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Gratz da Shooty

Date of Birth

He doesn't know, as he has yet to grasp the basic math behind counting past two.

Date of Death







Ghazghull, Killklaw, Nob SnikGit, whoever else gets him to where the shooting is







"Youze can't seeze me!"
—Gratz to a group of Guard he was sneaking up on.

Gratz is considered the heavy weapons expert of Da SnikGit Kommandos. During battle, he is both notable for dual wielding Big Shootas, often at the expense of his arms, and painting himself bright pink.


Gratz's figure is roughly of the same size as a normal Ork, although he has arms that are frequently replaced from his big shootas pounding them into a bloody pulp every extended battle.

Early LifeEdit

Gratz doesn't like talking about his history. In his own words, he much prefers "da sneaking, da shootin, da screamin, and da lootin", as he claims thinking for longer than a few seconds makes his brain hurt. However, he claims to have been in the Stormboyz for most of his youth, the little bit of discipline taught there convincing him to continue into the Kommandos, rather than joining the normal, right-thinking Orks who don't want a thing to do about sneaking.



Gratz retains barely enough discipline to only fire when "da boss" or "da nob" tells him to. He is loud, boisterous and known for having a fascination with anything that fires a lot of dakka. He only respects anything capable of beating him into a pulp, and this has lead to a number of fights between him and the other orks. He once made himself a suit entirely out of shootas, but he ceased his attempt to create the most shooty armour around after he forgot that the barrels were supposed to face outwards.


  • Da Big Shootas
Gratz's favourite weapon, da Big Shootas is his two big shootas. In combat, he dual-wields them, making him one of "da shootiest orkz" in the Kommandos. Out of combat, he uses them as his personal back scratches, dangerous when the guns have yet to have a safety installed, and his negotiation tools.
  • Da Sneaky Clothes and da sneaky paint
These clothes Gratz wears when he wishes to be sneaky, and the paint is his own personal camouflage paint. Both are coloured bright pink, as Gratz believes that everyone is looking for green orks in brown clothes, not pink orks in pink clothes, and therefore nobody will notice him. Due to Orkish psychic mentality, this actually works. In battles where he wants to move around a lot, he occasionally foregoes the clothes to the disgust of the other orks.
  • Da Backpack
Containing nearly two thousand rounds, da backpack Grotz always wears into battle, and by the end due to the nature of his weapons he usually depletes all of them.

Relations with Other MembersEdit

Grotz doesn't mind the presence of SnikGit. He is, after all, the one who tells Grotz where to go and when to shoot.
Grotz respects Zobgob's "skill" with machines, Grotz having none of the patience required to do anything Zobgob does.

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