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C​olonel Commisar Mallus Vlace Background InfoEdit

The Commisar created the The Vakerian Guard after being transferred from the Cadian regiments after his regiment found the Vakerian pre warp colony. With his organizational skills he made the 6 regiments of the Vakerian.

​Cadian career Edit

Mallus served in the 18th army group in the 81st Cadian Armoured when he was transferred  from the 3rd heavy tank company to take command of the 81st as the commander was killed. After the loses sustained and the insolence inside of the 81st he ordered a traning mission for the armoured regiment on a mountainous planet. Not knowing that it was Vakerso. Then they found the Vakerian city and the leader of the 18th army group ordered the Inquisition and it then became a colony and Mallus became the Vakerian commander of the guard.

​Vakerian CareerEdit

After forming all 6 regiments he got a mission that segmentum command thought only the Vakerian could accomplish. The Kor'an Tau planet crusade sending all  regiments to the planet. The tactics he employed firing lines of infantry and head on assaults with all the Vakerian armour which were Leman Russes fron a mixture of other races of  the Imperium.

The crusade was a big success and segmentum command funded and supplied the Vakerian as well as the Death Korps Of Krieg. 

​Quotes and WeaponsEdit

Mallus Vlace uses a amplifier on his command vehicle the 'Avenger of Cadia' which links to other command vechicles to deliver inspiring speeches.

"The Enemy cannot strike back if we're already on top of him" his quote before his first mission with the Vakerian

Beside his Baneblade he uses a power sword which has been in his family for generations and a plasma pistol given to him by a Imperial Fist Apothecary who was saved by him when the Apothecary was knocked to the ground by a Tyranid beast.

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