a few dead guards who had been shot. The Inquisition came to the decision that these tyranids seem to adapt quickly and assimilate dead enemies brains directly into the hive mind making it smarter often dead enemy commander's this trait is not often seen amongst other hive fleets but when it does not on the scale of Kronus.

A inquisitor is often seen with Vakerian Guard in any sector Kronus attacks. This inquisitor doesn't speak to anyone unless their important to what ever business the Inquisitor is doing.

​Appearence and Life formsEdit

The Kronus fleet has alot of warriors, gun beasts, gargoyles and a lot of larger ones like hive tyrants and swarm lords.

The skin under the armour is a blue which shines the armour has a yellow trim while the main areas of armour are red. 


"Shit Shit SHit SHIt SHIIT" 

Anonymous Guard over Vox before postion overrun

"Hey their retreating wait their doing the tactic that Major Flint-Lock, Fuck we're screwed even astartes can't stop his tactics"

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