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Da SnikGit Kommandos
SnikGit Kommandos
Da SnikGit's personal icon

Battle Cry

"Shh! We be'z snikkin! WAAAAGH!!"


Home World



Ork Goffs




"Whateva da place iz like"




"Get sum eads for our pointy stiks hur hur"

The SnikGit Kommandos are a unit of ork kommandos from the planet of Urk in Ghazghkull's Goff klan. Their leader is Nob SnikGit. The squad is made up of a number of specialist orks and the unit as a whole has no particular purpose. They have a long standing rivalry with the redskull kommandos (Although the Redskulls see them as more of an 'irritation')

They are directly beneath Warboss Killklaw, one of Ghazghull's lieutenants. The common feature for the squad is that each member is unbelievably idiotic, even by ork standards but their belief of otherwise makes them quite efficient at their chosen specialization.

Squad MembersEdit

  • Nob SnikGit: Nob of the Kommandos, hence the name. Unbelievably dumb and probably the worst kommando when it comes to sneaking, his belief in the opposite along with orks psychic mentality means enemies (Who aren't orks) are unable to hear the absolute thunder of noise he makes when moving.
  • Gratz Da Shooty: Gratz takes the "never enuff dakka" philosophy to heart, Gratz is known for dual-wielding Big Shootas, a practice that has lead to him needing replacement arms as the recoil mashes his arms into bloody pulp. He doesn't mind, as long as there are new arms waiting (and if there aren't, he kicks something to death so there is). He is also known for painting himself bright pink on the eve before battle, believing that nobody looks for pink orks, as they're all busy looking for green orks. The psychic mentality of the Orks has lead to him being hard to see in combat.
  • Da Mek Masta Zobgob: Proclaiming himself the genius of the Kommandos, (however just as stupidly dumb as the rest), Zobgob loves nothing more that to use the most techy and volatile equipment he can get his blistered green hands on. Of the many contraptions he keeps in his backpack and the crates his fellow grot slaves drag around 24 hours a day, his most favoured include a back mounted zapp cannon that shower the entire area in blasts of electricity (often zapping himself in the process) and his two twin-linked plasma launchas. You wouldn't want to get started on how malfunctional those things are...
  • Bad Dok Rotgor:The pigheaded dok of da kommandos, Rotgor loves to pratice his skillls on the battlefeild. However, his skills don't go on further then just hacking off a wounded leg and lobbing it into the enemy battleline. In fact, many of the mob perfer to keep on fightin' rather than trust Rotgor to demonstrate his medical expertise.
    SnikGit KommandosBANNA

    Banner of Da SnikGit Kommandos, as seen on the battlefield




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