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Berheven Jirlis

The Gem-Heart, The Thief of Hearts


Date of Birth:

Sometime within M35

Date of Death:

Still yet draws breath


Self, will work for others if a challenge strikes his interest.


  • Gem-Heart
  • The Thief of Hearts
  • Intruder!

threat level:


Berheven Jirlis, better known as the Gem-Heart is a master thief who travels the galaxy seeking the thrill of breaking into the most heavily guarded of places.  His obsession with thievery and the breaking into of secure locations has lead Berheven to enter places that no other living being in the galaxy had yet to break into.

The Tales of BerhevenEdit

Early lifeEdit

Tribal lifeEdit

Berheven Jirlis was born a Exodite within a small community on a feral world upon the fringes of the galaxy. His father and mother were devoted followers of the fallen Eldar god Kurnous, lord of the hunt. For the first several decades of his life Berheven hunted under the tutelage of his father learning to remain undetected by the acute senses of the primitive beasts of their world. His mother also took to teaching Berheven in the ways of Kurnous but instead of hunting wild game, as a guardian of the tribe she taught her child to stalk after the warriors of other tribes.

During this time of his life Berheven Jirlis eagerly absorbed the knowledge and skills he would need to defend his tribe and to move hunt enemies of the Eldar. However Berheven's relatively peaceful life serving his tribe would be cut short while Berheven was still only three hundred years of age. While he patrolled the outskirts of his Tribes territory an Invasion fleet arrived, thousands of ships carrying Derkallen warriors fell upon the unprepared world. For several weeks Berheven Jirlis would fight alone eliminating entire patrols of the Derkallen without any aid. It would not be until the intervention of the Corsair ship Moon Taker, until Berheven saw the face of another Elar. The Corsairs launched a valiant attack against the Derkallen, the attack would save sixteen Eldar Exodites from the Derkallen, including Berheven, and each would swear their service to the corsairs in thanks.

As a CorsairEdit

For several hundred years Berheven Jirlis would serve aboard the Moon Taker as a corsair, here he would interact with the ship's crew whom most hailed from Iyanden and held a deep love for the Craftworld, despite their current status as outcasts. During this time he participated in a great number of raids honing his skills with his Shuriken Catapult, however the type of combat expected of a Corsair disturbed Berheven, openly standing against an enemy where they could target him with their weapons unnerved Berheven. However, despite being fearful of these open engagements Berheven's skill moving ahead of the Corsairs as a scout, and for finding the weaknesses in the defenses of a enemy made him into a valued member of the crew.

During this time of his life Berheven first encountered many species he had never seen, and in some cases heard of, before. Humans with their inferior yet eerily similar form to the Eldar, the brutish orks, the innocent Tau, and the frightening Tyranid. Also during this time Berheven learns much about the galaxy, while no expert he learns enough to understand that the galaxy which was beyond his home was slowly decaying in a eternal war while various dark threats loomed over the heads of the Eldar possibly dooming their race.

Abandonment of DutyEdit

Though his time aboard the Moon Taker would both enlighten Berheven and give him invaluable experience, Berheven felt himself becoming more distant from the crew of the Corsair ship. As time drew on, and talk of various Eldar Paths surrounded Berheven, the Eldar decided it was time to explore the galaxy on his own, to find his own path amongst the stars. Taking a small personal vessel he left without a word, and set out searching, for what he had yet to know, though a part of himself was called to seek out the ruins of the lost Eldar legacy.

The Treasure hunter who would go too farEdit

Sacking the TombEdit

Drawn to visit long abandoned Eldar ruins Berheven would begin to search through several long hidden and long abandoned ruins of his race. Hearing of a ruin with the blade of a Dire Avengers Exarch who had slain a Daemon-Prince of Slaanesh, in the year 237M37 Berheven traviled to the world containing this ruin however, he was not the only one seeking the blade. Inquisitor Irika Wealhtheow, a determined relic seeker of the Ordo Xenos also was seeking the blade for the effects it had wrought when slaying the Daemon.  Both Inquisitor and Eldar raced seeking to acquire the blade before the other. However circumstance would drive the two together as Tyranid Splinter Forces, descended upon the world.

With half the Inquisitor's retinue slain and the threat ever increasing Berheven and the Mon-Keigh beside him still pressed onwards until they reached the prize they sought. With the aid of the humans Berheven reached the blade, and prepared to abandon the Mon-Keigh to their fate. However the Inquisitor proved both resourceful and with great foresight, pre-arranging the parting between her party and the Eldar, leaving him with the greater share of Tyranid in pursuit until both parties joined once again forcing Berheven to agree to her terms. Impressed by the human's ability to vastly outsmart himself, even once both he and the Humans had managed to escape the Tyranid upon his craft he still submitted to the terms of her arrangement with him and swore to serve her until her death.

Service to a Mon-KeighEdit

Berheven's service to Inquisitor Wealhtheow by human standards was a long and prosperious service. However to the Eldar it was the shortest century and a half in his life. Irika Wealhtheow was constantly active and adventurous Inquisitor with incredible charisma and a mind even a Eldar would struggle to match. While she lead Berheven across a side of the galaxy he had seen before, the Eldar became enamored with the Inquisitor. The Mon-Keigh's mind was a marvel and her personality something that made Berheven desire to see her more, night and day while in her service Berheven found himself regretting that she was not a Eldar for surely as one she would put even the greatest Exarch, Archonness, Farseer or prince to shame.

