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Gore Legion
Chaos Space Marine Warband
Chaos God Chaos Undivided
Founding 12th
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Psychosis
Colours Red, grey, bone white. (Usually dark red to black from all the blood soaking their armour)
Pre Heresy
Homeworld Aldium
Colours Grey, aquamarine, white
"Sickening. Foul. The kinds of traitors that will only hear the sound of my chainsword ripping through their skull in response to their choked battle-cries"
Urexus Banesword

Originally a chapter of valiant servants of the emperor, since 90% of the chapter succumbing to a chaotic mutation known as Rust, the gore legion has been a horrifying legion of chaos space marines entirely dedicated to Chaos as a whole, especially Khorne. They dedicate every aspect of their existence to shedding bloodshed in the most brutal and painful of ways, using the most sadistic and bloody methods imaginable.

They are most widely recognised for their terror tactics, paralysing their enemies in bare fear before they even begin to attack them. The entire legion has suffered from forms of chaotic mutation, possibly due to their base planetary system being located within a warp anomaly, featuring anywhere from minor alterations to their skin; to horrendous extra limbs and arm-like protrusions growing out of their heads and bodies.


"Cross these guys on the battlefield, you're already fucking infected. Chain yourself to a tree or something to save everyone else - You're gone"
—Till Alverston, Imperial Guardsman of the 28th Ferrax Regiment

Originally known as the Aldium Spears, the chapter was rigourously dedicated to the Emperor, being close allies to the Iron Scorpions. After a daemonic incursion on their chapter planet Aldium, and a succeeding victory, a mysterious infection known as Rust took it's hold on the chapter. To this day, 200 marines remain of the original 2000, and remain quarantined at an inquisitorial facility.


"A ghastly and sickening array of torture tools..."
— Anonymous Inquisitor

Bloodied ChainEdit

A series of 3-5 power swords or running chainswords attached in succession to a very large chain, often welded and joined to the arms of the marines. Though very cumbersome and almost impractical, the tool is definitely a terrible sight if you were to cross weapons with one.

Impaling carapaceEdit

The marine covers his entire suit of power armour with spikes and barbs - more of a passive offensive tool, but excellent for inducing terror.

Doombringer CannonEdit

Used as a heavy weapon, or mounted onto dreadnoughts or predators. A 3-6 barreled chain cannon that fires rockets, at a very fast rate. Often quad-linked.

Stake launcherEdit

Small pods (12-barrelled) attached to the sides of tanks or on the backpacks of chaos marines. They fire long sharp stakes (2 feet long) at a rapid pace. They are often set into firing motion whilst entering close combat, hitting anything and everything in their path.



"Oh well done, really. You're not trying too hard, not at all. Seriously though, this. This is why Chaos will ultimately lose. Because it's just a sad cry for attention. 'Da Empawuh didna wub us enuff, Ima wock myself in my woom and cut my ahms wiff a wazuh bwade.'"
Douchard Bagge


Legion colorsEdit

Banners and iconographyEdit

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