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Captain Galael
Captain Galael of the 2nd Company










Imperium of Man, Blood Talons


Astartes Captain




Galael is the Blood Talons 2nd company captain, he has served the chapter for roughly years and 120 years. He is rather young to be a captain however his skill and prowess in combat are unmatchable, he is respected by his peers and is given advice often by the older members of the chapter. Despite his young age, no one has spoken of a replacement for him as he is respected by everyone. The only time when he ever lost his cool was during the events of "Operation Shrike".


Galael is known to have been a member of the Deathwatch. Serving as a Deathwatch Champion for six year, only to break off from them when his company was selected for Operation Shrike. Galael is the only known member of
File:Galael Deathwatch.jpg
the Blood Talons to have the honour of serving in the Deathwatch. The only known campaign that he participated in was when e and his Deathwatch Kill Team were sent to purge a world of xenos filth. However when they arrived the world was already purged of xenos. The culprit? A warband known as the Blood Hands had raided the world for resources. Galael and his team were then ordered to delay the warband for reinforcements to arrive. Galael and his team assaulted the warband, killing twenty in the process. There assault was halted by an astartes of the name Mezalt. Galael was suprised to see that Mezalt challenged the Kill Team alone and ordered his brothers to stand back so that he may deal with Mezalt. Underestimating the berserker, Galael was nearly bested by Mezalt, only to gain the uper-hand in the end and plunging his power sword through Mezalt's chest. Believing him dead, reinforcements arrived to deal with the rest of the warband. A quick counter-attack against the Kill Team proved successful as the berserkers were able to take Mezalt's body and escape. Shortly after this Galael returned to the Blood Talons to participate in Operation Shrike.



Abilities and TraitsEdit


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