During his service to the Inquisitor, Berheven found himself serving as a shadow following the Inquisitor unseen as she dared challenge Daemons, Warlords, even Dark Eldar Archons. Often the Inquisitor would be underestimated by her enemies, they not able to match her mind or unaware of the Eldar keeping watch over her. It was also during this time that Berheven allowed himself to develop a small measure of respect for the Mon-Keigh in general, for a rare few of their kind would have been better off born as Eldar where their immense talent would not have been wasted.

Hearts of gold can still be brokenEdit

For nearly one hundred and fifty years Berheven served Wealhtheow faithfully, his devotion to the human beyond most of her other human servants. By now though Berheven feared that his and the Inquisitor's time together were drawing to a close. Despite a great many Juvie treatments Irika's hair was steadily greying, her features changing from a young and fiery woman into an aged war mistress. Despite that the spirit of the Mon-Keigh kept Berheven enthralled, even was her flesh was weathered by time the spirit within only continued to burn more brightly.

The final mission which Berheven and the Inquisitor would embark upon together would to be to a small agri-world providing a much needed food supply for a hive-world located within the same sub-sector. Irika had discover a taint within the planet's food exports to said hiveworld, one that was capable of escaping detection while spreading a debilitating illness across the hiveworld.  Her investigation lead to what would be Berheven's third ever encounter with the Dark Kin. With her servants behind her, and Berheven watching Irika deduced the location the Dark Eldar had set up camp and were secretly spreading their plague from. Catching the denizens of Commorragh nearly by surprise her forces forced their way through the couple dozen Kabalite warriors guarding the operation. However by misfortune, or careful planing, the Archon who ruled the Kabal behind this plot had sent one of his own Incubi to oversee the operation along with a small contingent of Trueborn.

The Dark Eldar reinforcements surprised and systematically destroyed the Mon-Keigh, While the Incubus directly engaged the Inquisitor. Berheven joined the Battle himself, but Dark Eldar Splinter Rifles kept Berheven for joining Irika against the Incubus. After managing to gun down a third Kabalite Warrior Berheven cast his gaze upon Irika and the Incubus. The Incubus swat away the Inquisitor's master crafted power-sword simply, then as if lifting a trophy into better light picked the woman from off the ground by her hair. Then with a swing quick enough that even Berheven could not track the Incubus' sword removed the Inquisitor's head. It was also then the Incubus meet Berheven's eyes, both warriors looking directly into the others own eyes they could see deeply into one another and a hatred was instantly born. In an act of pain inducing cruelty the Incubus withdrew from the battle fleeing into the webway taking the Inquisitor's head as his trophy.

By this point the entirety of the retinue the Inquisitor had brought had been slain, leaving only Berheven to battle  ten remaining Trueborn Kabalites. Three moons later Berheven did not know the name of the Incubus or Kabal responsible, even after violent interrogations. And when the Eldar attempted to backtrack he found the hive-world had been raided it's population stolen, lost to the Kabal who had taken his Inquisitor.

Stealing from the livingEdit

After the demise of the Inquisitor Irika Wealhtheow, Berheven was left with near nothing. He was trapped in a corrupted agri-world with no ship and no knowledge of a webway portal to make use of. Being a Eldar he lived off the land of the world for over a year. Eventually the private craft of yet another human inquisitor would arrive on the planet, this one sent to discover the fate of the now depopulated hive world. This was the chance that Berheven had been waiting for. Carefully he moved himself into position and while the Inquisitor's revenue investigated the planet, drawing ever closer to condemning the people for the taint within them, Berheven rendered the pilot unconscious. Now the only one aboard the ship Berheven took off and escaped.

However this first theft would not be what would transform Berheven into the master thief he is today. Two years later the Eldar would be hiding upon another Mon-Kiegh world, when he would come to know of a private individual's growing collection of Eldar artifacts. Realizing the threat someone like this could possibly pose to his species Berheven decided to relieve the individual lord of his collection, however Berheven could only do it piece by piece.

Berheven snuck into the young lord's residence gauging the level of security, deeming it simple enough, Berheven spent the next fifteen days slowly piece by piece stealing back the items which the young imperial lord had taken. As each day passed the security around the lord's manor increased, becoming drastically tighter and tighter until at last on the fourteenth day suddenly the security disappeared. The human law enforcement was gone, and so were the mercenary guards, Berheven needed only to take back the final piece, a Eldar soul stone. Berheven had chosen to save this item for the last, as it quite possibly held the most risk. 

As he entered the residence and sought the stone Berheven could feel the tides of the warp within the air. All about the residence an new air of wrongness permeated. Once he had found the Soulstone, Berheven had also found the source. The young lord of the manner was there with the stone and a number of his servants, and currently they were sacrificing a young girl over the stone, tainting it. Berheven found himself unable to stop the Chaos worshiping Mon-Kiegh as they corrupted the soulstone, already the stone itself warped and changed taking on the appearance of a mortal heart and turning a darkened red with the blood of the innocent. Across the manor Berheven could feel a presence trying to tear through, he could feel  the will of Slaanesh calling for souls.

Berheven fearing the coming completion of the dark ritual attacked the chaos followers. However despite killing nearly all of them in a instant, he was incapable of stopping the young Mon-Keigh lord from creating a tear. From this tear a Daemon of Slaanesh danced forward, the creature quickly took the heart of the young lord and devoured it, leaving only Berheven and a servent of the Eldar's greatest enemy. Berheven took the corrupted soulstone which he sensed was feeding the Daemon, and fled.  The terrifying and destructive chase lasted throughout the night, but by sunrise the next day the manor was destroyed the Daemon no longer able to keep itself within the material plane departed and Berhven, leaving the corrupted soulstone for the Mon-Kiegh to dispose of, had gone.

