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The Brotherhood of the Dajakk
Dark mechanicus

Founding date:



Development of compact daemon engines and weapons

Mission statement:

To develop the ultimate life-form, by combining the Daemonic, machine, and organic into one visage of perfection.


  • 4270 Hereteks.
  • 3,677,012 initiates


Founded on the principles of developing more compact and more drastically advanced daemon engines, the Brotherhood of the Dajakk branched off from their other Dark mechanicus brethren seeking to create the ultimate daemonic life-form combining the reality bending nature of a daemon, the perfection of the machine, and the life and soul of the organic into a single being. Thus far their experiments have been varied and to the success their ultimate goal unrewarding.


The Brotherhood of the Dajakk was united first by Arch-Heretek Chief-Administrator Manderon, whose first Dajakk experiment caught the eyes of many fellow Dark Mechanicus. Intrigued by the Dajakk created by Manderon, a number of the other Hereteks joined Manderon in his pursuit. However war, the demands of Chaos Lords, and fate would distract this Cabal of Dark Magi and warp-smiths from their goal, and also would eventually force them from their place in the Eye of Terror, causing them to roam the known galaxy as they pursue the creation of the ultimate being.

For initial protection and benefit, Manderon lead his fellow researchers to the Iron Warriors legion where they enjoyed the protection of the mighty Traitor Astartes in return for developing great siege weapons and maintaining the legion's dreadful titans. However as time passed and the the legion grew more bold, they ran afoul with the Black Legion sparking a small war amongst the two legions. This war trapped the cabal of the Dajakk and soon they felt the might of an war between traitor Astartes upon them.

With war between the legions bearing down upon their lairs the Cabal of The Dajakk were scattered, and they found themselves cast out from the Eye of Terror into galaxy at large, where most of their original number were slain by imperial forces, the inquisition, or caught in other battles which doomed them. Thus unified even more, least they all die, and finding other recruits in the form of banished mechanicus priests from various forge worlds, each willing to donate their talents in return for a home, Chief Researcher Manderon formally established The Brotherhood of the Dajakk on 4.722.177M33.

The Brotherhood's HereteksEdit



A Arch-Heretek of the brotherhood

The Brotherhood of the Dajakk hold themselves separately from nearly every faction or force they interact with. This is primarily due to their self centric view of the universe. In the eyes of any heretek who has joined the Brotherhood, next to the creation of a 'true' Dajakk all other concerns are trivial. Life, Death, Morality and reason all take second place to the birth of the true lords of the warp.

To the Hereteks of the Dajakk the denizens of the warp, daemon and non-daemon alike, are little more than wild animals and as such are a resource one must tame, yoke and put to work. With such a outlook upon the warp the Brotherhood goes forth conducting experiments and acts that some of the more zealous chaos followers would see as crimes against the dark gods, but to the Dajakk are nothing more than a step forward in a much more complex process. As Daemons are nothing more than animals, most Dajakk look down their proverbial noses at any who would worship them or any Chaos God, to the Dajakk such people are simply fools who can not learn to tame a animal. Those who side with chaos but refuse to worship the Chaos Gods are little better to the Dajakk as they are simply primitives who are far from understanding the 'fundamentals' the Brotherhood has come to know for fact.

Holding firm to the ideal that the 'true' Dajakk is a being that perfectly combines each of the three aspects, the reality shattering power of a daemon, the perfection and efficiency of a machine, and the soul and growth potential of a organic creature, members of the Brotherhood also will look down upon all other forms of life as uninteresting and inferior to the Dajakk. Conversely this low outlook on all life has also made the Dajakk very accepting of any who wishes to join their cause as all species are inferior to the 'true' Dajakk without exception.

Notable talents and featuresEdit


While much more willing to divulge information concerning what they consider average technology, even going as far as to be willing to train outsiders in the arts of building Daemon-engines, however when Brotherhood secrets are concerned most brothers contain so much training, psycho-conditioning, and programming that one would be hard pressed to acquire the slightest amount of data before a interrogated brother expires. Once a Heretek of the Brotherhood dies he takes all his secrets with him. Each member of the Brotherhood will go to great extents to maintain their secrets even from one another at times. Countless security devices and locks protect any machine, relic, or form of data a Heretek of the brotherhood holds as important and they would be far more willing to destroy the object than let an enemy acquire it.

Observation skillsEdit

Each brother of the Dajakk is usually noted for their immense talent for observation. Though this may be due more to the invisible unseeing eyes they surround, or build into, themselves with. Each heretek spends most of his time noting various details of the world about them and observing the slightest things that might be even the slightest more efficient or artistically appealing than what they themselves already have. Members of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk can not afford to miss a single detail as anything could aid in their ultimate goal and any missed opportunity is more time searching for the answer they seek.

Maintenance of Daemon-EnginesEdit

The most reputable Talent of the Brotherhood though, is certainly their skill as Engineseers to Daemon-engines. Each member already has great talent developed by years of practice in the art, but a Heretek of the Brotherhood truly shines when maintaining one of their own creations. With the support of a Daemon lure or a skilled Daemon-mancer  an Arch-Heretek of the Brotherhood can take a felled unit of Daemitors or a small Daemon-engine, completely rebuild and return the unit to the battlefield, all within hours of destruction by an enemy.


As a Organization that looks down upon all life without exception, the brotherhood tolerates any species that wishes join them in their pursuit, so long as they come to realize their inferiority before the 'true' Dajakk. Despite being open to all species and races few xenos join the Brotherhood of the Dajakk, instead most new members comes from the Adeputs Mechanicus. Young adventurous tech priests and morally ambiguous magi find themselves tempted by the Brotherhood's recruitment promises of grand new fields of research and freedom to do as needed to advance.

Those who do join the Brotherhood of the Dajakk, begin as initiates where they will spend years being indoctrinated by the ideals of the Dajakk. During this time they will learn only the basic of knowledge that any Heretek would come to know once he has left the boundaries of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It will not be until an initiate becomes an apprenticed brother that he will be allowed to participate in the development, maintenance, and use of the more guarded technologies of the brotherhood, such as the Daemon Lure. But it will be years more before a apprentice is recognized as a actual member of the Brotherhood and may contribute to the ultimate goal of creating the Dajakk.


