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Hive Fleet Erebus
A typical gaunt of the fleet

First encountered

Around 700 M.41

First sighted:

Ancheron Prime (Natural satellite Erebus)


Unknown, believed to be very large.


Ultima Segmentum

Identification Marks

Bluish grey carapace with black skin. Yellow eyes

The Hive Fleet Erebus is a large and highly evolution-prone Tyranid Hive fleet. They have been recognised as utilising heavy numbers to overwhelm and their opponents in storms of venom and borer beetle fire, as well as heavy airborne support, often thick enough to block out the sun.

They are believed to have originated from below the galactic plane.


Recorded encounters, all other worlds the fleet has encountered have most likely been destroyed before help signals could be sent.

700 M42 Blazing ClawsEdit

A momentus climax to the Chapter's history, and the dawn for it's re-founding. Erebus enclosed the planet hungrily, starving after their long journey through the void. They wiped the planet clean save several hundred marines in a matter of weeks, however it baffles Inquisitors and scholars alike as to how the remaining 172 fended off the rest of the fleet before it retreated. Since this day, the fleet waits for a chance to strike back at them, and to once again pick the planet clean of biomass.

748 M42 Oresh'uan SeptEdit

Recorded by Shas'O Ko'vash (As a Shas'ui), the Fleet was next officially sighted on the Tau world of Oresh'uan. The Sept was hit brutally by the oncoming tide from arching across the 3rd line of longitude from the southern pole. Oresh'uan was a healthy Sept at the time, and as such resisted heavily. It took five years of destructive oppression before the fleet retreated.


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