After the struggle investigation would claim that a thief had been stealing from the manor, and in desperation the Young lord had turned to Daemonmancy to save his valuables and fortune. The thief on the final night somehow surviving the daemon attack, or even controlling the daemon as a heretical criminal surely would, had stolen what remained of the young lord's wealth leaving behind only some sort of Gem-heart to mark his presence.

The beginnings of the Gem-Heart thiefEdit

To steal from the NecronEdit

Only one living being has ever stood within the confines of the inner most sanctum of the Keshke'Hwa Dynasty, and left while still alive.  Berheven Jerlis, having heard of the tomb-world Hekakte and how no one has seen the inner vault of this world and lived, decided to undertake the challenge. During a time when Karzin, Phaeron of the Keshke'Hwa, had entered into a deep trance-like state, so deep that it was as if he was in stasis again, attempting to conceive ways to remove the most minuet of flaws in his defenses, Jerlis made his attempt to enter the Vault of Eternity.

The attempt was by far the Eldar thief's greatest challenge yet. Near flawless patrols, tireless and unrelenting watchers, and traps designed by a genius far beyond nearly all mortals stood between Jirlis and the vault...if he could reach the planet alive. The planet itself was surrounded by constant patrol fleets and was on a constant vigil for any vessel not belonging to the Necron. However a debris field created by the Necron themselves, and very skillful flying in little under four days found the eldar upon the planet's surface. Jerlis hid his escape craft on the opposite end of the planet from the titanic Necron fortress, which for the past several hundred years had been steadily growing since it had first been uncovered by the Eldar. From there the Berheven spent months moving from unseen alcove to un-watched point, some so small it was a wonder the Eldar had not been detected by the multi-spectrum vision of the Necron. Always staying just out of the sight of the Necron the former ranger moved, reaching deeper and deeper into the fortress.

At the third month's passing the Jirlis finally reached the Eternity Vault, the very center of the Keshke'Hwa dynasty and the Necron's greatest treasure. It was in this vault that the Eldar found Karzin, the Necron Phaeron lost in thought, around the Necron's neck kept upon a chain, a small block. This block, despite a simple appearance was now to be Berheven Jerlis' prize for it alone seemed the hardest thing to acquire, the challenge of taking something from off the person of a Necron Lord too irresistible. the Eldar moved carefully, undetectable to even the keenest of senses. Quickly, quietly, and carefully Jerlis replaced the block with his newly invented signature, a carefully crafted heart made of red wraith-bone, the exchange complete Jerlis made to leave. However it was at this time Karzin awoke from his trance and found Berheven leaving with the Key of Eternity, the prize that was once around the Lord's neck. Outraged the Lord raised the alarm, and sent forth the entirety of the Dynasty to capture the Eldar. Now with hoards of Necron in pursuit Berheven desperately fled, however with Necron all around Jirlis was doomed to a certain death. If not for a shocking discovery Berheven would had meet his end as Necron warriors surrounded him in a dark corner on the outskirts of the Necron fortress, the prize the Eldar had taken was capable of powerful teleportative abilities. By accident, one which Jirlis still is trying to fully comprehend the Eldar was able to activate the Device casting him a great many miles away from his would be executioners. Now free from his certain death, Jirlis fled the planet escaping into the web-way where he would begin seeking new treasures to steal.

The Angel of TerraEdit

One of the most extreme heists that Berheven had ever done was an early mission against the Mon-Keigh Inquisition. Seeking an powerful human relic to steal in order to make a name for himself, Berheven eventually discovered the weapon known amongst the Inquisition simply as "The Angel". However the location and security around the near mythical weapon was a complete mystery to Berheven and the Eldar lacked the skills neccessary to aquire it's location. For this task Berheven tracked down and aquired the services of a Lacrymole a difficult to find species of capable spies. With the aid of his Lacrymole ally Berheven began to slowly infiltrate the ranks of the Inquisition and within five years of careful but intense searching the Eldar had found the prize he was seeking.

Together with his Lacrymole ally, whom he had named "Damnian", Berheven began his long journey to the space fortress on which the Angel was kept.  The pair traveled slowly, moving from vessel to vessel and impersonating several inquisitorial personae to further their advance upon the secluded and well concealed resting place of The Angel. Together the two eventually gained access to one of the Black Ships of the Inquisition which was destined to the fortress containing the Angel.

Unfortunately it was here that Berheven's plan first began to come apart, the Eldar's ally had already developed his own plan to unleash The Angel against the Inquisition and began to act against Berheven, nearly giving the Eldar's presence away to members of the Inquisition aboard the vessel. Days before the pair had reached their destination the two xenos aboard the Inquisition had broken into a strategic battle each trying to undo the other without also dooming them-self. However it was not until the pair reached the Deathwatch fortress in which The Angel was confined and hidden that their battle against one another truly began.

Almost Immediately from the moment the Inquisitorial Black Ship arrived the Lacrymole raced ahead of Berheven using his stolen appearance to bypass security and to leave Berheven stranded upon the Imperial vessel. However Berheven was not defeated by this, with some foresight the Eldar had already prepared a void-suit for himself and venting himself out of a airlock propelled himself onto the Deathwatch fortress. Once on the Fortress Berheven began his frantic search for a accessible entrance to the fortress while his Lacrymole opponent began his own decent into the deepest vaults of the fortress. As the Lacrymole neared his destination, the Sarcophagus containing The Angel alarms across the fortress began to wail and the marines and Inquisitorial servants immediately began lock-down procedures.