The Brotherhood is lead by a counsel of five Chiefs. each the head of a certain portion of the broterhood. The Chief-Administrator who oversees all arias and distribution of resources, The Chief-Developer who oversees practical production, the Chief-Designer who oversees project planning and experimentation of new products, the Chief researcher who oversees science and the key Dajakk project, and the Chief-Distributor who oversees the selling and acquisition of resources. Each of these five jointly make decisions concerning the future of the Brotherhood though technically it is the Chief-Administrator who holds the most power.

The DajakkEdit

The Dajakk project:Edit

The Central project the entirety of the Brotherhood was built around. This project is focused on the singular goal of the creation of a new species referred to as the Dajakk. The brotherhood intends to combine their twisted ideals of perfection, the powers of daemons, the efficiency and perfection of a machine, and the potential and soul of a organic being. With the birth of this new species the Brotherhood hope to wipe clean the galaxy using the power of the new masters they themselves will have created, the Brotherhood dreams of creating a new master race that rules both the warp and the material plane. However the Brotherhood has yet to surpass the 25% marker of their experimentation to this end, and hostilities with other factions who disagree with the Brotherhood's ideals or are unwilling sacrifice their rare relics and close friends to the Dajakk are increasing.

The 'Sub'-Dajakk lifeform:Edit


A Dajakk kill team

The singular greatest step on the the Brotherhood's path to creating the ultimate life-form these Dajakk entities are an amalgam of reanimated corpse, Daemonic possession, and heavy technological reinforcement. However the creation of a Sub-Dajakk is a crude, uncertain, and extremely unsuccessful process. For every Sub-Dajakk created there have usually been a near hundred failed attempts. Each successful Sub-Dajakk completed though brings the Brotherhood one step closer to understanding and creating their ultimate goal of crafting the singular greatest life-form to ever exist within the material plane. Each Sub-Dajakk created contains unnatural senses and strength, along with a blood-lust granted by the daemon within. As they are attempts to create the ultimate life-form both within the material plane and the warp each Sub-Dajakk, though far from the 'true' Dajakk the brotherhood desires, contains potent psychic powers allowing them to divine a target's location or even cast warp-lightning. Complex cogitators within the unit allow it to process data including battlefield reports, and fire vectors instantaneously. Being the prized creations of the Brotherhood whenever these units are released onto a battlefield they are set forth with the most powerful of weapons created by the Brotherhood including the Daemon-las, Daemon-Breaker Railcannons, and even faithless daemon-swords.

Sub-Dajakk are demi-gods to the Brotherhood, each one a vision of the perfection they wish to create. Each of these beings while, incredibly far from the 'true' Dajakk the Brotherhood seeks, contains immense stores of power. Each is to a slight extent psychicly gifted, more powerful than a space marine, and contains calculative powers more powerful than any cogitator of their size can hope to posses.

Experiments of InterestEdit

Completed experimentsEdit

Plague of LustEdit

An contracted experiment done for the enjoyment of a Chaos Lord. Arch-Heretek, Chief-Administrator Manderon created the Plague of Lust to subvert the population of an imperial industrial world. The Plague when it had taken full effect on it's victims was exactly as was proposed to the Chaos Lord. An infected victim lost all inhibitions including fear and would simply act on impulse, raping, killing, cannibalizing whatever dark desire lay within their hearts they acted upon. And with each new horror visited upon the uninfected another maddened citizen joined the hoard. However, members of the Warlord's own war-band were not immune and nearly all of his followers joined the anarchy the virus caused. Fortunately for the imperial world that the virus was unleashed upon, the virus was spread on a dis-joined continent and, despite the loss of the planetary governor, a strict quarantine was enacted. Within a month the infected land was purged of life.

Afterwards Manderon listed the experiment a success in biological code transfer, worthy of continuation for the sake of creating better organic specimens for future use in the final objective.

The Warp guideEdit

In attempt to create the perfect warp jump the Dajakk created the warp guide under the supervision of Arch-heretek, Chief-Designer Undon. The original design purpose of the Warp Guide was to plow a path ahead of a warp-bound vessel creating a stable path for the vessel to follow. With such a device in hand Abbadon could launch fleets any direction from the eye of terror, and no longer be bound by the Cadian gate. However the initial experiment was far from successful. The ship which was equipped with the Warp Guide plunged into a nearby world the warp-wake going so far as to pull a space hulk out from the warp.

While the original intent of the experiment was a failure newer versions of the Warp Guide are now in development though without Chief Undon in command. These new Warp Guides should allow warp-bound fleets to emerge almost directly over any given world, while simultaneously destroying great swaths of land and preventing defending fleets from entering the warp to escape for days. Under the guidance of Arch-heretek, Chief-Developer Israfel this should become one of The Brotherhoods best weapons to give to a warlord willing to pay the price.

Israfel's LureEdit

The Highest achievement of Arch-Heretek Chief-Developer Israfel, the lure is the first device capable of pulling daemons from the warp as the user wishes. With such a technological marvel on his side Israfel removed the need for sacrifice or ritual to bring forth the denizens of the warp. Instead the device using a form of 'substitute soul' would lure daemons to itself before capturing them in a seal and forcefully removing them from the warp in a process assumed to be most painful to the warp entity.

Once the Daemon is removed the Hereteks about it will begin sealing the daemon within a construct, or feed it energy so that it might fully materialize in the mortal plane so that they might set forth on whatever dark experiments they have planned for it. This device is the predecessor to all Daemon-Lures and has yet to be matched in it's effectiveness. It is as such that with this single device amongst them that the Brotherhood of the Dajakk had advanced their research by centuries, thus propelling Israfel into a position of great power within their ranks.

