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Antilius Jupitus

Date of Birth


Date of Death





Trans-human(Space Marine)




Imperium of man, Adeptus Astartes


Chapter Master


On crusade in Imperial Space




Early YearsEdit

Antilius Jupitus was a human born during the time of the Great Crusade on the idyllic world of Calth to a trade-ship captain. After a few years without his trade runs, the captain at last returned to the head of his ship, with his new full family.

They made a run for Macragge, as normal for that time of year, though an unexplained shift in the warp forced them on a slower route, arriving finally after the new Consul, Guilliman, had wrested control of the world, and set about rebuilding.

Antilius aged normally in a beautiful area on the new world, given to the family to claim, while Antilius' father took his ship on repeated runs to the worlds in the rapidly expanding Ultramar, supplying Macragge and its new ruler with the vital supplies needed to build, expand, and reform the military, and the local economy.

One Family For AnotherEdit

This continued for many years until one day, without any notice or warning, the shipment, the ship, and Antilius' father vanished into the warp. In their place came the emperor, with an fleet of massive warships, and armies of grey armoured super soldiers, carrying with them marvels of technology that the people had once thought impossible beyond the confines of the Consul's domain.

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