The Eldar thief Berheven had tripped the alarms within the fortress, alerting the Inquisition to a xeno presence aboard their prized fortress. Quickly Auspex scans, and security routines began searching for the xeno taint within the mighty fortress. These scans found Berheven sooner than the Eldar intruder had anticipated, but unfortunately none of the fortresses measures were effective in stopping the thief in his advance upon the sarcophagus of The Angel. Realizing it's situation the Lacrymole put it's plan into hasty motion, quickly the Alien turned it's weapons against the human's defending it, clearing out The Angel's crypt and closing off access to the human defenders. Now alone with The Angel the Lacrymole set about with waking the mighty war machine of the God-Emperor, for the use of the Lacrymole against the humans.

Once Berheven had arrived outside the Crypt he was greeted by a enraged force of Mon-Keigh attempting to breach the final blast doors keeping them outside the crypt of The Angel. Currently the Imperials had resorted to firing multi-melta's at the door, however their progress was slow, and the Lacrymole would certainly awake The Angel before they got through. So in a desperate act of inspired brilliance, the Eldar presented himself as a target with a section of the wall which was likely to be highly weakened. Immediately in a act of hatred the Imperials turned their melta weapons and fired, Berheven while barely dodging the lethal wave of heated energies was granted the one sight he had hoped, the imperial weapons breached the wall granting a small opening to the crypt just large enough for the Eldar to slip through.

Inside the crypt Berheven and the Lacrymole battled as The Angel slowly began to rouse from it's slumber. Agents of the Inquisition once they entered worked furiously to try and placate the creature, while Deathwatch joined Berheven's and the Lacrymole's fight intending to slay the two xeno intruders. At the end of the conflict it was one of the Deathwatch who slew the Lacrymole, as the creature tried to slip in amongst the Acolytes of a Inquisitor using the confusion of the fight as cover, meanwhile Berheven was left deadlocked in a struggle for survival against many superior foes. It was the slowly placated Angel and Berheven's Eternity Key which saved him, as the sarcophagus of The Angel was transformed into a portal in which the xeno fled. Of The Angel Berheven is uncertain, it could have been that the portal released The Angel, or that The Angel remained with the Inquisition.

A Thief amongst the Kal'ythxalEdit

Another of Berheven's early and ambitious heists, the Eldar Thief decided that the prized treasure of a psychically potent race was fitting for a Eldar to take. Thus Berheven eventually turned to the Kal'ythxal his rapidly developing sense for criminal undertakings telling him that the mask of Lillekthatahn the Infallible a prized relic amongst the alien race, would be the best prize for him to take. After spending months observing the Kal'ythxal Berheven confirmed the location of the mask and it's security.

The mask was hidden away in a tomb within the still standing temple city of Lillekthatahn, but was only lightly guarded, and primarily by slaves. With only a few of the actual Kal'ythxal guarding it. The mask also was kept alone in a single chamber except for when the Kal'ythxal had need for it and would then draw it out for use to help guide their greatest generals.

Berheven began his mission by silently slipping past or eliminating the Mon-Keigh guards of the Mask. With little to no evidence of his presence left behind the Exodite stealthily entered the containment chambers of the mask, thus far no alarms had been sounded against him. Triumphantly the thief approached and took hold of the Kal'ythxal's prized mask of Lillekthatahn the Infallible. With the Mask in hand Berheven was given the slightest temptation to wear the mask, if only to taunt those he had taken it from. Thus with the silly notion on his mind Berheven placed the mask of Lillekthatahn the Infallible upon his face. However this notion was a trap, the lingering psychic will of the long dead Kal'ythxal exerted itself trying to dominate Berheven and drain whichever measure of psychic power the Eldar Exodite held.

For hours Berheven stood motionless as a tremendous battle of wills took place within himself. Lillekthatahn and Berheven battled wits and willpower against one another each now fighting for control of the body outside their battle. However even as the two powers clashed within Berheven's mind outside alarms were slowly being raised as guards turned up missing and Kal'ythxal lords sensed the presence of someone not under their domain.

In the end mortal guards flooded the antechamber in which Berheven and Lillekthatahn battled as Berheven removed the mask from his face throwing the intricately carved piece down causing it to crack against the stone floor. enraged by this lesser beings act the Kal'ythxal ordered the guards to punish Berheven. For several hours the fleeing thief and the guards battled, las rounds and shurikin laced the airways as they sought out targets, though few if any of the guards rounds found purchase against Berheven's flesh. After his fiftieth guard killed Berheven was finally able to escape from his pursuers and within the next week escape from the Kal'ythxal world.

A Young Thief of Hearts and a Young SeerEdit

Weakened by his encounter with the Kal'ythxal mask, Berheven determined that he would need to visit the dome of the crystal seers of a Eldar Craftworld. While he did not think that the Crystal Seers could heal him, a visit to the Dome could possibly begin him on his path of healing. However as a outsider to craftworld Iyanden, the only craftworld Berheven could reach at the time, Berheven would not likely be able to enter the Dome. As such the Eldar thief would need to break into the craftworld's Dome of the Crystal Seers even though he had no intention of taking anything from them. However it was in this period of time a young Seer was able to discern a vision of a stranger amongst the crystal seers, and planned to take action against the precised intruder.

-Berheven's tale will continue once he is ready to tell more-

Shadows of the Gem-HeartEdit

A mission in CommorraghEdit

Hired by a standing enemy of The Kabal of The Skewering Feather, Kaelis Menshad whom Berheven had worked with before to kill and steal from a number of highly active Archons of the Dark City. Berheven for the first time entered the Dark Eldar city of Commorragh itself. Berheven was given a simple task by Kaelis, to leave a specialized data streaming device within the living chambers of the Archon Silinurl Luvt and to take the scalp of the one who shares the Archon's bed as proof, a task that was simple when said but exceedingly difficult to preform and the difficulty of this task made the Exodite Eldar giddy with excitement. Watching and studying the territory of the Kabal of the Skewering Feather, Berheven spent three short years hiding outside the territory of the Skewering Feather, plotting and preparing his approach a great many steps ahead of his operation.