Trap of the Plague of GlassEdit

An elaborate scheme agreed upon by Israfel and the leader of the Kabal of The Skewering Feather, Silinurl Luvt The brotherhood of the Dajakk agreed to take on a tainted sample of the Dark Eldar's Glass plague, to weaponize and study. turning to their 'generous' allies as test subjects the brotherhood tested and eventually weaponized the plague with aid of the Steel Reavers. Then once weaponizing was complete they gave over the glass plague and all weapons blueprints to the Steel Reavers, save for a few samples they kept and instead gave to other sources to 'further testing'. However surrendering the plague was a rues and when they were safely away from the backlash, and all traces of possible fore-knowledge of the outcome erased. They allowed the Dark eldar to do as he pleased, detonating the tainted stockpiles of glass plague, dooming entire worlds. Whatever the Dark Eldar's plan was for the Dajakk cared not...only the results of the data mattered.

Scheduled and Stalled experimentsEdit

The blade of the four godsEdit

A Chaos Sword experiment that has been waiting to be conducted for several centuries. The intent of this Experiment proposed by Arch-Heretek Chief-Designer Undon is to place daemons of equal power, each willing to battle the others, of each of the four dark lords of the warp together into a singular blade. Most likely estimates of this blade suggest that this sword will emanate a malicious will so powerful that few mortal beings could withstand it's presence for long before succumbing to the aura and passing on. With such a blade in their possession experiments on the Dajakk could bring the Brotherhood closer to birthing a 'true' Dajakk.

The daemon wallEdit

An Scheduled project for once the 'True' Dajakk project reaches 42.3258956224678% completion. The objective and stated intentions of the project are to develop a boundary using daemonic essences which should theoretically be impenetrable as it, unlike most shields, brings the power of the warp's own denizens to bear to change all the features of an attack rendering it useless. Once this barrier is completed the Brotherhood plans to test all theoretical forms of attack and subversion, typically through real world battle situations, to test both the effectiveness of the barrier itself and its power over the material realm and interactions with various forms of energy. This project once completed should accelerate the Dajakk project from 42.3258956224678% to 59.000461197200000044% completion.

Military Weapons of NoteEdit

Land StalkersEdit

The Land Stalker is a heavy all-terrain transport typically used by the Adeptus Mechanicus forces, and are employed in a manner much akin to the land raiders of the Adeptus Astartes. As Dark Mechanicus The Brotherhood of the Dajakk also make use of this vehicle.

Stalker transportsEdit

A fast moving light transport and scout of the Mechanicus, their Dark Mechanicus brothers also make use of this vehicle design. The Brotherhood of the Dajakk make particular use of this vehicle with their Daemitor units and Dajakk kill teams. Often positioning troops to flank or ambush enemy forces in the most efficient manner calculable.

Stalk TankEdit

The standard Variant for the Mechanicus Stalker chassis. The Stalk tank is the armored mainline for both the Adeptus Mechanicus and their Dark Mechanicus counterparts. These light tanks typically screen escaping enemy armor for the brotherhood.

Daemon EnginesEdit

  • Helldrakes: The mass produced air-power unit forged by most Dark Forge-worlds, the Helldrake is an easy to produce air unit the Brotherhood both sells and employs.
  • Forgefiends and Maulfiends: An powerful Daemon engine of chaos, the Brotherhood typically produce these units to guard their weapon stores and cogitators.
  • Defilers: The pride of most Warp-smiths or Hereteks the Brotherhood produce few of these engines as the most of their resources are spent mass producing smaller devices and engines, or conducting large experiments.
  • Chaos Decimator Daemon Engines: While certainly not the original designers of this engine of war the Decimator Engine has become a specialty amongst those of the Brotherhood who wish to design larger weapons.

Chaos TitansEdit

As with all Dark Mechanicus forces the Brotherhood is able to maintain, possibly forge, and call upon the use of a Titan. However, thus far they have only ever summoned one to use on the battlefield and have not done so since.

The Daemitors:Edit

An early string of experiments with The Brotherhood of the Dajakk would spawn the first Daemitors. By binding a Daemon into a servitor they were originally hoping to give a new form of life to their creations. However, the experiments results were far from what they had expected. Despite the failure of this experiment the Daemitors proved to be useful products as the daemon contained within each of these servitors transformed the once mundane creation into a new work of art.  These weapons are the most significantly mass produced weapon of the Brotherhood requiring little in terms of resources to build and requiring only weak and thus significantly easier to capture warp-entities.

Each of these machines now serve as an staple product of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk, their master crafted forms providing key income for The Brotherhood to continue their research. Loaned out to ambitious warlords, desperate traitors, and any willing buyer, these unique creations are always accompanied by one or several Heteteks or even an Arch-Heretek who maintain the Daemators bodies, and secrecy. This maintenance extends also to the other machines of a warlord and to the point that the Hereteks will rebuild felled Daemitors to send back to the field of battle. If the Hereteks maintaining the Daemitors are slain it is often programed in that the daemon's within will be released rendering the Daemitors into useless piles rubbish. However with the immense secrecy kept upon these units their value to potential buyers only grows.

Daemitors pageEdit


The Brotherhood of the Dajakk maintain a large support fleet which supplies them with the resources and transportation necessary to maintain the Brotherhood's research. These many small ships moving about the imperium disguised as Mechanicus supply vessels. However when it becomes paramount that the brotherhood must go to war they also maintain a small but decently powerful fleet of ships, some of the brotherhood's own design. In all the warfleet of the Brotherhood consists primarily of smaller support vessels which can easily be hidden away from the ever hunting eyes of their imperial enemies. While larger vessels work hard to maintain the facade of loyalty to the imperium

The Ark MechanicusEdit

Perhaps the most famed vessel class of human design to ever exist. The Brotherhood of the Dajakk have acquired at great expense one of these vessels for their own use. The Vessel had once been under reconstruction above a Forge-world the Brotherhood had infiltrated. Teams of specialized troops and Hereteks worked together for years to undermine the ship's security so that once it was set out into the galaxy the brotherhood could capture it for their own, a mission that proved a success though the ship was heavily damaged in the process and no fewer than twenty Tech-frigates were lost in the process. Now re-crimsoned as the Seeker of Darkness, This once loyal ship serves the brotherhood as their primary capital ship bringing the entirety of the Brotherhood's twisted creations with it wherever it may go. Though the vessel is rarely if ever seen outside the Tiee-sun system it's presence assures that those who rule the Brotherhood watch over everything in the space it controls.

