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Fanon Tau Words and Definitions - Please, feel free to add your own!

By NecrusIV


The Tau alphabet doesn't have letters for Q or Z, also check out Lexicanum's Tau Lexicon to see if a word already exists in canon.


Colours are named in accordance with the color spectrum, secondary Colours are often, though not always, just combinations of two words.

  • Nen - Black
    • Nen can also mean dark, secret or hidden, depending on the context.
  • Au'i - white
    • Drawing it's roots from "Aun", meaning Ethereal, Au'i can also mean bright or shining
  • Au'es - "the color of light"' being that Tau can see into the ultraviolet spectrum better than humans can, they perceive direct sunlight as a completely different colour.
    • Supposedly described as "a pinkish brighter than white"
  • Ne'ti -as with infrared, Tau can perceive colors beyond red more that humans. They can see in darkness better than humans, being especially able to detect other living things giving off heat.
    • described as being a "cool, soft and distant red"
  • Ne'uin - grey
  • Sha'ut - red
    • Draws it's roots from "Shas" meaning fire
  • Riy - yellow
  • Be - green
  • Un'go - blue
  • Sha'uit'un'go - purple
  • Riy'sha'ut - orange
  • Ba'sshui - brown


  • Arollus - a scorpion-like creature, found naturally on desert worlds scattered around the Tau empire (possibly spreading due to sneaking into freight ships entering and leaving such planets)
  • Ayrus - Unclear, "dragon" or "serpent" like creature. Intended meaning may or may not be that of a mythological creature.


  • N'tyr - Necrons (pronounced "Nn tur")
  • El'vur - Eldar
    • El'vur'atui - Eldar Craftworld
  • Ka'rus'ko - Chaos
  • Arrat - Xai'athi
  • Kai'gue'la - Space Marines


  • Sept - Planet in Tau control
  • Sect - Planet (uncontrolled, or of unknown ownership)
  • Gue'ept - Planet in control of the Imperium
  • Be'gel'ept - Ork planet
  • Y'he'ept - Planet claimed by Tyranids
  • Ka'rus'ko'ept - Chaos controlled planet
  • El'vur'ept - Eldar planet (most likley Exodites)
  • N'tyr'ect - Necron Tombworld
  • Ori'ect - Fortress World
  • Gue'ori'ept - Human fortress world
  • Ori'sept- Tau Fortress World
  • Ares'ect - War world
  • Ares'ept - Tau war world

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