First entering the satellite realm of the Skewering Feather, as the Kabal had hidden itself away on it's own stolen planet, next Berheven would need relative freedom of movement in order to reach his target, also legends of a creature within Luvt's palace that slew any intruders meant that Berheven would also need proper access to the tower. While also somehow overcoming his final obstacle, the two incubi standing guard immediately outside Luvt's chambers at all times. The simplest and perhaps easiest approach to this mission was for Berheven to lead an army against Luvt's tower, but a forward attack would surely fail. Instead an attack of that magnitude would serve as Berheven's distraction, the Exodite would assist another rival of the Skewering Feather in reaching a position in which they could attack the tower. Fortunately the Skewering Feather had a large membership and Berheven was able to silently make off with several members of the Kabal killing them and taking their armor and important icons. Then once he had enough armor saved up for his own plot Berheven allied with the Kabal of Sweeping Death, gifting them with the armor and icons. He then "lead" the Kabal on a strike against the Kabal of the Skewering Feather.

First the Kabal of Sweeping Death intercepted a raider from the the Kabal of the Skewering Feather. With assistance from Berheven they took the vessel before the crew could do anything that would alert their companions until it was too late. Then returning to Commorrah with a sacrificial cargo the Kabal of Sweeping Death journeyed to the satellite realm of The Kabal of the Skewering Feather, where they then docked in the Kabal's port and before the Kabal's forces could realize what was happening both intermixed their own forces with the Skewering Feather just before launching their attack, and awoke their waiting war machines. Immediately the region of the Skewering Feather's docks became a scene of anarchy as Kaballitte warriors fired upon one another some unable to discern ally from enemy turning upon their own comrades, though that might have also just been opportunistic maneuvering. Meanwhile the Sweeping Death pushed towards Luvt's spire with the expectations of finding that Berheven had kept his promises of creating a opening for them.

However Berheven's opening was a trap, every participating member of the Sweeping Doom would die that day, but in return Berheven found his path to Luvt's chamber almost entirely clear of opposition, only a few distracted, and easily dispatched guards ever stood in his way. With his passage open Berheven, with stealth few Dark Eldar could even achieve, reached and entered the private chambers of the Archon. First ,as he had been ordered to, Berheven placed a specialized device upon a nearby state of Luvt, which would allow Kaelis Menshad to observe the proceedings of Luvt's private chamber. Next Berheven pulled out his sword and advanced upon a lone sleeping figure in the Archon's bed, as the rest of the Kabal was out fighting this surely must have been one of the Archon's unconcerned concubines. Instead when the Exodite pulled back the sheets, he was given a sight to cause him pause, a pause that cost him his only chance to kill the bed's occupant that night. Immediately Izrivan Luvt thrust one of his Khine blades into Berheven's  shoulder wounding the Eldar Thief. As the Incubus brother of Silinurl began to attack the intruder, the Archon of the Skewering Feather himself stepped forward with words of congratulation and psychically tinted questions. It isn't entirely sure what took place after or how much of Berheven's escape was his own talent or the will of Silinurl Luvt, however the famed thief slipped away from Luvt's chamber and after nearly a month of a close chase the Exodite managed to steal a craft and escape from Luvt's territory and into the embrace of the Webway.

Bereheven Jirlis, Kabal BaneEdit

After his first mission to Commorragh ended in failure it supprised many that Berheven immediately returned to the Dark City seeking to undertake a new mission. This time enlisted by the House Kairn to attack the Kabal of the Creeping Doom within their base known as the Spiral, a tower within Commorragh.  The objective of the attack was to be simple, Berheven was to kill a number of wraith-lords within the Kabal and return with their hearts as well as securing access codes into the tower so that House Kairn could attack the Kabal when they next gathered for an important raid.

Such a task seemed nearly Trivial for Berheven, breaking into such a massive tower would be simplistic, and with his experience ambushing a couple Dark Eldar should have proven even simpler than securing the access codes. However the night would prove to be a fierce battle for the master thief and criminal. Despite his easy entrance to the tower, and being able to secure the desired access codes before his first hour within the tower was done, Berheven had yet to encounter a Wraith-Lord of the Kabal of the Creeping Doom. As Berheven searched the slightest sound reveled his enemies and saved his life. Before the long ranged weapon of the Creeping Doom's Wrait-Lord could fire Berheven dodged narrowly avoiding a certain kill.

As such the nights battling began. Now with hoards of Kabalitte warriors filling the Spiral's chambers while Wraith-Lords hunted him, Berheven became prey for the Creeping Doom. However Berheven was at the very least a even match for the Wraith-Lords pursuing him throughout the spiral. The night would drag on into a virtual eternity as sniper rounds and sprays of shurikan fire were exchanged between Berheven and the Creeping Doom. None the less the Creeping Doom's persistence and talent began to wear against the thief whom had only stolen one heart. It would be a stroke of good fortune which would bring Berheven his final kills for the night as a wounded Dark Eldar warrior called out to his Wraith-lord giving away it's position. With deft skill, and a number of shuriken, Berheven slew his last Wraith-Lord before beginning his escape. The escape from the Tower was far more complex than entering, as Berheven now needed to contend with dozens of kill teams each dedicated to his capture or death. Only by sneaking out through a ventilation shaft which was rigged with lethal traps did Berheven manage to escape from his pursuers and into the Dark Streets of Commorragh.