Adeptus Mechanicus CruisersEdit

As the primary Cruisers of the Adeptus Mechanicus, these ships have also found their way into the corrupted grasp of the Brotherhood. Now crewed by slaves, Daemon-engines, and corrupt servitors, these ships represent the dark will of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk to whichever system they should inhabit. An Adeptus Mechanicus Cruiser in the service of the Brotherhood is both a spy and a means of attack. While over loyalist Forge-worlds this ship waits for infiltrators to divert resources to it's hold which it would then make off with stripping imperial hands of needed supplies. In war these ships are the main force of any brotherhood action laying waste to the technologically inferior ships of the Brotherhood's enemies.


Tech Frigate
Small warships of a Brotherhood design, using technology of various origins, these near crewless ships serve as the primary defensive line for Tiee-sun as well as the key enforcer of the brotherhood's dominance when larger vessels can not be spared to do so. Whenever dealing militarily with the brotherhood any warband exchanging with them will primarily encounter this vessel as it forms the signature of the Brotherhood's naval presence. These ships much like their Adeptus Mechanicus counterparts severely out tech imperial vessels of equal size and can even be pitted against vessels of a larger tonnage, though not without great strain and risk.

Unique CreationsEdit

The Brotherhood of the Dajakk are responsible for dozens if not hundreds of unique creations and weapon designs however there are a select many that they guard the secrets of development of almost as fiercely as the Adeptus Mechanicus guards it's inferior technologies. Each creation of the Brotherhood brings them one step closer to completing their goal of creating the Dajakk or supports them in their quest. Without the benefit of many of these creations the Brotherhood might have already crumbled into obscurity and destruction.


Built using Warp-forged materials and loaded with a power-pack that contains a imprisoned daemon. These elite products of the Brotherhood are able to sustain an near, never ending stream of high penetration las-fire. An single clip in this weapon is expected to last for an entire battle and beyond, four clips could possibly last an planetary campaign in the hands of a skilled operator, however if the Brotherhood has brought a warp-rift generator to the battle-zone then the generator's energies can be used to sustain the trapped daemon allowing one to use the clip for significantly longer. Users of this weapon only ever stop their fire to allow the weapons battery pack to cool, least  the daemon within find a means to escape it's confinement.

Daemon-Breaker Railcannon:Edit

An railcannon constructed with purely warp-forged materials, as it would be impossible to do so with materials of purely materium construction. The Daemon-Breaker is a compact Railcannon that fires bolts built of solidified warp essence with the force of a weapon many times it's size. Thus far few units in The Brotherhood of the Dajakk have been able to wield this weapon.

Faithless-pattern Daemon-sword:Edit

The Faithless-pattern Daemon-sword was both the product of preliminary tests for a much larger experiment and the demands of a influential Chaos Lord. Originally generating Daemon possessed jewels for use in a blade that would place these daemons in conflict with one another the brotherhood discovered that some daemons, despite being of differing warp-factions, were not inclined to battle with one another. As word was passed down to stall the original experiment the Hereteks conducting it, prepared to seal away the daemon jewels. However a Chaos Lord, hearing rumors of a blade with multiple daemons contained within, came to the brotherhood and demanded that they forge him a blade of multiple daemons. Sensing opportunity to conduct further experimentation the Brotherhood agreed, and after many failed experiments formed their first Faithless daemon-sword, a blade of rotting blood-lust. Since that time many a expensive Faithless Daemon weapon has been produced at heavy cost by the brotherhood, however the price is justified according to them as finding daemon-beasts that deny their natural hate for one another is difficult.

Daemon missilesEdit

An weapon of considerable effort to create and of great risk to keep, as the seals in these are extremely delicate and require constant maintenance. The Daemon missile is a WMD class weapon utilized by those who purchase it from the Brotherhood, or even the Brotherhood themselves, as a means to destroy entire cities of loyal imperial citizens. Each Missile contains a mass of daemonic energy either in the form of a single massive daemon, or an small army of lesser daemons. Upon impact the missile is designed to release the seals holding the trapped daemon(s) within. Without anything to contain the power the suddenly freed daemonic energy is unleashed upon the surrounding aria. In what manner this energy is released is almost entirely dependent on the daemon within.

Daemons of Khorne release a terrifying blast with invisible blades that rip everything in the target aria to gore and ruin, while daemons of Slaanesh unveil a tide of destructive pleasure or pain upon their intended victims leaving everything in the target aria either dead or too stunned to fight back as the armies of chaos casually move to take over. The daemons of the changer of ways grant horrendous mutations to anything and everything that comes into contact with the energy they unleash, leaving entire cities full of tentacles and chaos spawn, and finally daemons of Nurgle unleash horrid plague clouds upon their release rotting cities or transforming those infected into hoards of zombies.

Daemon shackle AIEdit

Used exclusively for the Dajakk's own daemon engines and daemon possessed machines. This adaptive and highly resilient AI program is included with whichever device's cogitator the brotherhood is about to infuse with a daemon, often this AI is tailored specifically for the type of daemon that it will be connected to. Once the Daemon and AI come into contact with each other the two begin to battle, the AI forcing the Daemon to follow certain routines, lest the creature suffer more and weaken itself, these routines then cause the daemon to obey the commands of the Brotherhood. Trapped between obeying until it can find a way to escape or oblivion, the daemon almost always ends up obeying it's captors.

The Rift engine:Edit

One of the few projects successfully completed by Chief-Designer Undon, these advanced engines are incredible power-sources that open rifts into the warp itself within themselves. With a Rift to the warp opened within, the Rift's energies are then shielded preventing anything unwanted from clawing into the material plane and to prevent surges of unneeded and dangerous warp power. The engine then feeds off the rift drawing out immense energy from the warp and converting that energy into a form usable by the machines of the Brotherhood. These engines now are a key power-source within the Brotherhood, larger variants power ships, while the energies drawn from these are used to warp-forge various materials and provide nourishment for some of the daemon-engines and other daemon-inhabited devices.

The Sightless Eyes:Edit

Unique scanning units that are almost entirely invisible to normal detection methods. These 'eyes' can be developed with anti-grav units and set loose to observe a target, research subject, or to observe the brotherhoods creations in battle. Usually a Heretek of the brotherhood will have two or more of these units built into their bodies as to keep a hidden scanner on them at all times.

