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Mining World Garstash








Korels System




Blood Talons, Imperium of Man


Space Marine chapter homeworld/Civilized/Mining World


Garstash is a mining world within the Korels System that stands as a high point of power within the system. It is also known to be the current homeworld of the Blood Talons. Garstash suffered from a large ork invasion sometime during the 41st millenium and was overrun within the month. The Blood Talons were the only space marine chapter to respond to the distress call that they sended. Garstash then went through a bloody war that killed most of their population and their position of power.

The Garstash CrisisEdit

Garstash was saved from the Orks and the Blood Talons left 4th Company to safeguard the planet from further invasion. However, Librarian Troe Ler of the Blood Talons began a civil war against the imperium, believing he could take control of the Korels System. Giving his life to Chaos, Troe Ler killed the chaplains and all who dare oppose his cause. The traitorous Librarian would then start a conflict later known as the Garstash Crisis. Lin Terglim and the rest of the Blood Talons charged Garstash full force, plowing through it's defenses until they reached the surface. Lin Terglim then fell into single combat with Troe Ler, now a Chaos Lord. Lin Terglim was almost able to best Troe, until he summoned daemons to fight for him as he made his escape with his remaining followers into the warp.

In the end, the Blood Talons made Garstash their home-world and have settled there ever since to safeguard it from further assault. As such, the Blood Talons now control a small Empire simply titled: The Korels Alliance. As the name suggests, the Blood Talons presence within the Korels System has made them the largest military force and therefore the leaders of the System. With this, the Blood Talons resources have greatly increased.


Garstash is known to have a rather small population due to the fact that a large portion of the planet is made of rocky terrain that is inhabitable. The terrain that is habitable is consisted of hundreds to thousands of connected mining tunnels. The only known outside structure that has been built is the Gemini Temple, the Blood Talons Fortress-Monastery.

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