Berheven and the ExarchEdit

In the early years of M40 a single Dark Eldar would visit Berheven Jirlis, requesting that the Thief steal the soul stone and life of a farseer who had inducted himself into the Dome of Crystal Seers in Craftworld II-kaithe. Initially Berheven denied the request. However the Dark Eldar riding upon his skyboards would return five more times each time with a different offer which Berheven, unwilling to betray craftworld Eldar so easily, denied. However upon the fifth time the Dark Kin brought Berheven an offer the master thief could never refuse, the name of the Kabal the hated Incubus belonged to, the cabal which had stolen an entire Imperial hive world in the Imperial year 383M37. Though uncomfortable acting against the Craftworld Eldar in such a way Berheven accepted and prepared for his mission to II-Kaithe.

Berheven arrived upon II-Kaithe simply, the Craftworld was much more talerent than most other Craftworlds, their relatively small size and constant war against the forces of chaos forcing the Craftworld Eldar to be willing to accept assistance from all sources. As such Berheven became just one of many foreign Eldar to fight along side and even remain amongst the II-Kaithe Eldar. Berheven spent fifteen years preparing for his coming theft, However even as he prepared the Eldar noticed subtle changes around the Dome of the Crystal Seers. An increase of aspect warriors within the Dome suggested that one of the Farseers predicted danger to the dome.  However an increase of danger meant little to Berheven, he needed what was inside.

Berheven began his operation the moment the Craft-World allowed the Eldar population to visit the Dome. First Berheven started with his distraction, a specially prepared Mon-keigh las-cannon aimed at the dome's entrance fired, the blast killing a few unarmored Eldar and throwing the rest into a panic. Predictably the Aspect Warriors reacted, closing off the facility and immediately calming the civilians. The distraction provided by the blast lasted only a few seconds as opposed to the several minutes a similar tactic would earn with the Mon-Kiegh but a few seconds were more than enough for Berheven to begin his work. With a number of quickly strewn explosive surprises and careful preperation Berheven placed himself for the exchange with his prize. Detonating the explosives, spreading more chaos amongst his Eldar breathern, Berheven lunged a the Farseer  placing a soul stone against him while simultaneously using a carefully prepared knife to both behead and draw out the soul of the Farseer.  Now with the head and soulstone secure Berheven readied himself for escape whie drawing out his signature to leave behind, however Berheven would not be able to place the Gem-heart he typically leaves at all the scenes of his crimes, as a Striking Scorpian exarch lunged at the Master Thief. Berheven quickly fled but not without being identified, and now having every Aspect Warrior in the craftworld searching for him.

Desperate to facilitate his escape Berheven began a small campaign of terror upon II-Kaithe, randomized bombings, ambushes against the craftworld's guardians and the public Display of a murdered Striking Scorpian Aspect Warrior occurred over the course of twelve days. Each of these tasks while far from necessary to expedite Berheven's escape did do what the Exodite desired, by the twelth day the Striking Scorpion Exarch left the Aspect temple seeking to hunt Berheven himself. With the Exarch drawn out Berheven was able to satisfy his own pride, by sneaking to the gates of the Aspect temple itself and working quickly even as the Exarch began to close in, stole the runes indicating the Temple replacing them with his Gem-Heart. Then leading the Exarch, the Aspect Warriors and Craftworld's Guardians on a desperate chase through the Craftworld he eventually stole a small craft from the Craftworld's port to make his escape. However even as the escape craft pulled away from the craftworld, the defensive weaponry came online and destroyed the fleeing vessel, hours after the Death of the fleeing Eldar was confirmed by the runes from the Aspect Temple found on his person.

With the Craftworld thinking him dead, Berheven relaxed. It would be another year of careful hiding and stealing food to survive before Berheven felt it was time to move on. With a familiar Corsair ship in port about to leave Berheven, convinced the vessel's captain to smuggle him aboard. Triumphantly Berheven walked about in the Corsair ship's cargo bay, in his hands he held the price the Dark Eldar had asked in exchange for the information the Master Thief so desperately desired. However also walking the cargo-bays halls, trophy item in hand was the Striking Scorpion exarch who had been hunting Berheve. The Exarch had suspected the Thief to still be alive and had continued to hunt the Exodite traveler even after his alleged death, and now both Thief and Exarch stood across from one another the stolen prize in the hands of one, the thief's signature in others'. The battle between the two is a mystery only Berheven knows, however it was foresight and a dishonorable penchant which saved the Thief's life and slew the Exarch that day. A pair of Kabalite warriors aboard the vessel, Berheven had privately paid-off with soul stones taken from the dead, noticed the battle. Even as the Exarch stood over Berheven preparing to land the deathblow the Dark Kin intervened catching the Striking Scorpion off guard and killing him in a hail of fire. Now all Berheven needed to do was find, or be found by, his employer and make the exchange. Then he would finally be able to find the Dark Eldar responsible for his pain and end him.

-Berheven's tale will continue once he is ready to tell more-

To the Defense of IyandenEdit

-The tale of Berheven Jirlis does not yet reveal this part-

The Future yet to beEdit

-The tale of Berheven Jirlis does not yet reveal this part-

Berheven's ReputationEdit

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As a ThiefEdit

  • Has a stolen hard copy of human Powerarmor designs from the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Has stolen the collection of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Helrik Bon Joven.
  • Stole the prized plasma gun of the Warlord of the Blackteef Tribe. (Sadly the trinket was returned to its master following The Devastation of Shuira)
  • Stole captured Necron Gauss Cannon from Adeptus Mechanicus facility.