Mass-cloning technologyEdit

An subject viewed as controversial within the Imperium cloning technology is a rarely used, and even more rarely shared, technology which has allowed certain worlds to mass produce the most valuable of resource of the Imperium, people. The Brotherhood needing simple bodies to conduct their research on adapted the cloning to their own use. Using a heartless flash cloning process they quickly produce mass quantities of organic research subjects, bio-fuel for the cloned souls process, and flesh-vessels for use in the Daemitors. However any clone flash produced by the processes of the Dajakk is significantly inferior to not only their original but also to the cloned citizens of the Imperium, though as these clones are nothing than another exploitable resource it is doubtful that any of the Hereteks care.

Cloned souls:Edit

Called objects of horror by any psychic being that has laid eyes upon them. Each cloned soul is nothing more than a product of a painful, slow sacrifice of an Psycher unfortunate enough to caught by the Brotherhood. Once captured a Psycher is put through a long and terrifying preparation process. Once ready the new victim is placed in a glass chamber where their body and soul are bombarded by select warp energies each of which then begin to break down the physical body of the target into a sludge while also binding the soul to the physical body. Once the body and soul are broken down into this physical sludge it is then distributed into a number of small crystal containers. Each of these containers hosts a Psychic amplification device that when used in co-ordination with a daemon-lure makes the Cloned soul as appealing to warp entities as if the psycher had dropped all the guards around himself and opened up to the warp. The life span and number of Cloned souls produced depend on the psycher captured. Often the brotherhood will use cloned psychers to produce these products, however the viability of the clones is weak and the product they produce usually short lived. As these Psycher made products are a key resource of the daemon lures Psychers are a key target of capture for more Dajakk operations.


Mechanical devices that allow the Brotherhood to abuse the entities of the warp by luring several daemons close to the material realm then painfully, for the trapped warp entity, dragging the victim into the material realm where the participating Hereteks then have time to experiment on, or bind the stunned daemon, or other being, into a construct. These devices are the most important warp-based creation of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk and as such are guarded most jealously.

Shadow Spiders:Edit

Specialized detection units that seek out warp energy, and psychicly detect the presence of others or the aria effect of a blank. These units are small compact devices built into small eight-limbed mobile chassis and set lose in a aria the Brotherhood wishes to defend. When the Shadow Spiders detect an unauthorized presence they immediately release an warning signal back to either a Arch-heretek or an overseeing artificial intelligence.

Archon Predator:Edit

The Archon Predator, originally designed as a siege engine for the Iron
Dark Mechanicus Archon Preditor

An Archon Predator

Warriors by the cabal of the Dajakk. When the Cabal's base was ransacked by the war between the Iron Warriors and the Black Legion, the cabal's members made of with the weapons designs. The massive war engine specifically serves the purpose of a all terrain hunter-killer with the stated purpose of disabling vehicle formations and laying waste to trench-lines.

Locations with a continuous Brotherhood presence Edit

Dark Forge-World Tiee-SunEdit

The primary home of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk, this world serves as their primary forge and administrative office. While far from the only Dark Magi on the world the Brotherhood have become the dominate force of this world. With
Dark Mechanicus world

Dark Forge-World Tiee-sun

the majority of power upon this world secure the brotherhood also produce the majority of their products here and maintain all their secrets with the heaviest security this planet will ever know. Most regions controlled by the Brotherhood are filled with warp powered constructs which jealously patrol and seek potential infiltrators as well as factories filled with cloned soul facilities and daemon lures.  If ever the Dajakk the Brotherhood wishes to produce is completed it will be on this one world that it first opens it's eyes.

Imperial Forge-World JaccowEdit

An Imperial forge-world of little renown the Brotherhood of the Dajakk host a small but constant coven upon the world, the covens presence has yet, even after millenia, to be discovered. Hidden within this world the Brotherhood seeks out new converts, technologies within the imperium, and raw resources. using malicious codes and other subtle attacks they brotherhood reroutes supplies from this world transferring various materials from their intended destinations to the cargo holds of ships they control. the Brotherhood's confidence and influence on this world is even so secure that they have built a facility for processing and creating Cloned souls on the planet's surface.

The Europa SystemEdit

An small three world system consisting of frozen barely habitable worlds. Each of these worlds holds a well and thoroughly hidden coven of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk. Each of these will either be dedicated, at any one time, to a experiment on or to mass produce a type of weaponry.

Keddor Daemon-WorldEdit

The Brotherhood's favorite hunting ground for psychers and other test subjects. At any given time there will be a hunter team of the Dajakk prowling this tzeentch dedicated world. There are even a number of hidden bases on the world with secure and well guarded clone soul facilities.

Tactically Intriguing conflictsEdit

First war with the UndyingEdit


Daemitors of the Brotherhood attack

Sparked by an simple resource collection mission on date 6.437.895M36, this war held a devastating .45980000678% impact on the Dajakk project. Total resource costs of this conflict included the loss of two-thousand ninety-seven Daemitors, four defilers, three Archon Predators, seventeen Hereteks, and a unacceptable seven Sub-Dajakk.

Originating from the capture of a former Space Marine Librarian, turned traitor Astartes, who had joined The Undying Astartes warband. The acquisition of this psycher must have been detected by the Undying warband's other membership. Two months after his capture and delivery to Tiee-sun, a small warship moved past the planetary defenses undetected. After passing through the planet's defences, the vessel deployed a force of eighty Undying Adeptus Astartes and five Draugar War machines. Combat in the factory zones of Brotherhood territory was rapid, disorganized and fierce. The assumed mission of the enemy Astartes was the rescue of the former Librarian, however the Librarian had already that week been reduced to fuel for the daemon lures. Failing their mission, either acting on primitive instinct or malicious orders, the Astartes turned their weaponry against the nearby workings of our Dajakk.

