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The Anguishers
An astartes of The Anguishers warband

Warband Leader

Marbas the Tormented (Deceased)


"May you suffer the same fate as those before you!"


Oblivion Primus


Torture tactics, Fear Tactics


Chaos; Chaos Undivided



The Anguishers were a surprisingly large warband of Chaos Space Marines, formed from the Renegade Chapter known as The Emperor's Gorge before they were declared Heretics and fled into the Eye of Terror. What caused much curiosity among Imperial forces is that when they had entered the Dreaded Eye, The Anguishers were at an estimate of only 200 astartes. However, the next time they were encountered by Imperial Forces, they were believed to exceed 3000 in number. Eventually, the warband was wiped out by the combined forces of the Executioners' and Incinerators' 1st Companies.


Notable AnguishersEdit

  • Marbas the Tormented (Deceased) - Once Chapter Master of The Emperor's Gorge, Marbas had an indefinite lust for power and strength, for he wanted none to stand against him. He wanted to stand by The Emperor's side and rule His Imperium into a new age alongside him, and would do anything to achieve greatest and power. Unfortunately, his will to serve was ultimately his downfall, and the Gods of Chaos began to whisper of great powers and gifts they could bestow upon the Chapter Master. Eventually, Marbas accepted these gifts, and inadvertently led his Chapter into Damnation. By the time The Emperor's Gorge became The Anguishers, Marbas had been tramsformed into a hulking Daemon Prince of Chaos, and sought to do nothing more than burn the Imperium he once so adored to ash. Eventually however, The Tormented was slain by High Executioner Arkash Hakkon of the Executioners during his warband's final campaign against The Emperor.

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