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Anrok Krana is a Kroot master shaper, who like Anghkor Prok, has risen to such a rank where he can lead Tau forces, and is now fighting with the Oresh'uan Sept.

Master Shaper Anrok Krana

Date of Birth:


Date of death:




Kroot name:

Anrok Gar Krana II of the Hoh-hek Kindred


Oresh'uan Sept Battle Force


Master Shaper. Has the same level of power of a Shas'el





He and his kin are the living example of the kroot's ancestors, a technological race, but they are considered outcasts by the rest of the Kroot Race. The reason for this rejection is that the Kroot race believe that stagnancy and supersiton will only bring death to any civilisation, only with constant change will a that race survive, something that great technology will not allow.

As once said by the Shaper fighting under Commander Brightsword, Orek:

"As we learn from our ancestors, we change and adapt. We learn from our prey and grow stronger. The future is uncertain, to stagnate is to die"

Anrok disagrees with this. What Anrok belives, (like the rest of the Tau race) is that technology can conquer any obstacle with equal, if not faster speed than that of evolution. Only if you let it change and evolve.

"Ahh but it is quite easy to see that the Tau evolve too! They create new and modify the existing technology to adapt and grow stronger. It's a aching shame that my other brothers refuse to evolve in this manner. It is even contradicting their stubborn beliefs!"

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