By the end of the conflict the enemy had retreated suffering eighteen un-gathered losses, five retained casualties, and extensive damage to one Draugar unit. The Brotherhood, however, suffered the loss of fourteen Hereteks, two-hundred sixteen active Daemitor units and another five hundred eighty-nine inactive units, a Archon Predator, and the loss of four daemon lures along with the support facilities. A total calculated damage of .45840000002%, such an affront by all calculation could not be tolerated least it be repeated. In response, despite a .00140000658% effect, a force consisting of six thousand Daemitors, eight Archon Predators, four defilers, and twenty-two Sub-dajakk was gathered and launched at the Undying's last known position.

The gathered force clashed with the Undying on a fortified world that the Undying had secured before-hand. The conflict proceeded as expected with little tactical ingenuity employed by either side. By the conflict's end the Undying had retreated, suffering one-hundred twelve marine casualties, six-hundred and two mercenary casualties, the loss of four draugar as well as the loss of several tonnes of resources. While failing to meet any of the mission objectives, extensive data and resources were collected while most Brotherhood losses were easily reabsorbed with only the permanent loss of all four defilers, two Archon Predators, two Hereteks, and twelve-hundred ninety-five Daemitor units. Since this operation hostilities with the Anarchic Undying warband has increased by several powers.

The Pestilentia Legionis, siege of AmbiosEdit

On the Imperial date of 5.047.001.M37, The Brotherhood began a new and expansive series of research projects as well as a number of bold attempts to successfully complete in progress projects. After already having failed twice in the Daemon missile project, the first missile was accidentally detonated aboard the Khorne warband ship that had purchased it reducing the ship to useless gory ruins and the second had detonated prematurely transforming both sides into mindless mutants. The leadership decided an new approach was necessary. Thus with future projects waiting and a need for someone who would test their weapons for them, Arch-Heretek Undon was assigned to seek out the relatively young Pestilentia Legionis. Upon finding the Nurgle warband he was then to either convince them to test future Brotherhood biological weapons, or to use the Daemon Missile of nurgle the brotherhood had developed, or in the most hopeful outcome to do both.

Thus tasked Undon collected a force of three legions of Daemitors and several Daemon-engines, and set out into the stars seeking the Pestilentia Legionis wherever he might find them. Arch-Heretek Undon discovered the Legionis upon the loyalist world Ambios, laying siege to stern and un-breaking imperial resistance. Almost immediately the Arch-Heretek fell upon the warband his ships unloading entire phalanxes Daemitors and treasure troves of weaponry. Despite the display, the Chaos Lord, Nazrimath, was uninterested and far from impressed by the sleek metal contraptions. Soon the machines joined with the rest of the heretic forces battling for the planet.

While his Daemitors battled along-side of decayed daemon worshiping lunatics, Undon tried his hardest to sell his Brotherhood's creations to the uncaring chaos lord. After untold failed attempts and little progress in the siege, only a few kloms closer to the first imperial hive, and possibly due to a shortage of immuneo-boosters, Undon brought forth the Daemon missile. While the uninterested Nazrimath watched, and Ragnark The Rotting mocked, Undon declared that this weapon with a single blow would lay low the entirety of the imperials locked away at the first hive. With such a declaration behind him, Undon fired the missile.

The missile streaked past the imperial defenses and continued on until it struck the base of the hive city. At first nothing came of the impact, but after several tense moments a unnatural wail filled the air as a massive black cloud enveloped the lower levels of the city. Within minutes the imperial defenders found themselves beset by horror, those they had been defending in the lower city, and those who had been stationed there now shambled out of the black cloud looking more like several year old corpses than actual people. Each person these corpses attacked soon joined the rest climbing up the city to kill more innocents or going out to the plains below to aid the chaos invaders in murdering the defenders. With this Nazrimath was intrigued, now certain of his success Undon began pressing attempting to convince the warlord to accept the weapons of the brotherhood. Indeed that day seemed to belong to the brotherhood...until a incredible crack was heard and the entirety of the hive city began to list towards the chaos forces. Immediately Undon and Nazrimath recognized the coming collapse of the city and ordered their forces evacuated.

Little more than half the chaos forces were able to evacuate before the city fell it's weight cracking the continental shelf below, soon planet wide devastation followed. Undon left the world in shame, but upon returning Nazrimath found that the plagues brought forth by the Undon's blundering still persisted and now hoards of the undead tore into the flesh of their distant relatives in other cities. If the brotherhood had any value it was that their weapons certainly were effective, he would have to test their creations for himself one day.

Members of noteEdit

Chief M

Chief Researcher Manderon

Chief-Administrator Manderon (Deceased)Edit

The founder of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk and still one of it's most prominent members. Manderon has dedicated his entire existence to the creation of a 'true' Dajakk. He also has prepared centuries worth of research and experimentation all of which have greatly benefited the dark forces. Over the ages Manderon has designed a great many items of terror himself, however he rarely does so as the vast majority of his time and efforts are spent furthering the development of the Dajakk.

During the events of The Calipsian Sub-sector Crusade, Manderon influenced and manipulated a number of chaotic war bands causing forces that would normally be fighting one another to unit against imperial forces and Techno-Barbarians alike. However his subordinate Chief-Developer Is travel had used this war as a power play controlling the combating forces to create a situation where he could take over the Brotherhood following Manderon's death.

Chief-Administrator Israfel (Formerly Chief-Developer)Edit

The most prominent member of the Brotherhood, Chief Developer Israfel is by far the greatest Arch-Heretek within the Brotherhood. Each of his experiments had set the Dajakk ahead centuries before most of their competition and he has routinely forced Manderon to recalculate the Brotherhood's time table due to his many successes. Indeed Israfel alone is considered the most likely to bring the dream of the Dajakk to life as it is rumored whatever he works upon will come to reality.

The many successes of Israfel however have only succeeded little in completing the Chief-Developer's ultimate goal. With each new success a new reminder how far he s from what he desires. As such Israfel is possibly the most driven of all the Hereteks in the brotherhood to see each experiment completed as any and all new data not only helps bring forth the Dajakk but also assists Israfel in his mission.

Since manipulating the events of The Calipsian Sub-sector Crusade Israel influenced the demise of Manderon and causing the deliberate collapse of the chaos forces used the confusion to take over the Brotherhood of the Dajakk and to eliminate all opposition to his claim. Since then he has viciously lead the Brotherhood, willingly betraying allies and masterfully manipulating other organizations to the Brotherhood's benift.