As a EldarEdit

  • Failed to complete the Exodite Path of Redemption
  • Completed the Exodite path of Destruction upon the day of his worlds destruction by the Derkallin
  • Has guided three successful Eldar Raids against slumbering Necron Tombs.
  • Prevented a near cataclysmic encounter between a lost Imperial fleet and a Eldar Craftworld

-Known actions and activities are yet to be found will inform if investigations reveal more-

The Traits of Berheven JirlisEdit


"Please, Mon-Keigh women are fairly petty and far from being as grand as the company of another Eldar but when one is without the company of their kin, they need make do with what is available."
—Berheven Jirlis

Few people can say they wouldn't be able to recognize Berheven Jirlis after meeting him. Despite being of the Eldar Berheven Jirlis is a easy going, and wild individual letting his whims and his heart lead him.  Well after abandoning his kin, and thanks to the influence of an inquisitor,  Jirlis found himself choosing to enjoy life while he still had his. Ever the romantic the Eldar was described by one individual who had interacted once with him as, "willing to try romancing an Ork woman if there ever was one". Berheven Jirlis lives as a thrill seeker who, despite knowing the cost well in advance, often acts upon whatever interests him despite the consequences.

Despite being a thrill seeking romantic, however, Berheven takes his business quite seriously when the time comes. The difference between the Jirlis whom one might meet before he sets out to do something and the Jirlis who is on a mission is immense. After this particular Eldar begins undertaking a mission or challenge one whom might have meet him before would think him possessed, in this state Jirlis shows little to none of the carefree fun and merriment he had been indulging in before. Instead he is an expressionless mask, fine tuned and ready to strike out upon the challenge ahead.


"I'll admit it, I'm ugly, but the women still love me. Something about my scars."
—Berheven Jirlis

Berheven is short for a Eldar, standing roughly as tall as a Mon-Keigh, something which has helped him blend in with them before.  His face while simple for a Eldar has been known to be the thing of many a governor's daughter's dreams, while his light delicate looking skin is something only a certain number of them have been allowed to explore. 

While wearing his cloak and armor the features of Jirlis are lost to shadow, instead all one would see, if they even see him at all, are a bland cloak matching the colors of the backdrop, along with simple colored cloths beneath with various pockets and weapons.


Living now as a Master Thief, Berheven's talent for evading detection is possibly one of the greatest in the galaxy, while his abilities in the expertise of moving through the shadows rivals many of the greatest. Berheven Jirlis has broken into a great many fortresses and private collections without ever being noticed by the "simple" guards within.  However to be able to infiltrate worlds and enter into the most heavily guarded places ever known Jirlis had developed a long series of talents.

  • Amongst the Talents Berheven has learned is the ability to track individuals without their notice. Knowing at all times where a potential guard is, or being able to follow a target to and through a security point are both skills Jirlis has found necessary for his missions.
  • Jirlis has also mastered several different disguises and is able to even "cross-species" pretending to be either an imperial nobleman or a simple commoner. Jirlis can also be a Dark Eldar Kabalitte Warrior, a Craftworld Eldar guardian, and has once pretended to be a Farseer (though without success)
  • Many of the higher races had taken to using technology of some kind to protect the places they themselves can not be. As such to enter these places Berheven Jirlis has taken to learning a number of technological skills so that he might bypass these securities if he ever can not simply slip past them.
  • Evasion and Escape are the two most used of Berheven's talents whenever he preforms a mission. His ability to avoid or escape from the detection of those guarding his choice treasures and targets has more than saved his life numerous times.


"We might be allies right now, but ever toutch my valuables again and you will not live to see the marrow. "
—Berheven Jirlis to a individual who tried to take his weapon.

Berheven keeps few possessions of his own for long, instead taking whatever he needs for a particular task or mission. The few Items Berheven does keep are each items he has grown deeply attached to and both he and these tools have come together in ways few can compare to.

  • The Eternity Key: Perhaps the furthest from understood item in Berheven's possession.  The Eternity Key is an item that, despite Psychiers insisting otherwise, appears to have a will of it's own. The small black Cube
    Eternity key
    which Berheven keeps on his person at all times seems to shift and change it's surface smooth one moment and yet covered in subtle runes the next. Depending on these runes and their appearance Berheven can, if clumsily, use the runes to key commands into the Key teleporting himself from one room to the next, or from one planet to the next even through the thickest of void shields. However if Berheven has any true control over the key is yet to remain seen.
  • Cameleoline Cloak of Kurnous: A Cloak from Berheven's home, this cloak was made with immense skill and in honor of the fallen eldar god Kurnous. The cloak's ability to blend with the environment around it is exceptional as the Eldar who made it created the cloak to keep pace with the hunter, who must always be moving to stay just within range of their prey. As a tool and as a item of sentimental value this cloak has proven nearly priceless to Berheven and he associates it to his life often.

    Khane's gaze

  • Khaine's gaze: A name Berheven has given his own Shuriken catapult this weapon has been with Berheven since his childhood and there is no one else in the entire galaxy who understands the weapon as well as Berheven Jirlis.
  • Irine: A short powersword that Berheven keeps and maintains at all times. The blade is the final memory of a dear friend of Berheven. Several vows have been made upon this blade by Berheven, one of them being vengeance to the one who killed it's last owner.

-Berheven has more secrets he will reveal later-

Friends, Family, EnemiesEdit


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Inquisitor Irika Wealhtheow (Deceased)Edit

Once a  friend, and ally whom Berheven had served faithfully, and someone he possibly adored. Inquisitor Irika Wealhtheow's influence on Berheven's life would set the Eldar to become the thief he is today. And form the cornerstone of the Eldar's life mission.

Craftworld IyandenEdit

Upon Craftworld Iyanden Berheven is a welcomed, but closely watched ally. The testamonies of several of thier own and his history of personal sacrifice for their people keep Berheven in well standing with the Iyanden despite the calls for vengance from other Eldar and his own reputation of working alongside the Dark Kin.

