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Ghosts of Malice
A Chaos Space Marine of the Ghosts of Malice





Warband Leader

Nalak the Black Hand






Chaos; Malice

Warband Colors



The Ghosts of Malice are a warband of Chaos Space Marines dedicated to the worship of Malice. They turned traitor sometime during the 40th Millenium and have been fighting against Malice's enemies ever since.


It is unknown when the Ghosts of Malice were founded, as most of the information was lost when the Inquisition declared the traitors. It is known that the Ghosts of Malice specialized in raiding tactics. It is because of this that the Ghosts of Malice have become a group of pirates as of becoming traitors.

Malice's Unholy ChaliceEdit

Shortly after becoming traitors and followers of Malice, Nalak the Black Hand received a vision from their patron of a great chalice. Black as night, but light as day. This was Malice's Unholy Chalice, one of the only known artifacts of Malice. Nalak was ordered to recover the artifact as it was stolen by a group of Dark Eldar. Soon, Nalak and his warband left to recover the artifact. As they boarded the Dark Eldar ship and fighting their way towards the sacred artifact of Malice, Nalak and his squad made their way to the command deck. Sitting upon a small table was the Chalice. Nalak took the Chalice and left with his warband, leaving the Dark Eldar in the area in ruin.

Warband's current stateEdit

Favored Weapons/TacticsEdit

As an astartes chapter, the Ghosts of Malice specialized in raiding tactics, this was mainly used for scavenging parts and resources for the Imperium. Now they use their special tactics to raid Imperial cruisers of all sizes, and take great pleasure in raiding the ships they once raided for.

Notable MembersEdit

File:Nalak The Black Hand.png
  • Nalak the Black Hand: Warband Leader - Nalak the Black Hand is the infamous leader of the Ghosts of Malice, holding a strong faith in their patron. Nalak acquired his name "The Black Hand" from a serious warp-mutation he acquired from the large amount of time he spent in the warp, making his left arm a weapon on its own.

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