Chief-Researcher Balthazar Kernis Edit

A former Gene-Lord of the Calipsian Hordes, Balthazar betrayed the Gene-King in order to save himself during the Calipsian Sub-Sector Crusade and defected to the ranks of the Dajakk with a cadre of three hundred loyal Dark Maws Legionaries. Balthazar has become the Dajakk's chief genetics researcher and is at the front of many of the Brotherhood's most twisted experiments with human and xenos genomes.

Though of great importance to the Brotherhood's long term goals, Balthazar holds little, if any clout with its leadership, and is considerably flawed as a military commander. Balthazar has a reputation as untrustworthy and this is well deserved, as he joined the Dajakk purely to ensure his own survival and as such is rarely allowed to be any closer to the Brotherhoods inner workings than as necessary for his experiments to reach their desired outcome.

Chief-Designer UndonEdit

A clumsy but visionary and resourceful member of the Brotherhood, Chief Designer Undon often acts upon ideas which are, unfortunately for him, centuries ahead of what is possible for the brotherhood. However his talent and foresight has allowed the brotherhood to prepare experiments and development designs far in advance. Undon jealously guards his position and is still a key influence in the Brotherhood despite a great number of young, talented, dark magi trying to take his place.

Chief-Distributor AmonEdit

A Xeno who had joined the Brotherhood long ago, Amon showed disproportionate talent when it came to managing resources and the merchant trade. As such it was foregone that Amon would soon after joining the Brotherhood become the Chief-Distributor of the Brotherhood. However having only joined in 5.675.892M35 Amon is the youngest of the five Chiefs of the Brotherhood and such youth often makes him a tool for the others. Despite this Amon continues to efficiently siphon resources from the Imperium, as well as selling the products of the brotherhood in the most profitable manner. Indeed without Amon some think the brotherhood's current expenditure of resources under Israfel's influence would break the Brotherhood of the Dajakk.

Chief-Researcher Warpsmith Stalven (Deceased)Edit

Chief researcher of the Brotherhood since 4.423.520M34, Stalven was the 2nd eldest member of the five chiefs. Originally Stalven was a tech-priest of the Emperor's children but following the example of Fabius Bile set out on his own and eventually joined the Brotherhood. Since joining the brotherhood Stalven had strived forward technologically dwarfing many other researches until he himself became the second Chief researcher of the Brotherhood. Many other members of the brotherhood, however, envied and hated Stalven and sought after his overthrow. If it were not for the support of many capable allies Stalven would have lost his position long ago.

Stalven kept a weary eye on Chief Israfel as the man's successes and ambitions continued to mount. However despite the growing animosity between the two neither had attempted anything against the other and their two branches continued to work efficiently along side one another. Until The Calipsian Sub-sector Crusade took place this was true, however during the Crusade's end Israfel and Stalven battled and in a act of betrayal Stalven was slain by Arsu'ElKork'an who betrayed him out of devotion to Israfel.

Chief-Developer Arsu'El'Bork'an (Formerly Deputy Chief-Researcher)Edit

Originally of the Tau Earth-Cast who joined with the brotherhood on 6.246.700M38. Arsu'El'Bork'an is currently a well established and undeniably brilliant member of the Brotherhood. Arsu'El'Bork'an during the midst of the Tau first sphere of expansion became concerned with the short lifespans of her fellow Tau. The center of her fears lying with the possibility that they would never achieve a fast enough warp travel that would allow them to maintain the unity of their growing empire. Seeking whatever knowledge she could, Arsu turned to the mysteries of the far off and relatively unknown 'Imperium of Man'. Instead of discovering the Imperium, Arsu discovered the Brotherhood, who were willing to help her create the 'greater good' if she were to assist them in their research. Arsu's proposal to assist them was denied by the Ethereals, but she eventually joined the brotherhood on her own seeking their secrets, particularly to longevity.

Currently Arsu has become entirely lost to her old species, only the form of her current shell any indication of her Xeno heritage. Her current body is a mockery of her species, shaped to resemble a fire-cast warrior, while filled with transmitters, receivers and complex tech which controls hovering drones that contain the devices she needs. Her current form also maintains her brain which also has been upgraded by her brotherhood fellows, particularly to initially help her understand the brotherhood's goals. It is rumored that she is also the illicit lover of one of the chiefs.

Since The Calipsian Sub-sector Crusade Chief-Administrator Israfel has promoted Arsu to his former position of Chief-Developer in consideration for her betrayal of Stalven. Since then she had served as Israfel's chief enforcer and as the center of the brotherhood's military power.



Custom War-Walker model Czech

A unique creation of the Brotherhood, Czech is a Daemitor War-Walker created by the desperate intentions of a Heretek to preserve a Sub-Dajakk he had failed to create properly . The Sub-Dajakk had begun to decay before even coming to life and in a mad search for a means to preserve the creation he put it through the Daemitor process. Secretly bringing forth a daemon and using his own life to do so, the heretek bound the daemon to the war machine. Since its creation Czech has shown impressive self awareness, though that awareness is only noticeable when compared to others of his kind, and tactical ingenuity. This unit prefers to lead the brotherhood's forces from the field than from the distant rear utilizing almost instantaneous battlefield directions with the efficiency of a machine. Thus far Czech is the only Daemitor to successfully battle the necron and is highly coveted by many hereteks of the brotherhood.


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Schola ChaoticaEdit

Once when the schola was new and Ran Ar-ghu was young, chief designer Undon gave his services to the schola. Teaching Ran the basics of mechanics and daemon possessed items soon the girl had learned enough to create the schola's first daemon engine. Now long after the schola's Adeptus formulas daemonica have pressed to aid the Brotherhood whenever the need has arrived.

The Daraay ConsortiumEdit

A chief exporter of Brotherhood produced goods into Imperial territory since the criminal organizations founding, the Brotherhood of the Dajakk have many experiments planned to take place thanks to the contributions of these smugglers. It is estimated that by the end of the 41st Millenium thanks to the Daraay Consortium's minor contributions the Brotherhood could complete a total of 2.4475893921% of there experimentation from this front alone.