Farseer TilaelEdit

An farseer of Craftworld Iyanden who has gone to great lenghts for Berheven and often acts in his defense. The source of the Farseer's infatuation with Berheven is unclear, however she has often scryed into Berheven's future always seeing two futures, though the darker one is far more predominant, one future is of a Exodite world raised into a golden age, the other is of fire and the dark city.

Kaelis MenshadEdit

A secretive Dark Eldar Archon. Kaelis holds a strong respect for Berheven for his ability to be undetectable, and even refers to this thief as a fellow Mandrake. Although despising his "showy" ways, Kaelis holds Berheven as a valuable tool for the execution of his numeruos plans. Working together the two had successfully eliminated several lesser threats to Kaelis, and even now the Archon plans to use the thief as a weapon against their mutual enemy.

Jak RenroeEdit

-Berheven's relation with this individual will be revealed once more data is aquired-


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The Incubus Edit

Berheven has sworn to see this enemy dead at any price. However Berheven only knows two certain things of this enemy, that he is a Dark Eldar Incubus, and the eyes of this creature. Berheven since vowing to take vengence against this Incubus was watched the Dark Eldar closely following their Kabals and observing their Incubi whenever possible, so that one day he might find the one he wishes dead and end the dark creature.


Berheven Jirlis holds a personal grudge against this race as they destroyed his homeworld. Often if a mission or challenge takes him within proximity of this species he will attempt to make his activities as disruptive and destructive as possible.

Keshke'Hwa DynastyEdit

This Dynasty of Necron have been hunting Berheven since the Eldar had first visited their planet and is unlikely to ever stop hunting him.

Drake RedglareEdit

Jirlis stole a particularly belovid skull from the berzerker, and Drake Redglare, in his infininant rage, has vowed to return it and the Eldars head on a pike.

Craftworld II-KaitheEdit

Upon Craftworld II-Kaithe, Berheven Jirlis is known as a hated criminal who once for several days terrorized the craftworld. For the stolen souls of their kin, and murder of their people they intend to exact vengance against Berheven, for to them he has truly fallen as far into the path of damnation as any eldar could.

Kabal of the Creeping DoomEdit

After the Eldar master thief invaded the the Creeping Doom's meeting within the Spiral and killed several of the Kabal's Wraith- Lords, Archon Kovaht has endeavored to find Berheven's whereabouts so he can capture the sneaky Eldar and skin him alive, seeing Jirlis as just another puppet of House Kairn to be hunted down and killed. 

First Lu-Tenent BommchompaEdit

First Lu-Tenent Bommchompa, right hand man of Masta Blasta Face'Eata Blacktoof, was assigned to hunt down the Gem Heart Theif following the eldars theft of Blaststick, the Mastas prized Kustom Blasta. Eventually, after eighty years of searching, the Ork cornered the Corsair on the ill-fated Night World of Shuira and reclaimed the weapon, though he failed to kill Berheven.



"Pfft, you do not want to know about me!...Well then which story would you prefer the tale of the dashing, and ever wonderful thief whose taken your heart my young maiden? Or the one of the broken man whose life simply goes from one tragedy to the next always having what he loves most taken from him?"
—Berheven in a moment of drunken weakness.
"I thought i told you i don't care about the it hard to get to?"
—Berheven Jirlis accepting a job.
"I'm still alive... Warp touched idiots! They should learn to aim first, pray second."
—Berheven after surviving a shootout with a chaos cult.
"Seriously, I keep saying it doesn't matter. The universe loves to throw strange things at me...hell after this I might just try to have a one on one chat with this 'God-Emperor' guy you Mon-Keigh are on about."
—Berheven boasting about his adventures to a Inquisitor out to acquire his services
"Ha, a Ork...of all the things in the galaxy a ork is going to kill me...I -ahk that hurts... I have better things to do than die to you."
—Berheven near death while fighting Noob Jaw'Breaka.


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"I remember you, you tried to steal my sword once, on the exact same day as those Black Legion idiots. That was extremely amusing."

-Kyros Valcoran, ever in good humour

Drake Redglare of the Chattel of Skulls
"Even without the shadowskin, we still refer to Berheven Jirlis as a fellow Mandrake"
Archon Kaelis of The Dark Oaths on Berheven Jirlis
"Berheven represents a force of a nature we Eldar of Iyanden had given up on for the sake of protecting ourselves. I see so many fates for this man, some bring me joy to witness...others cause me to despair."
—Farseer Tilael
"Berheven, what a naughty boy you are! Sneaking into my chambers to see little old me!"
Archon Luvt
"I really couldn't care less about the deaths of my followers, but he still has to die."
—Kovaht Kairn, Archon of the Kabal of the Creeping Doom
"They stole an antique from one of my palaces on a planet that I own? Do you understand how cosmically vague that is? What? No, I'm not going to chase after it; revenge is the 'full retard' of motives. Just put a bounty on the damned thing and let the galaxy sort it out, I have important things to do."
Douchard Bagge
"Ya thought ya could git away wif taken da Mastaz dakka eh? Hahaha, I luv it when ya Eldar tink yur soo smart... much more entatainen then when I krump ya smug grin inta da dirt."
—First Lu-Tenet Bommchompa 
"This pointy eared..bastard is alright when he's not trying to steal something from you."
—Jak Renroe
"You again? Oh let him up, Solomon, it's only Jirlis. Emperor but you are persistent. Keep bothering me and I'll let you steal my crozius - It would serve you right."
—St. Athaliah the Flame [src]

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