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Mek Masta Zobgob
Zobgob, hard at work

Date of Birth

Unknown, though his extensive use of bioniks is definitely lengthening his lifespan to some extent

Date of Death





Ghazghull, Goff's clan







Self proclaimed as "Masta of all meks Zobgob, da genius of da orks" (however just as stupidly dumb as the rest), Zobgob is the Mek within the Da SnikGit Kommandos

Zobgob loves nothing more that to use the most techy and volatile equipment he can get his blistered green hands on. Of the many contraptions he keeps in his backpack and the crates his fellow grot slaves drag around 24 hours a day, his most favoured include a back mounted zapp cannon that shower the entire area in blasts of electricity (often zapping himself in the process) and his two twin-linked plasma launchas. You wouldn't want to get started on how malfunctional those things are...

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