Both an occasional aid to the Brotherhood and an object of their desire. The hellforger is an example of the ultimate life the brotherhood seek to bring to the Dajakk, and as such the brotherhood wish to extensively study the warp entity. However the Hellforger never remains in their company long only assisting the Brotherhood in a project (often one of his own choosing) before leaving them.

Kabal of The Skewering FeatherEdit

An Intellectual "partner" of the Brotherhood, The brotherhood provide the Dark Eldar whatever the Dark Eldar might request (though those requests might be vague to the point of being undetectable) and in return the Eldar provide various trinkets, technologies, and samples to feed the curiosity of the Brotherhood and further the Dark Mechanicus' goals.

The Pestilentia LegionisEdit

Far from actual allies, the Pestilentia are a easy means for the Brotherhood to test biological weaponry. With a cult of Nurgle blinded Dark Mechanicus in their ranks retrieval of samples and biological data is both easier and safer to do through the Pestilentia Legionis, than if the brotherhood were to perform these experiments themselves.

Steel ReaversEdit

"Generous" benefactors of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk. The Dajakk loosely keep to the terms of the agreement between the two sides however. despite being "subjects" of the Steel Reavers the Dajakk are largely unconcerned with empires and politics and instead see them as only something to further their own research. however The Dajakk also know that it is beast to stay in the good graces of this faction (if only a little) as to keep them providing to the Dajakk, despite an occasional "scientific mishap".


Adeptus CuratesEdit

A organization dedicated to the acquisition of relics both Human and Xeno in origin. These Curates constantly find themselves harrased and in competition with Brotherhood hunt teams seeking new unique samples and technologies to further the Dajakk project.

Adeptus MechanicusEdit

Like all dark Mechanicus groups the brotherhood can trace it's furthest origins back to the cult Mechanicus of Mars. And like all the other Heretekal groups to diverge from the cult the Brotherhood is hunted endlessly by the tech-priests. However, the Brotherhood hold no hate for their foolish brothers and hope to one day expose all their brothers to the wonders of the Dajakk.

Marines BalefulEdit

Scarecly encountered and once a possible subject for experimentation of psychological weaponry, the Marines Baleful somehow leart of the Brotherhood from the remains of warlods whom the Brotherhood had once weaponry to. How they learnt so extensivly of the Brotherhood's existance is a pressing mystery, however thus far these marines have done little to no direct harm to the Brotherhood's ultimate goal.

The Calipsian HordesEdit

As with any race, organization, or species that hold an interest to the Brotherhood the Calipsian Hordes have been targeted with a cruel and calculated efficiency.  Each horde is analyzed, judged, then targeted. Many partially successful raids have been launched into Calipsian space, and the prospect of a full invasion becomes more appealing as other genetic variants of the hordes reveal themselves.


Any daemon who has experienced or knows of the yoke the brotherhood forces on their kind holds a grudge against these mad Mechanicus. As the Brotherhood view Daemons as little more than animals to be used to maintain the machine that is their research, any daemon they encounter is typically fair game for them to enslave.

Dragon BrothersEdit

The first and perhaps only Loyalist Adeptus Astartes chapter to perceive the Brotherhood as a threat to the Imperium. The Dragon Brothers, particularly the Freebonders that hail from this chapter, have become a ever present thorn in the Brotherhood's side.


As both Enemies of the warp, and the keepers of the galaxies greatest technological secrets the Necron are prime targets for the Brotherhood as the technology the necron posses is well worth any rick of attacking them. While destroying the necron themselves reduces the risk they pose to any group that relies upon the warp, the Brotherhood included.


The Tyranid swarm is a two fold enemy of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk. Firstly the extra-galactic swarm possesses what the Brotherhood has declared to be the most advanced bio-engineering this galaxy has ever seen, and as such the brotherhood covets access to this technological wonder above anything else concerning the Tyranid swarms. Secondly these insects by consuming entire worlds and by the mere presence of their psychic network disrupt both the warp and all experiments concerning the Dajakk's power over the warp. As such the existence of uninteresting Tyranid lifeforms is unacceptable and each of their kind, least it assist in the Dajakk experiments, must be eliminated.

The UndyingEdit

The hatred between the Undying and the Brotherhood began when a brotherhood hunting party returned with a member of the Undying to use as fuel for the daemon lures. The Undying attacked the Brotherhood in retaliation hoping to save their own from his horrid fate, but failed. Soon a vicious cycle of revenge and hatred between the two factions began to spiral into several vicious wars.



"Why can they not see it? Every time they look upon the wonder of the Dajakk all they see is a thing, do they not understand that soon this thing will become something far greater than they shall ever be?"
—Chief Administrator Manderon
"It was a calculated risk, but a worthwhile one. Certainly no other Mechanicus would have taken it, but then again none of them share...our immense talent."
—Chief-Developer Arch-Heretek Israfel


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"Pitiful Chaotic scum and their cyborgs. Bring me their skulls and you may be rewarded with the stims you so desperately 'need'."
—Gene-Lord Krauss Gor, Lord of the Flayed Souls, to a band of Barbarian mercenaries
"We will grind the Dajakk into the dust, they started this war...and the Undying will finish it and prove once and for all that we are superior"
—Unknown Undying Heretek Marine
"My Brother, who I hold dearly to my heart, has demanded that all Dajakk... trainees be taken to The Coven's laboratories for training, follow your Lord's Words."
—Izrivan Luvt, Incubus of The Skewering Feather
"Men that are part machine that wish to combine Daemons into the mixture? The perfect life-form in my opinion, the life-form that doesn't need to struggle. I hate it, when things... DON'T.... STRUGGLE!"
Vilrath Mithuth

"You must be joking. They want to capture and study me? I'm flattered."

- Lord Lament

"What the hell do you think I'm going to do with these crawlers, add them to my motorpool? They've probably got some Warp-Dust snorting deamons under the hood. Space them and blast them out of the void. Do I really have to show you the power point presentation about Chaos looting protocols again?"
Douchard Bagge

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  • All Mechanicus models used on the page come from Hortwerth's coversions
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