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Ditus Oblitus
Excommunicate Traitoris
Last recorded image of Oblitus (circa. 957.M41)
Language(s) High Gothic, Galactic Standard Low Gothic
Role(s) Ordo Hereticus Lord Inquisitor (Formerly) , Rogue Inquisitor (Current)
Allegiance Imperium of Man (Disputed)
Gender Male
Species Human
Born 804.M41
Died 989.M41 (Suspected)
Physical Description
Skin colour Caucasian
Hair colour Oak Brown (Greying)
Height 6'1”

Arch Heretic Ditus Oblitus is a former Lord Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, who was subsequently corrupted before going Rogue after being hunted by the Ordo he served. It is speculated that he was eventually terminated by Inquisitorial Agents late in the 41st Millenium, however there have been reported sightings of the Rogue Inquisitor through the Galaxy. Whether or not this sightings are true is a topic of great debate amongst those who knew him.


Early LifeEdit

Initial EngagementsEdit

Heart of BlasphemyEdit




Ditus dressed in a large brown overcoat with red trim, plasteel shoulder guards. Tattered purity seals cover his armor plating, and even more scrolls written in dead or xenos languages cover his armor. For long-range weapons, Ditus has a pair of Dark Eldar Splinter Pistols which he acquired through unknown means holstered to his thighs. While it is unclear as to how he is able to retain the ammunition needed t use these weapons, some speculate that Ditus has bought or traded with the Dark Eldar in order to do so, something which would be incredibly dangerous, and, if true, would show he endorsed in heretical actions even before being deemed a heretic by the Inquisition. Close-combat wise, Ditus carries an Ultima-Pattern Arbites Shock Maul, which has only ever been seen on its high-setting.

Allies and AcolytesEdit

During his time serving the Ordo Hereticus, Ditus met and befriended many different individuals within as well as out of the Inquisition. Some of these individuals include:

Inyle TumedusEdit

Oblitus' late acolyte and Interrogator, who later became a full Inquisitor of the Ordo. A young man with many ambitions and wishes to do good in the universe, Ditus took a shine to him as the young Inquisitor was discovered by the Black Ships, who took him him away and trained him to use his potent psychic abilities. Oblitus would teach Inyle everything he knows as an Inquisitor, but would have to part ways with his pupil in order to protect Inyle from the men and women hunting him down.

Tabitha NebulaEdit

Untouchable who served Oblitus for several years faithfully and without question. She was used as a safeguard for the Inquisitor's team when dealing with psykers, and was able to camouflage them from psychic opponents. Ditus was grateful for her trust in him, and, like his Interrogator, parted ways with her in order to keep her safe from the individuals chasing him.


The Harbinger of the Raven God itself was brought under Ditus' command for a short time after the Mystic Notus was made into a daemonhost shortly after the Greater Daemon's summoning upon the planet Quantius Prime. While the possibilities were endless with a Greater Daemon of such strength under his command, Ditus refrained from using Polymitarus and instead delivered him to Inquisitorial Agents of the Ordo Malleus, knowing full well that they had better experience with such entities.




"I'm sure I have no idea who could possibly supply interested parties in Dark Eldar weaponry. I am a loyal and upright Trader who only exercises their Warrant in ways that the Emperor would approve of."
Douchard Bagge
"The Shadow Cabinet is at your disposal Lord Oblitus, I'll watch your back any day."
Corinth Cordoba, prior to the revelations of treachery.
"I loved and respected him. Now I am ready to kill him on sight. It's what the old, unfallen Oblitus would want."
—Inquisitor Kymbeline Skota[src]

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