Heralds Of Man
Space Marine Chapter
Legion number XVIII
Primarch N/A
Chapter Master The Council
Homeworld N/A (Fleet-based Chapter)
Fortress N/A
Allies Salamanders, Various worlds of Imperial Guards along the Frontier
Size (marines) 890
Specialty Defence Of The Imperial Frontier
Battle cry "In The Name Of The Emperor's Glorious Crusade, Brothers!"
The Heralds Of Man are a Space Marine chapter derived from the remnants of the loyalist XVIII Legion in the days before the Heresy, where they were continuing the Great Crusade and the search for new worlds for the light of the Emperor to fall upon, and this task remains their continuing mission to this day, their search across the depths of Space making them an isolated chapter, as they continue to expand the frontier of the imperium, claiming planets in the name of the God-Emperor, and defending the peoples of the frontier of the Empire.
Heralds Of Man logo

The Banner Of The Heralds Of Man

The Heralds Of Man have a staunch and unwavering commitment to the safety of the Imperium and its people, and have respect for anyone who takes up arms in the name of the Imperium. As such they have good relations with many of the Imperial Guard armies in their sectors, and often fight in support of the Guard should they be in need. They have come to the relief of Guard armies often, and are admired by both the Guard and the civilian populace, though this is often looked down upon by other Space Marine Chapters. They have an especial hatred for those who betrayed the Imperium in the Heresy, and in particular those of the Alpha Legion, who betrayed them and their Battle-Brothers during the Battle of Isstvan V, where the Heralds Of Man lost their fabled 1st Company, who they revere as legends of the Chapter.

Origins Edit

The Heralds Of Man originate from the XVIII Legion in the days before the Heresy, when they defended and policed the Imperial Fringe Worlds from Xenos and Eldar incursions. Their most notable action at that point, sometime during M35, was the defeat of a large mass of cursed Eldar at the battle of Ogris Minor, making legend of the 1st Company through their courage and skill in the battle, spear-heading the counter-atack that drove the Eldar from the planet and allowed Ogris Minor to be colonised for the Imperium.

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